What are snippets? How can I use them to paste frequently used pieces of text?

The favorites of type “Snippet” allow to send pieces of text or keystrokes to the active application using the QAP popup menu, hotstrings or keyboard shortcut. There are two types of snippets:

  • Text snippets
  • Macro snippets

Text snippet
By default, snippets are of type Text containing characters, end-of-lines and tabs. When you select a text snippet (in the popup menu, by typing its hotstring or by hitting its shortcut), its content is sent to the active application at the current insertion point as you would do using the Windows Clipboard Paste command (although, the content of the Clipboard is not impacted by this action).


Macro snippet

The second type of snippet, Macro, is for users with some experience with scripting language. Instead of pasting the snippet to a text box or editor, QAP sends its content to the active application as keystrokes that you would type at the keyboard. Macro snippets support the AHK special characters allowing to send special keystrokes like BackspaceHomeControl, etc.


A powerful way to paste or launch snippets is to trigger them using a shortcode called a hotstring.