What are the values in the QAP settings (ini) file?

Normally, the QAP settings can be modified using the QAP Customize and Options windows and you don't need to edit the .ini file containing your favorites and your preferred configuration. But if, for some specific operation, you need to edit this file named QuickAccessPopup.ini, see How can I edit the file QuickAccessPopup.ini? in the FAQ. See also What is the structure of QAP settings (ini) file? for an explanation of the settings files organization.

The following list describe all variables found in the QuickAccessPopup.ini file with a reference to the FAQ page about the related feature.

This info is reserved to QAP advanced users who know what they do and do it at their own risk. QAP does not always validate the info entered directly in the settings file before using it, which could lead to unpredictable results. Handle with care...

ActiveFileManager1File manager used when opening a folder in a new window
1: WindowsExplorer
2: DirectoryOpus
3: TotalCommander
4: QAPconnect (about 50 other file managers)
AddAutoAtTop1 (true)Add new favorite at the top (if true) or bottom (if false) when adding with commands "Add This Folder", "Add This Folder Express" or with QAP Explorer Context menus.Help
AddCloseToDynamicMenus1 (true)Add a close menu allowing to dismiss the QAP menu. This menu entry can be turned off if user prefer to dismiss the menu by click elsewhere (but this is known as not working 100% of times)Help
AlternativeHotkeyKeyboard+#WKeyboard hotkey to open the QAP Alternative menu ("+" stands for Shift and "#" for Windows)Help
AlternativeHotkeyMouse+MButtonMouse button to open the QAP Alternative menu ("+" stands for Shift and "MButton" for middle mouse button)Help
AlternativeMenuHotkeys(none)Section of the ini file containing hotkeys for Alternative menu commandsHelp
AlternativeMenuShowNotification1 (true)Display or not a Windows notification when using an Alternative menu commandHelp
AlternativeTrayIcon(none)File path of an image to use as a replacement for standard QAP icon in the Notification zoneHelp
AvailableThemesWindows|Grey|Light Blue|Light Green|Light Red|YellowList of themes described in this settings fileHelp
BackupFolderWorking directoryFolder where daily backups are savedHelp
ChangeFolderInDialog0 (false)Allow QAP to change folder in file dialog boxesHelp
ChangeFolderInDialogAlertRead0 (false)Confirm that user read the info about risk of trying to change folder in a "non-file" dialog boxHelp
Check4Update0 (false, for portable) / 1 (true, for setup)Allow QAP to check on QAP website if a new version is availableHelp
ClipboardMaxSize10000Maximum size (in characters) of the Windows Clipboard that can be processed when building the QAP Clipboard menuHelp
DefaultDynamicMenusBuilt0Informs QAP that the default menu "In the Works" was built (at first QAP execution with version 9.2 or more recent)Help
DefaultMenuBuilt0 (false)Informs QAP that the default menus "My QAP Esssentials" and "My Special Folders" were built (at first QAP execution)Help
DefaultWindowsAppsMenuBuilt0Informs QAP that the default menu "My Windows Apps" was built (at first QAP execution with a version supporting Windows Apps)Help
DiagMode0 (false)Enable diagnostic mode for debugging purpose (collecting data in the file QuickAccessPopup-DIAG.txt while executing specific functions)
DirectoryOpusNewTabOrWindow(none)Parameter sent to Directory Opus when opening a folder in a new window or tab ("NEW" or "NEWTAB")Help
DirectoryOpusPath(none)Path to the executable file of the file manager Directory OpusHelp
DirectoryOpusShowLayouts1 (true)Add to Directory Opus Favorites mene a submenu with the DOpus LayoutsHelp
DirectoryOpusUseTabs1 (true)Instructs QAP to open folders in a new tab (if true) or in a new instance of Directory Opus (if false)Help
DisplayIcons1 (true)Instructs QAP to display menu iconsHelp
DisplayMenuShortcuts0 (false)Instructs QAP to display menu shortcuts (numbers or letters allowing to select menu item by hitting its number or letter)Help
DisplayNumericShortcutsFromOne1 (true)When numeric shortcuts are enabled, start numbering at 1 instead of 0.Help
DisplaySettingsStartup1 (true)Display the Customize window when QAP is launchedHelp
DisplayTrayTip1 (true)Instructs QAP to display the popup in the Notification zone when menu is ready after startupHelp
ExclusionMouseList(none)List of applications or windows where the QAP main menu mouse trigger will be ignored; part of the window title or window class name, separated by vertical bar (|); if prefixed by "*", the exclusion also apply to app's dialog boxesHelp
ExplorerContextMenus1Indicate if Explorer context menu were enabled by setup program or by QAP in Options, or disabled in QAP Options. Chaging this value in setings file have no effect and should be avoided.Help
ExternalMenusCataloguePath(none)Path to the catalogue root on a shared driveHelp
ExternalMenusCataloguePathReadOnly0 (false)When set to "1" prevent user from enabling/disabling the catalogue or changing its path in the Options dialog boxHelp
see Helpsee HelpHelp
HotkeyReminders3Display hotkey reminders in menu in short or long format
1: Do not display
2: Display abbreviated names
3: Display full names
1 (true)Align the hotkey reminders to the right of menu Help
HotstringsDefaultOptionsempty (all false)Default values for new hotstrings options (0 or some of these characters): "C" Case sensitive, "?" Expand inside other words, "B0" Keep hotstring trigger (do not backspace) and "*" Do not wait for Ending keyHelp">Help
IconReplacementListempty (none)List of custom menu icons to replace replace the standard QAP icons from the JLicons.dll fileHelp">Help
IconSize32Size of icons in QAP menu, in pixelsHelp
IconsManageRows(none)Number of rows to display in the Manage Icons windowHelp
LanguageCodeENCode of the active language ("FR", "PT-BR", etc.)Help
LastExportFile(none)File of the last Export settings action, proposed as default for next exportHelp
LastExportFolder(working directory)Folder used for the last Export settings actionHelp
LastImportFolder(working directory)Folder used for the last Import settings actionHelp
LastModified(none)(Used in shared menus settings file only) Last file modification date-time of the shared menu ini file, taken from the file system and is be independent from various user's clocks or time zones. It is stored in the "yyyymmddhh24miss" formatUsed to detect if a shared menu file was modified by another user since QAP was loaded,
LastVersionUsedAlpha0.0Last alpha version used (for internal use)
LastVersionUsedBeta0.0Last beta version used (for internal use)
LastVersionUsedProd0.0Last version used (for internal use)
LatestVersionSkipped0.0Last version skipped using the Check for update command (for internal use)
LatestVersionSkippedBeta0.0Last beta version skipped using the Check for update command (for internal use)
LeftControlDoublePressed0 (false)Open the QAP main menu by pressing the Left Control key twice within 400 ms (if 1)Help
MenuName(none)(Used in shared menus settings file only) Name of a shared menu shown in various dialog boxes and used as default name when user adds the shared menu from the Shared Menus Catalogue
MenuReservedBy(none)(Used in shared menus settings file only) Windows logon name and computer name of the user currently editing the shared menu, menu is not reserved if empty
MenuType1(Used in shared menus settings file only) Type of shared menu: 1 (Personal), 2 (Collaborative) or 3 (Centralized)
NavigateOrLaunchHotkeyKeyboard#WKeyboard shortcut showing the QAP main menuHelp
NavigateOrLaunchHotkeyMouseMButtonMouse button/keyboard combination showing the QAP main menuHelp
NbLastActions10Maximum number of items in the Repeat Last Actions menuHelp
NbLiveFolderItemsMax500Maximum number of items in a menu (including submenus) for a Live Folder favoriteHelp
OpenFavoritesOnActiveMonitor0 (false)On a dual or multi-monitor system, folder open in a new Explorer windows is positioned at the center of the active monitorHelp
OpenMenuOnTaskbar1 (true)Allow the popup menu mouse hotkey to open the QAP menu when clicked over the Windows taskbarHelp
OpenSettingsOnActiveMonitor1 (true)On multi-monitor systems, open the Customize window on the active monitorHelp
PopupFixPosition20,20Coordinate where the QAP popup menu is shown (x, y) when the PopupMenuPosition is set to "At fix position" (3) or as close as possible to it; x can be greater than the first screen limit to display the menu on a second screenHelp
PopupMenuPosition1Display the popup menu near the mouse position (1), at top-left of the active window (2) or at a fix positionHelp
QAPconnectFileManager(none)Name of the selected external file manager as it appears between square brackets in the QAPconnect.ini fileHelp
QAPconnectNewTabOrWindow(none)Instructs QAP to open folders in a new tab (if true) or in a new instance of the file manager selected in the QAPconnect list (if false)Help
QAPconnectPath(none)Path to the executable file of the file manager selected in the QAPconnect listHelp
QAPTempFolder%TEMP% or QAP working directoryLocation of the temporary folder where the QAP working files are savedHelp
RecentFoldersMax10Number of items to show in the Recent Folders menuHelp
RefreshedMenusAttached1 (true)Attach dynamic menus (like Clipboard, Current Windows, Reopen a Folder, Drives, etc.) to the QAP main menu; if false, this menu is open detached from the main menuHelp
RefreshQAPMenuDebugBeep0 (false)Beep after a scheduled menu refresh (used to calculate refresh time)Help
RefreshQAPMenuIntervalSec0 (disabled); enabled between 30 and 86400 seconds (24 hours)Interval in seconds between each background refresh of Live Folders and Shared MenusHelp
RefreshWindowsAppsListAtStartup0 (false)Refresh the list of Windows Apps each time QAP is launchedHelp
RememberSettingsPosition1 (true)Remember the QAP Settings position when QAP is closed open the Settings at this location at next launchHelp
1 (true)Retrieve icons when refreshing Frequent folders and Frequent files menus (avoid if some files are often offline)Help
RightControlDoublePressed0 (false)Open the QAP main menu by pressing the Right Control key twice within 400 ms (if 1)Help
RunAsAdminfalseLaunch QAP with administrative privileges (from v8.7.1)Help
SendToConsoleWithAlt1 (true)Use ASCII codes (ALT+0nnn) when changing folder in Windows Command Line (CMD) for better compatibility for users of international Windows versions (else send characters in raw mode)Help
SettingsPosition-1 (center at minimal size)Position where Settings window will be displayed if RememberSettingsPosition option is 1 (true); X,Y,W,H (left, top, width and height)Help
ShowQAPmenu3 (both)Show QAP menu (File, Favorite, etc.) 1) at the top of the Customize window, 2) in the System menu (Notification zone) or 3) in both locationsHelp
SnippetDefaultFixedFont0 (false)Default display font type for new snippetsHelp
SnippetDefaultFontSize10Default display font size for new snippetsHelp
SnippetDefaultMacro0 (false)Default hotstring type for new snippetsHelp
1 (true)Default end-of-line encoding for new snippetsHelp
SponsorName(empty)Name of sponsorHelp
Startups1Number of startups since the ini file was created (for internal use)
SwitchExclusionList(none)List of windows to be excluded from the Current Windows menuHelp
SwitchSettingsFolder(working directory)Folder of the last switched settings file, used as default for next switch actionHelp
ThemeWindowsCurrent theme used for Settings, various dialog boxes and popup menu colors, one of the themes in AvailableThemesHelp
TotalCommanderNewTabOrWindow(none)Parameter sent to Total Commander when opening a folder in a new window or tab ("/O /T" or "/N")Help
TotalCommanderPath(none)Path to the executable file of the file manager Total CommanderHelp
TotalCommanderUseTabs1 (true)Instructs QAP to open folders in a new tab (if true) or in a new instance of Total Commander (if false)Help
TotalCommanderWinCmd(none)Path to the Total Commander settings fileHelp
UsageDbDaysInPopular30Number of days to take into account in Frequent Items menusHelp
UsageDbIntervalSeconds60Collection and refresh interval (in seconds) of items in the Windows Recent Items folderHelp
UsageDbMaximumSize3Maximum size of the database (in MB)Help
UsageDbShowPopularityIndex0 (false)Show frequency index in Customize window and in menusHelp
UserVariablesListpopulated at first launch with cloud services folders found on the system (or none)List of user variables that can be inserted as placeholders in favorites location and various other propertiesHelp
WaitDelayInDialogBox100Delay (in milliseconds) inserted at various steps of the process of changing folder in dialog boxesHelp
WaitDelayInSnippet40|80|180Three delays inserted at various steps of snippets execution (in milliseconds)Help

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