What are these features in the "My QAP Essentials" menu?

QAP Features are powerful functionalities that can be inserted in any QAP menu or submenu. For your convenience, the My QAP Essentials menu is built automatically when you installed QAP. It gives access to a subset of the most useful QAP Features.

  • With the Add Favorite - QAP Feature..., add new QAP Features to this menu (see How do I add a favorite to my menu? for help on adding favorites to your menu)
  •  With the Switch menu, bring to the front one of the running applications or folders open in Explorer.
  • With Repeat Last Actions, reopen or relaunch any of the 10 most recent favorites that you launched.
  • With the Reopen Current Folder in Dialog Box menu, take your file dialog box (Open, Save as, etc.) to the last folder you used in Explorer.
  • With the Reopen a Folder menu, open a folder in Explorer from a menu built with the list of folders already open in Explorer (also useful in file dialog boxes).
  • The Recent folders and Recent Files menus list the recent folders or documents memorized by Windows.
  • The Clipboard menu shows the folders, documents, application path or URL saved in your Windows Clipboard.
  • The Drives menu shows the list drives on your system with label, free space, capacity and an icon showing the drive type.

Finally, these QAP features were also added in the main QAP menu:

  • The Add This Folder or Link menu allows to add the current folders or web page on the fly.
  • The Close this menu item allows to close the popup menu if clicking elsewhere or hitting the Esc key do not close the menu as it normally should (you can remove this menu if you never face this issue).

Feel free to add QAP Features to this menu or to move them around. See the list of other QAP features.

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