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  • RandomGuy001


    First, this is a great program. I do have a couple suggestions:

    1) Offer a %CurrentLocation% (or something like that) variable to apps for use in the "Parameters" section. The idea behind this is to take the current Explorer path and offer it to any app to use. For instance, I have a command window replacement (ConEmu) and I'd like to middle click and use something like "Open a command window here" which would take the current Explorer path and pass it to the ConEmu program.

    2) Offer a General Option to hide the program in the system tray. I've got a whole bunch of things open regularly and this is something I'll more likely than not open through a middle click. Unless....

    3) Offer an option to open the to launch the FoldersPopup (or QuickAccessPopup) window upon mouse over of the icon in the system tray. This would be exactly the same as left-clicking the icon in the system tray now, only it would be launched by mouse-over instead. I have a program that I use (SE-TrayMenu) for this very purpose, shortcuts to common locations. If I could merge these two programs that would be indispensable!


    • Jean

      Interesting ideas, RandomGuy001. Let me explore it a bit and come back to you here. Thanks.

    • Jean

      I added #1 and #3 to the wish list (I invite you to vote for your ideas!)

      About #2, I suggest that you take a look at the "Customize" link under the Tray. You can exclude the QAP (or FP) icon from the Tray by choosing "Hide icon..." for this app (help here).

      Thanks again for your suggestions.

  • YabberYeti

    Hi Jean,
    nice re-launch, the new name is more fitting, considering the many things you can do other than just navigate to folders.

    So in line with the new name, here's my first suggestion to improve the application launcher:
    If an application is already up and running, use that instance. Maybe as an option when setting up the entry. But please offer some way to re-use already running instances. It's not practical to end up with dozens of instances after repeated calls to tools that are used often.


    • Jean

      Yes, it is possible to detect if an application is running before launching it and re-activate it. But, just make sure I get you right, what benefit do you see to re-select a running app it in the popup menu instead of using one of the built-in ways to return to an existing instance of an app (click in the app's window, click on the app's taskbar icon, alt-tab, etc.) ? Thank you for your input, YabberYeti.

      • YabberYeti

        We're talking stuff like dictionaries, todo lists, auto-text and clipboard utilities, password managers, reminder software, tools that control monitor brigthness and other display settings ..... I keep running all of them 🙂 seriously, I really am, and they all run portable.

        What all these programs have in common, they reside in the sys tray, the small section in the lower right of the screen. To access such a running program, you have to
        1) show the taskbar
        2) then aim at the tiny icon to pup up the window
        3) click on the program icon

        Or you can set up a hotkey - if possible, some apps feature it - and memorize all these shortcuts.
        Or - and that's what I've been doing - you can use a dedicated tool like Launchbar Commander - all those launch pads are are smart enough to detect running applications.

        But why bother with another mouse/ key trigger, if QAP seems suited to handle this as well?

        • Jean

          Thank you YabberYeti. This is perfectly clear. Added to the wishlist!

          PS: The idea of assigning a hotkey to a favorite is already on the wishlist.

  • Catweazle

    Please consider adding support for changing folder within a wider range of applications, such as FreeCommander, Emacs, Console2. This is possible using FolderMenu, another autohotkey program written some years ago:


    --- John.

    • Jean

      Hi John. A wide list of third party file managers are supported by Folders Popup (and will also be by Quick Access Popup) with the installation of the FPconnect, an universal file manager connector from Roland Toth ( This Folders Popup addon allows integration of any file manager that supports command line navigation. Support on FPconnect is available on Roland’s blog.

  • RobW

    Please consider adding something like Current Folders that lists the two folders currently open in the two panes of Total Commander.



    • RobW

      Better yet, add a configuration option to change the behavior of Current Folders to list the open folders of either Explorer or your favorite file manager.


    • Jean

      Hi RobW,

      Thanks you for your suggestions. This is something I would have done if an internal command was available in TC to get the list of currently open folders in TC tabs. See this post for more info: You can add your comment to this thread if you want to push on this request 🙂

      There would be another approach but it would require that QAP sends a command to TC to save its ini file. Then, the list could be read from the TC ini file. Users argued that an app should not force saving the ini file of another app. This could be made optional. But it would be so simpler it TC author could add a rather small feature to its next version.

  • Naveed

    Could you please add support for XYplorer (XY)- an excellent alternative file manager. Support should involve
    1. ability to open folders in XY
    2. XY also supports visual filters which are passed on by as "path|filter" - so if the path is passed with | it would involve this support as well.
    3. XY supports scripting. This are loaded as "::load " where script can either be a script file or XY commands.

    Thanks for considering it.

    • Jean

      Thank you for your input Naveed. You may know that, using Folders Popup, you can use FPconnector to enable basic FP functionalities with XYplorer & XYplorerFree. This will still be available with Quick Access Popup.

      I don't know if features #2 and 3 are supported using FPconnect. Maybe could ask Roland, FPconnect author, on his blog.

  • Jean

    Suggestions from Sébastien on FP's website (

    1) Add a setting to hide paths that are not working (for example, when a USB drive not connected to the computer). Also add an option to hide empty submenus (if all paths under a submenu are hidden also hide the submenu). Those needs to be 2 different settings
    2) Add a setting to enable/disable an item instead of having to delete those items
    3) Add a setting to hide the “FolderPopup Settings” item on the menu

    • Jean

      1) This would require check folders contents and device availability "live" each time the user invoke the popup menu, causing a delay that would make the popup menu much less snappy. I will not retain this suggestion for now.

      2) This is a good idea.I'll add it to the wish list.

      3) This will be covered by this item.

  • Nicola Farina

    Please consider changing the default keyboard shortcut WIN+A because already mapped in Windows 10.

    I suggest WIN+W because basically free and physically near the standard WIN+E to open File Explorer.

    • Jean

      Hi Nicola,

      Good point. In Windows 8.1, Windows+W was assigned to "Open the Search charm and search for settings" but this seems to be removed from Win 10. From my research, the only available Windows+ keys available in Windows 10 are: Windows+J, Windows+N (except for OneNote users), Windows+W and Windows+Y. I agree that Windows-W is the best candidate.

  • My greatest wish for this is emphasis on portability, I mean support relative paths for every item, I mean folders, files, applications, custom icons, retrieving custom icons from relative paths and desktop.ini files.
    Also if possible support for running custom web browsers and file managers specified by relative paths for launching URLs and folder paths with custom applications.

    Ideally even a custom extensions manager so one could specify custom file associations to portable applications (emphasis once again on relative paths) or independent from system provided ones, but this would probably be a much larger project not suited for the scope of this type of application.

    • Hi Duarte,

      Thank you for this comment (and the others). Relative paths is part of the specs for QAP. It is already implemented in my dev version but I'll have to check if it is implemented also for icons. Noted.

      Your request for "retrieving custom icons from relative paths and desktop.ini files" has been suggested recently by another user. You can add your +1 🙂


  • I already did! 🙂 Found out about this promising project yesterday and avidly went through all of the post, info, user comments and wishlists to see what's coming.
    Very curious about this application. Unfortunately I am unable to use Folders Popup as it currently stands for my personal setup, (still stuck with the very old Foldermenu so I am eagerly awaiting developments on QAP and very much hoping that I can replace my aging solution. I am seriously considering buying the pro version if it suits my needs 🙂
    Fingers crossed

    • Not all features will be implemented in the first QAP version but I hope enough to make you switch from FM 🙂 And there is no "pro" version. Only donation if you like and use the app enough to justify it according to your own personal criteria.

  • I understand, I will patiently wait for the features to slowly make their way to the releases. For me as long as it is portable (with relative paths) and supports custom file managers (XYplorer, Freecommander, Xplorer2) I am happy.
    By "pro version" I meant to making a donation and removing the "Support freeware" menu. I love free stuff as much as everyone else, but I also believe in compensation for your work. Quality software like this is becoming a rarity and one must keep developers motivated to keep supporting their work 🙂

  • Mark

    Feature Request: Multi-Monitor support
    Description: To open the QAP entry on the Monitor where the mouse click was initiated.

    Presently when I middle click in Monitor #2 and try to open a folder, it opens in Monitor #1 (default monitor).

    I love the application and has become and indispensable part of my workflow. I hope you continue to develop the application over the years to come. Keep up the good work.


  • anon

    Hi Boss,
    NirSoft's SpecialFoldersView has ~45 folders listed so we should have all of those in a default group or in a few groups. Also should be added are all the internet temp and cookie folders in various locations (along with folder size in KB or MB if possible) and then we can see at a glance if these folders are being cleaned by apps like CCleaner. Perhaps a separate group for these and then anyone who doesnt want these groups can of course just delete them. (Program should detect OS version and then it can know location of these folders from small database in its own folder.)

    Also the update check should be turned off by default. Seeing a program calling home without permission is very annoying to security minded computer users and reflects poorly on your reputation in their eyes. It says you dont respect their privacy or security.

    • Hi anon,

      - Special folders: special folders are already available in Folders Popup ( and will be available in QAP as well. There are 50 of them actually. It includes Cookies, Temp, etc. If you see one missing, please tell me.
      - Folders size: this is beyond the scope of QAP at this time.
      - OS Versions: special folders are adapted to the OS used when you create the favorite (using CLSIDs and various techniques). QAP will support Windows 7+. XP users are invited to stay with Folders Popup.
      - Check for update: I'm taking note of your point. I could ask user at setup time if they wish to turn this option on or not.

      Thanks for your input.


  • Marc W says:

    I have another suggestion / request. Under the Display Menus option in settings, it would be nice to have an option that would display all of the drives.


  • This would indeed be a nice feature to have

  • Helge

    It would be great if all open applications could be integrated into quick access popup so that one wouldn't need to use ALT + TAB

  • Helge

    It would be nice when the "Recent Folders" feature would open in the menu tree instead of opening in a windows explorer window.

    • Hi Helge,

      This question was raised for Folders Popup website some time ago. In short: the time it would take to refresh the Recent Folders content each time the popup menu is called would slow down the display of the popup menu. It would make it less snappy.

      The solution I'm think of is to write a background task that would refresh the Recent Folders submenu every x minutes. We would have to determine the best refresh frequency not to impact the PC performance (thinking here of the slowest PCs) .

      This would also require much testing to make sure the background process and the popup menu process work well together (no collision or locking issues, etc.) But I'd like to work on this in a future version. The background task could also refresh the list of running applications (re: your other suggestion).

      Added to the wishlist too.

      • Helge

        I was also thinking of the potential performance issue. I guess the usage scenarios are very different from user to user as well as the power of the technical infrastructure involved. I like your idea of a (maybe customizable) background refresh very much. Maybe you could offer the user an option for prompt refreshes for certain folders in addition. So e.g. the recent folders (special folders in QAP) maybe would need a prompt refresh once the user accesses the menu item as otherwise the user experience possibly wouldn't be intuitive in certain usage cases.

      • Helge

        I was also thinking of the potential performance issue. I guess the usage scenarios are very different from user to user as well as the power of the technical infrastructure involved. I like your idea of a (maybe customizable) background refresh very much. Maybe you could offer the user an option for prompt refreshes for certain folders in addition. So e.g. the recent folders (special folders in QAP) maybe would need a prompt refresh once the user accesses the menu item as otherwise the user experience possibly wouldn't be intuitive in certain usage cases.

  • Helge

    Another suggestion (though I'm not completely sure if it's a valid request as it may already be possible to do it): It would be great if one could include custom icon sets within the QAP folder which are linked with relative paths for deployment purposes.

    • With the current version, you have to edit the quickaccesspopup.ini file to set relative paths for icons. But it works. I have in my list to allow entering relative paths using the user interface.

  • Helge

    This wish is going into a more advanced usage direction: It would be nice to have the opportunity to reference external menu configuration files from the QAP settings files. Like this it would be possible to include e.g. a specific submenu folder / file structure which is being dynamically generated externally based e.g. on an XML file database, a database server or any other source from which an external tool would generate a configuration text file meeting the syntax of QAP menu configuration settings. By referencing a file isolated from the main QAP menu settings file there wouldn't be the risk of conflicts with the QAP GUI settings dialog.

  • Helge

    An idea to improve the transparency of the links in the QAP menu:
    It would be good to have a tooltip to show up with the path of the file/folder/link when you stay with the mouse cursor on a menu item for a couple of seconds.

  • @YabberYeti (and others interested): Following this thread

    I just started working on this item in the wishlist:

    Comments are welcomed while I'm working on it.

  • Jackson

    I'd like QAP running on WinXP.
    And, frankly, I don't understand, if it is written in AHK, how it can't run on XP... too many if, elseif, endif? 🙂

  • Jackson

    Oh, I forgot to say that for me it's a very bad news.
    I hate when I feel someone (not you !!) is trying to force me to trash something that's still working perfectly.
    Maybe, when there'll be a QAP 1.0 (and sources!), I'll try myself to see if I can do something against the "ifs' conspiracy" 🙂

  • Shane Bowman

    Already put this on Folders Popup comments, but here goes:

    Hierarchical/recursive directory menus. At the moment submenus are nice if you want a few specific folders in there, but if one's folder's are already organised in a certain way, then it would be nice to be able to blaze through an assortment of directories without needing extra clicks and an explorer window. In addition, it would be extra helpful if one could click on a sublevel folder and open it directly, unlike certain other programs that only open files directly.

  • Helge

    A small enhancement idea: It would be nice to have a reload option for the .ini files in the context menu which would be useful after manual edits of the ini files.

  • Jim S

    Hi Jean. I'm still using QAP 6.4.3 on Windows 7 (with the Windows Classic desktop theme). I have a minor bug to report and an enhancement request.

    Bug: I mentioned before, I prefer mnemonic accelerators thus I've configured QAP items by starting each with an ampersand followed by a single letter. For example, I have a programs submenu with the following 'Short name for menu': &p Programs.

    I'm noticing now that the accelerators do not include an underscore. For example, the 'p' is the Programs submenu is not underlined. My QAP has been evolving and frankly I don't remember when the underscores stopped appearing. But I just stopped and restarted QAP and they still are not rendered. If it would be helpful, I could email my INI file.

    Enhancement: I prefer the QAP compact presentation that results when the menu icons size is set to 16. Please consider adding a little horizontal space between the small icons and the item text label. This would make it easier to read the labels. In addition, at least when using the Windows Classic Theme, I think the menus would also be more aesthetically pleasing.

    • Hi Jim,

      Menu rendering is not controlled by QAP. QAP is using AHK (programming language) commands to build a menu object (using the info in your settings) and then ask Windows to show this menu at the mouse position or the position set in the options settings. It can build menu w/o numeric shortcuts (as controlled in options) and if you use the ampersand in a menu (example "My Menu &Name", for those jot familiar with this), it gives this name to Windows and Windows will (or should) display the "ampersanded" letter underlined. But, after that, the rendering is fully under Windows control.

      I did some test (using Win 7) and found that in some situations Windows shows the "ampersanded" character underlined and, in other situations, it does not. In general, if you open the QAP menu with the mouse shortcut (MMB), it does not show the underlined letters. If you open the menu with the keyboard shortcut (Win+W), it does... but not always. I could not tell why. If you hit Win+W when the Desktop is active, it does. If you hit the hotkey when the active window is an Explorer window, it does not. But the shortcut key (underlined letter) works in all cases. I saw no instruction or options in AHK language that would control this.

      And regarding your enhancement suggestion (space between icons and text), this also entirely controlled by Windows. Maybe there are options in your Control Panel (Themes configuration) but this would impact all menus built with the standard Windows commands.

      I hope my explanation are not too confusing.

      • Jim S

        Jean, thanks for the information. I do understand. And I just tried something that I should have tested before requesting the enhancement. If I enter a leading space before each 'Short name for menu' then the menu text is easier to read. So I opened the QAP INI and simply replaced '|&' with '| &'. Problem solved for the menu items that I can control -- obviously I can't do anything for the QAP (Type) menu items.

  • Comments from joby_toss on Portable Freeware forum (

    1. Run at startup option should be unchecked by default in the portable version
    2. Check for update option should be unchecked by default in the portable version

    I will definitely vote for this one, yes!

    Thank you!

    P.S. Wishlist: basic clipboard manager (save last X copied items - files or text - for later pasting); basic snippets support (predefined blocks of text for pasting in the active window).

  • Helge

    Hi Jean, another small enhancement suggestion: A tooltip balloon which would show up when you hover over a menu item, showing the path behind the item. Thank you, Helge

    • Hi Helge,

      Unfortunately, I did a research on this in the past and this cannot be done with standard Windows menu commands and the AHK language QAP is built with.


  • Loving Beast

    How about creating sound events for not only people who are blind, but also like their computers to talk to them, per selection? I mean, a sound event option for when opening the QA menu, and then an option for when a menu item is opened or selected would be great! Although I really do enjoy it already, I think it would be a nice option for a future update to have. Keep up the good work...

  • moji

    Hi, Jean

    Thanks for a great software.

    For Recent Folders and Current Folders, the most important part of folder path is the innermost folder. I would be great if this part is bold.

    For example, "C:\Users\Admin\Documents", if the "Document" text is presented in bold, it would be so nice. I wish there is an option for this.

    • Hi Moji,

      QAP is building its menu using standard Windows commands. Unfortunately, these commands do not allow to control menu font. Doing what you suggest would require QAP to completely draw menus at the cost of code size, speed... and programming time 🙂

      Thanks for your good words.


  • Chuck


    very handy program! A few requests:

    1. In Settings, add tooltip on hover over various commands (especially those on left side of Settings window)
    2. For Directory Opus integration, allow opening folder in new tab, rather than replacing existing tab

  • Horst Epp

    Hello Jean,
    I would like to have a new tab named "Group members" in the add group menu.
    This should allow to add group members while creating a new group.

  • Name *

    Please add support for QTTabBar addon for explorer.exe
    QTTabBar >
    this software is a masterpiece
    your app is great and very useful
    please consider adding the support as soon as possible
    I'm very exciting for it
    what I'm asking for?
    make it possible to open the selected folder from QAP menu in new tab if clicked on the folder by the middle click and in existing tab on left click
    thank you for this awesome app and please keep your great work on it
    I was waiting from more than a year with this site on my favs

    • Hi * (?)

      Thanks for this suggestion. I will take a closer look at this addon after my vacation, in a few weeks.


      (please leave a valid email so I can follow up privately if required - the email won't be published)

      • Name *

        Thanks for your fast reply

        I'm sure you will like this awesome addon 🙂

        enjoy your vacation
        thanks again ♥

    • Hi *,

      I looked at the QTTabBar screenshots and docs. It looks interesting. Unfortunately, it seems that its developer abandoned it. (EDIT: I was wrong on this, sorry. The app is still actively supported) I do not plan to add native QAP support for this app at this time. But maybe it can be added to the list of QAPconnect supported files. See for more info.

      You would have to find if QTTabBar can be controled by command line and, if yes, add the following info to the QAPconnect.ini file:

      See examples for other supported file managers. I'm not the expert on this. Roland Toth ( kindly helped me put this in place but I don't know if he can help at this time.

      Good luck!

  • Name *

    1- Close the popup if clicked elsewhere
    2- Close the popup and reopen it again in the new mouse position if the hotkey fired again

    those two are very important [essential]
    please add them soon

    thanks 🙂

    • Name *

      1- Close the popup if clicked elsewhere or if ESC pressed
      2- Close the popup and reopen it again in the new mouse position if the hotkey fired again

      those two are very important [essential]
      please add them soon

      thanks 🙂

      • Hi,

        1- It is the normal behavior of QAP. I've seen exceptional situations where the menu would not close when clicking elsewhere (or hitting Escape) but I could not find a regular pattern for this. And I think it is under Windows control, not directly under QAP's control.

        2- Actually, you have to click anywhere (or hit Escape) to close the menu before re-opening it elsewhere.

        Essential, really ? 😉


    • Hi. Another user confirmed the issue about closing the menu (the #1). I'll investigate this. Thanks Name *.

  • george


    First thanks for the program.
    While it's a great one it doesn't fit my work flow, yet.

    First is the mouse hotkey, please add a double click option.
    I'm using DirectFolders right now and besides the fact that I'm used to double left click to open the menu
    I need the middle click for closing tabs in browsers and QTTabBar which leads me to my second point.
    As someone else stated please add support for QTTabBar, opening folders in a tab instead of a new window.

    Another feature of DirectFolders I showcased in the video below, since it's a little harder to explain, while I could live without it it would be nice to have

    Also i noticed that the "Display Menu Icons" is always unchecked when I open the options, even if previously checked.

    Let me know what you think.

    PS: Do you have any other software?

    • Thanks George for these suggestions. I will take a closer look at this after my vacation.


    • Hi George,

      Vacations are almost over. Back to job tomorrow 🙂

      1- Close with double-click
      This is an existing request (see I added your +1.

      But you know that, in Options, you can change the QAP hotkey for other keyboard/mouse combination than middle-mouse button.

      2-About QTTabBar
      Please see my reply to the other user:

      3-DirectFolder feature request
      Thank you for your video. If I get it right, it is related to this request:
      Please see the note at the end of this post.

      Yes, I have other software (see But, because of users response, most of my time is devoted to QAP at this time.

      Thanks for your input, George. Sorry I could not response more positively to your requests at this time 🙂


      • george

        Thanks for the response.

        1. What I imagined with the double click request is another check box (next to the shift, control alt, windows check boxes) to the hotkeys for opening the popup with the mouse.

        2. Last version of QTTabBar was released on 2015-12-8 and I'm experiencing no bugs. Why do you think it's been abandoned?

        3. Yes, also DirectFolders allows to set up a size for the opened window.

        • 1. Hum... Let me think about it. This checkbox could also allow to support "double-hit" on a keyboard shortcut.

          2. I was wrong on this, sorry. The app is still supported. I was mislead after taking a look at the old bug tracking system that seems to be replace by a forum since Dec 2015. Sorry for the confusion (I edited the other post).

          Thanks for following up.

  • Horst Epp

    Allow pressing Ctrl key twice in a short time.
    I use the following AHK code to start something after the CTRL key is pressed twice:

    ;400 is the maximum allowed delay (in milliseconds) between presses.
    if (A_PriorHotKey = "~Ctrl" AND A_TimeSincePriorHotkey < 400)
    ;Put code to be executed here.
    ;Msgbox,Double press detected.
    Run c:\Tools\Everything\Everything.exe
    Sleep 0
    KeyWait Ctrl

  • Carlos Viana

    Can you add the possibility of toggling the On Top property of a window through mouse right click on the close icon of any window, like Direct Folders does? Thanks

  • galactic_star

    Bonjour Jean!

    i have few request for quickaccesspopup,

    A.) auto-open clipboard path/url
    - the request is for QAP to automatically open a path/url in the chosen file manager, this could be set a hotkey or no user input (auto)

    -this is useful in using 3rd party apps that don't use 3rd party file managers even though it is set a the default, this request would make it more seamless

    -example for hotkey
    1. set hotkey for auto-open clipboard in QAP
    2. set 3rd party file manager in QAP
    3. select a path/url
    4. copy path/url using hotkey
    5. QAP will open the path/url automatically in the chosen 3rd party file manager

    -example for no user input (auto)
    1. check option for no user input (auto) to auto-open clipboard in QAP
    2. set 3rd party file manager in QAP
    3. select a path/url (if path/url is valid then...)
    4. QAP will open the path/url automatically in the chosen 3rd party file manager

    B.) customize theme
    - QAP reminds me of blackbox/openbox, what is miss about them is there customization, especially the theme. i would like to request a way to customize theme by the user, the current selection of theme is limited, maybe a way to edit the colors of the theme or even add own icons in the mix.

    - check out screenshot of symenu theme for idea

    C.) add support for Xyplorer scripting capabilities
    - i used FolderMenu3EX and its like QAP but its not maintained anymore, what i like about FolderMenu3EX is that is has a way to run xyplorer scripts. could you maybe get the codes in FolderMenu3EX and then add it in QAP so QAP can also run xyplorer scripts?

    here is the link to the code


    • Hi galactic_star,

      Just a quick reply to tell you that I will move your suggestions to the Wishlist page

      I'll follow up to your suggestions probably Monday.

      Thanks for your input.

    • Hi galactic_star,

      Sorry for being late with this response.

      About suggestion A), this feature could be implemented as a standalone macro. It does not require to be part of QAP and I do not see its place inside QAP' logic. QAP's goal is to manage popup menus and hotkeys based on user's favorites or automatically generated lists of locations. I think the idea for this macro is interesting. But this could be done standalone with a macro language like AutoHotkey (

      About suggestion B), you can create new themes. But there are limitations explained here: QAP is creating its menu using standard Windows commands. Doing something like the example you give would require QAP to completely draw the menu instead of relying on these Windows standard commands. As explained on the web page, this is not the direction I'm going at this time.

      And about C), support XYplorer scripting capabilities. I have not look at this scripting language and don't know what you can do with it. But if you can run these scripts from the command line or from the Windows "Run" prompt, this could work as-is already in QAP using the "Application" favorite type? Of course, you first need to configure XYplorer as your file manager in "Options", "File managers" tab, option "QAPconnect" and edit the QAPconnect.ini file for your setup.

      Thanks for your input,


    • Silver

      Lolololo! Somehow I just realized this comment and I feel funny. That's actually my fork of the original FolderMenu but because I've been so busy and I'm not exactly a programmer (do it on the side), I barely worked on it now. And yet here I am, using QAP and asking for a feature (further down the list) hahaha.

      Anyway sorry galactic_star that I stopped doing much with it. Well, at least we're all here to ask Jean right? 😀

    • Silver

      Oh btw Jean, about the XYplorer scripting, the way it's written is that it can send various scripts to XYplorer to run it. Basically there is a dedicated Favorite specifically for the script (similar to how there's a dedicated Favorite for Folder, Document, Application, Link, QAP Feature, and etc.). Therefore the current method in QAP with the QAPConnect.ini is only limited to one item and not very flexible. That's what I think galactic_star was talking about. He/she wanted the flexible way FolderMenu3EX had.

      If I have time, I will see if I can add it to your code and send you the updated code? I would rather work on your code to be honest. The reason why I "stalled" on my FolderMenu3EX was because rexx, the original author, ported it over to AutoIt from AHK (I like AHK much more and also more familiar with it than AutoIt though still relatively a "beginner"). With newer version of AutoIt, the code broke and brought new issues with it. I just did not have the time to work on it. So nowadays I prefer to leech off you instead 😀

      • Glad to read you here, Silver. In fact, I started Folders Popup (which became Quick Access Popup) from another fork, DirMenu v2 by Robert Ryan's (rbrtryn on forum) who, himself, was maybe inspired by Savage's script FavoriteFolders or Rexx version Folder Menu. And I pushed it from a favorite folder script to a more general and versatile favorite and shortcuts app. For the record 🙂

        I'll follow up later on your requests and the code you sent me.

      • Silver

        Haha so it seems like a lot of these related software are all inspired or directly forked by those two software haha.

  • Helge

    Hello Jean,

    inspired by the new macro functionality I am wondering if it would also be possible to implement a autohotkey functionality to copy selected text to clipboard?

    I'm using QAP to run a VBScript script for which I would like to use text clipboard content. Unfortunately VBScript doesn't allow to copy selected text to clipboard. It seems that autohotkey is capable to do that.

    What I'd like to achieve is that
    1. I select a text piece anywhere in an application
    2. Open QAP with middle mouse click
    3. Execute the VBScript script while at the time it executes the selected text has already been copied to clipboard

    Thank you,

    • Hi Helge,

      Sorry for the delay. Your comment skipped out of my todo list.

      I understand your need. But I find it a bit out of scope for QAP. What you could do is write a small AHK script to launch with QAP (using "Application" favorite type). This script would copy the selected text to Clipboard and then run your VBScript. This would be something like this:

      Clipboard := "" ; empty clipboard
      SendInput, ^c ; send Control-C to the active application to copy the selected text to Clipboard
      ClipWait, 0.5, 1 ; wait up to 0.5 sec for Windows to send the selected text to Clipboard
      if (ErrorLevel)
      	MsgBox, Clipboard is empty. An error occurred...
      	MsgBox, , Clipboard's content, %ClipBoard%
      	; replace the MsgBox line with this:
      	; Run, c:\path\myscript.vbs

      Additional code could backup clipboard's content at the beginning of the script and restore it at the end.

      Hope this helps.

      On another note, I'm almost ready to release the first beta release including "External menu", another of your requests.

      • Helge

        Hi Jean,

        thank you very much for additional thoughts and your idea about using AHK directly. I actually missed to think into this direction. Inspired by your idea I just did a little search and found out that besides the option of running an instance of AHK portable you can also generate executable files of AHK macros. I still have to find out if one could run an instance of AHK portable invisibly in the background where it would execute a macro and close the instance after it this done. But if this wouldn't work well I guess the executable file solution would work for sure, regardless whether it would act visibly or invisibly.
        Also many thanks for your script suggestion. Of course this reduces the effort for me to sketch my first AHK script.

        Thanks a lot also for the wonderful news about "external menu". I'm very curious to see it in action! I can't 't emphasize enough how much I appreciate your openness for new ideas and that you've already implemented so many already. Thank you for offering such a great "customer" experience.

        • 🙂

          Good luck with your script and looking forward for your feedback on external menus.

  • Anjan Oleti

    Thank you for the program, it works very well.
    I have a lot of favourites in Dopus and find it very daunting to move all of them to QAP.
    I would like to have a easy way to import the favourites to QAP.
    Could you please add this feature or help me with a workaround.
    I do not have much time before I have to manually do the transfer. So, any quick help would be much appreciated.
    Thank you!

    • Hi Anjan,

      Thanks for your comment. I use DOpus too. But I started using it along with Folders Popup (ancestor of QAP) so I always put my favorites in FP/QAP.

      I could write a script to import DOpus favorites. But my preference would be to add a "QAP Feature" to show a menu dynamically build from DOpus favorites list (similar to Total Commander Directory Hotlist). I added this idea to the wishlist: You can vote for or comment on that page.

      Unfortunately, I don't have a quick solution for you. But, if you don't know, this tip can help: DOpus favorites are all saved in the file C:\Users\your-name\AppData\Roaming\GPSoftware\Directory Opus\ConfigFiles\favorites.ofv. This XML file can be open with Notepad or any text editor.

      • Anjan Oleti

        Thank you very much for the tip. I'm done with importing 🙂

  • mGuest

    Launch an application with the path opened or active in the file browser as command line parameter. This is useful when you browse files and want to pass the current path to another application.

  • Anjan Oleti

    It will be great to have QAP work with the
    "Browse for Folder" dialog of windows. It currently works only with the file browsing dialog.

  • shnbwmn

    Add option to open menu on tray icon only (not taskbar itself). This will allow, for instance, the user to middle-click Explorer for a new window, but also use the tray menu when needed. Currently "Open Menu on Taskbar" doesn't allow opening the menu on the tray icon when selected.

    • Hi shnbwmn,

      Good timing, this is a bug in QAP (since the upgrade from FP) that I just found and fixed in latest beta version v7.1.99.8.

      If you want to use it, please read the beta page intro (and caution) and see the latest download link in one of the last comments.

      Thanks for reporting it.


      • shnbwmn

        Sorry for the late-ish reply.

        Downloaded the beta and the bug is indeed fixed, thanks 🙂

        A possible bug that I've come across (, x64 portable): when I click on the tray icon after using Win+Tab (Win10), the menu goes behind the taskbar. By right-clicking the icon, the menu disappears. This works specifically after I've clicked/typed a bit somewhere else (as I just tested while typing this).

        • Hi shnbwmn,

          I'll try to reproduce it on my Win 10 machine and come back to you.

        • Sorry for late reply. I was able to reproduce this issue. Fortunately, this is not a major issue.

          The solution would be to make sure the QAP popup menu is always displayed higher than the taskbar (assuming the user did not change its taskbar config, making it displayed on the right side, etc.).

          But, since QAP is calling standard Windows commands to create and display its menu, I should not have to worry about this kind of issue. There would be too many situations to check. I should be able to rely on Windows for this. My assumption is that this is a Windows 10 glitch that should be fixed in a future Windows patch or release.

          Thanks for taking this to my attention.

  • K T

    display scrollable box for changelog notes that is too long (at least with this recent public update)

    I have a 1366x768's overflowed past the top of the screen and behind the taskbar.

    • Yes K T. Good point. I did not realize how long was this "what's new" until I see it myself after the release.

      Noted for future improvement to the change dialog box. But for next releases, I keep the change lists shorter.

    • Hi K T. This will be implemented in the next release (v7.3).

  • Rafeal Alonso

    Hi there,

    After I had disabled the middle mouse button, the pop-up greeted me like the screenshot below. It'd be nice if the 'None' is removed.

  • Nicolas

    Possibilité de mettre les menus en forme les menus (gras, Italiques, couleurs...)

    Un grand merci pour votre application que j'utilise quotidiennement

    • Bonjour Nicolas.

      QAP utilise les commandes standards de Windows pour les menus. Il permet de contrôler les icônes mais pas les couleurs ou les polices (sauf quelques options pour les couleurs décrites ici:

      Pour plus de possibilités, vous pouvez modifier les couleurs, polices, etc. dans le Panneau de configuration de Windows. Cherchez "Couleur et apparence des fenêtres" (Windows 7).

      Merci pour votre message.

  • Silver

    Hello! I wish to suggest a wish 😀

    Could I have an option to launch a program with admin privileges? Basically Quick Access Popup would remain with Limited privileges but is able to launch a program with the same privileges (limited) or Admin privileges through an option. I have this program that I normally run it Limited but once in a while, I do need to run it with higher privileges so this would make it really nice. It would work with something like Notepad too when you need to edit files in system folders and the likes.

    • Hi Silver. QAP could not launch another app with privileges higher than the one it already has. This is Windows ACL deciding this. However, QAP could call a command to "run as" an administrator but this would ask for the admin password before running the app. I would have to experiment with this command.


    • Silver

      Hello! Yes it would ask for the password depending on the system setup. In my case, I'm running under an admin account so it would simply ask Yes/No to elevate the program. In that case, the code would simply be something like?:

      InputBox, Path, Path To Executable, Please Enter Path To Program You Wish To Elevate.
      Run, *runas "%Path%"

      I used ShellExecute in my FolderMenu3EX but I don't think it worked in all cases (or it's just me sucking at programming it). The function above seems to work more consistently from what I tested. I also found some more reference to it here which gives some code to deal with the WOW64 redirection thingy.

      But yes please see if it works out well. I think it would be quite useful. Thank you!

    • Silver

      After playing around with it a bit, it seems to work. I sent the code to your email if that's OK with you to test it out. It's based on the Thanks!

    • Hi Silver, This has been implemented in v7.2.3.1 BETA available here:

      Thanks for your contribution in coding this new feature!

    • Silver

      Oh sweet~ I will take a look soon! No, thank you for your continue work on this software! 😀

  • rainroom

    Kindly remove the 'Support Freeware' line from the menu as it takes space and is of no direct use there as this is not used often. I have all respect to this as for the developer this is important. However I recommend to have it well visible in the setting configuration window. People will also come in there often and this should be the place it deserves. Pls do so as it is really disturbing in the normal operations. I still use Folder Menu app, but I will explore QAP soon more in detail and change is high that I will switch to this one. But some inconvenieces like described here should be solved. Thanks a lot.

    • Hi Rainroom,

      Thanks for considering Quick Access Popup.

      This menu entry as well as the button in the Settings window are removed for users who kindly make a donation to support the development of this application.


      • rainroom

        Yes. This is very smart. Again proove that you know what you are doing. I'm really looking forward to check this application. Will for sure come back with comments and/or suggestions. Keep going with this project cause this is indeed a time saver in a corporate business environment where a lot of data is stored on servers with a lot of diff. folders with a deep structure. And when you want to save to folders, from applications. Bonne chance avec le programme 🙂

  • Wildcat

    Please add this:
    Ability to access -> "Recent Folders/Items" at File Dialog Boxes -
    in Windows 10 (since it not support for this).
    Thanks much!

    • Hi Wildcat,

      If I get you well, this is possible already. Open the "Settings", click the "Options" button and, in the first tab, check the "Change folder in dialog boxes..." option (make sure you confirm your selection). Save the options. Then, open the QAP popup menu in a file dialog box and select the "My QAP Essentials" menu, and the "Recent Folders" menu. This will work in applications that use the standard Windows file dialog boxes.


  • Nicolas


    Merci pour votre application que j'utilise tout les jours. J'ai beaucoup de raccourci vers des documents, url etc... pour un accès rapide. Serait-il possible d'utiliser le clique droit pour effectuer des actions.
    Exemples :
    - Se déplacer directement dans le répertoire si c'est un document
    - Copier l'url en question
    - Copier le lien long pour le coller dans un document

    Autres questions dans un ancien poste, Serait-il possible d'activer une mise ne forme légère. Exemple : Paramètre est en gras, pourquoi pas l'autoriser pour les autres entrées ?


  • rainroom

    Hi Jean, is there a possibility to add an option to select a folder but that when you go over it, that it shows the folders deeper in it. For each folder you define in QAP, the user should be able to define how 'deep' to go. See application Folder Menu which has this option. it's called 'Depth'. This is to me a real must have in this kind of application as it shows you immediately what deeper folders there are and when you click on one of them, then that one opens. It gives you much more flexibility in going to specific folders, without the need to define them in the normal setup. Pls consider if possible. It sofar is for me a show stopper to swith to QAP due to this. You're the boss, you decide, but it would be welcome to have. Thanks.

  • rainroom

    [REQ] uest to be able to start QAP with a specific parameter let's call it " -useQuickAccessPopup.ini ". This allows to create different menu's depending on the needs. An easy switch between ini configurations is desired.
    example C:\portable files\QAP\QAP.EXE -useQuickAccessPopup.ini

    It would even be more nice to be able to rename the ini. ex. QAPmenu1 , QAPmenuWork , QAPmenuHome ,...
    But that with a portable installation a use can easely switch from one set of configuration menu's to others.
    I use heavey the executor program to open ALL I do on computers :-)) (
    Would like to have possibility to use QAP like this: shortcut in Executor starts QAP.exe -useQAPWork1.ini
    If I want to switch I use another shortcut in Executor which will start QAP.exe -useQAPWork2.ini
    Of course QAP must allow to switch in a correct way from a set of ini files...

    Hope you can manage to do so. See opensourceproject (where this is also implemented on users request. This can increase the usage comfort and flexibility of QAP seriously. Thanks for considering Jean.

  • Jim S

    Hi Jean,

    Thanks for continuing to enhance QAP. I continue to use and love it!

    I have a feature request. With hotkeys I'd like to be able to specify Left and Right side for Shift, Ctrl, Windows, and Alt (e.g., LCtrl).

    As I have QAP configured now, I display my "application" QAP menu using Ctrl+space, my "folder" QAP menu using Alt+space, my "connections" QAP menu using Shift+space, and the main QAP menu using Win+space. I'd like to launch some other frequently used QAP menus using the modifiers on the right side.

  • Leo Bolle

    I wish to export and import my data of Quick Access Popup. I see by installing, it is possible. How to export?

  • andy

    folderbrowserdialogex can't launch favorite folder..
    I wish that can do that...

  • Elektro

    Hello Jean, maybe you don't remind me but I'm glad to talk with you again about your wonderful program.

    I just have a request:
    Could be possibly to implement the opposite of Window Exclusion feature in QAP?, I mean, I think it could ve very useful tu ad a Inclusion list, because much people only want to see the QAP menu when doing click on a Explorer Window and avoid it in all other windows, but actually it's insane to be adding individually each window in a Exclusion list.

    An alternative to a "Window Inclusion list" feature would be just the implementation of a Checkbox like: "Enable QAP only in Explorer" (and maybe another one for the Windows Taskbar) -that would be great too, and simpler.

    Thanks for read.

    • Hi Elektro,

      Thanks for the suggestion. But I would like to understand why you would want to exclude all windows by default? In my mind, the idea is to have QAP available as often as possible. Is this because its hotkey (Middle mouse button) interfere with many of your programs?


  • Nicola Farina

    Hi there,

    please make QAP compatible with the great (and popular) xplorer2 file manager.

    Keep on coding!

    • Hi Nicola,

      Welcome back. QAP currently supports xplorer2 lite using the QAPconnect option in Options (File managers tab). You will need to adapt the QAPconnect.ini file as explained here:

      • Nicola Farina

        Many thanks Jean,

        I really didn't know about this option.

        I'm using the new version of the commercial edition of xplorer2 and I suggest this .ini portion:

        [xplorer2 64bit]
        ; NOTE: enable "Always open new tabs in a single window" in File -> Options -> Advanced Options > Single Window Mode (for opening a new tab on QAP selection)
        ; NOTE: enable "Always use one window" in File -> Options -> Advanced Options > Single Window Mode (for opening QAP selection in the current tab)
        AppPath=C:\Program Files\zabkat\xplorer2\xplorer2_64.exe

        /A parameter seems to be useless. If the .ini supports Windows system variables, use them instead of "Program Files" so you can avoid 32/64 bit decision by the use.

  • Nicola Farina



    using xplorer2 with QAP, I'm thinking to a possible improvement. I try to suggest it.

    Could be possibile to use the file manager only if you call QAP from it (otherwise Windows Explorer is raised up)?

    If I'm not wrong, DirectFolders (I suppose the "best" QAP alternative) acts like this way and it's not defenitly a bad idea. Many times, due to the Windows Explorer system integration essence, it's really usefull to avoid using a third-part file manager.

    Another option could be adding a custom keystroke (f.e. click on QAP menu item with ALT key pressed).

    Just an idea.

    Thank you.

  • Marty

    I'm using QAP for two main tasks:
    1. Quick Access to Folders and Tools
    2. Managing of a large Snippet Database

    The Problem at the moment is, that I only have one Popup for folders and snippets.
    I would be really happy to seperate them. One Popup for folders and one Popup for my snippets.

    You already have the main and the alternate Popup. It would be really great if you could implement the possibility to customize the alternate Popup-Window in the same way as the Main-Popup-Window.

    • Hi Marty,

      What do you want? A separate menu shortcut for your snippets database?

      If your snippets are in a submenu, you could assign a specific shortcut (mouse button or keyboard hotkey) to your snippets menu. Edit the submenu favorite, and in second tab, click "Change".

      Tell me if this is not what you want.


      • Marty

        Hi Jean,

        thanks for the very quick reply. That's exactly what I want.
        I should have tested the software, before asking stupid questions 😉

        Sorry for that, and thanks for this great tool!
        Keep on developing!

  • Installation process - suggestion

    The installation process is too complex for the average user.
    Specially when you need to install a new version because of bug fix (and there are so many...)

    The installation process asks too many questions... to import the previous INI file, etc... too many...

    The best is to install all in one click and automatically close the program (if needed), automatically import the old INI file, etc..
    No need to ask any questions.
    Just install in one click.

    That's the best!

    Thank you

    • Suggestions noted and moved to the wishlist page.

    • Richard


    • Helge

      An additional thought on this:

      For the initial installation on a user system it would be great if one could include a custom QuickAccessPopup.ini for easier deployment of QAP. I tried to open quickaccesspopup-setup.exe as zip file (as some installers work like that) but it didn't work so it would be interesting to know if one could build a custom quickaccesspopup-setup.exe or if there are other ways of modifying the quickaccesspopup-setup.exe configuration.


      • Hi Helge,

        Modifying the setup file would not change the default ini file created from an internal template in QAP itself.

        But a sysadmin can create a template for quickaccesspopup.ini and save it in the common appdata folder (ie: C:\ProgramData\Quick Access Popup).

        When QAP is launched for the first time by a non-admin user:
        1) QAP checks if quickaccesspopup.ini exists in the user's appdata folder. If yes, it loads it and runs with it.
        2) If not, it checks if a quickaccesspopup.ini template exists in the QAP common appdata folder. If yes, it copies it and loads it.
        3) If there is no ini file in the user folder and no template, it creates one from a template internal to QAP.

        You can read details about this here:

        • Helge

          Hi Jean,

          thank you for elaborating on this. The shared appdata folder is an interesting approach but it wouldn't help in my case as there isn't the possibility to access the shared appdata folder of the users clients.

          I checked your GitHub repository and downloaded the InnoSetup program. I get a couple of error messages but it seems that many of them can be solved easily through adjusting some paths. Am I right that it should be possible to build my own installer version from the GitHub repository or should I expect insurmountable obstacles?


          • You should be OK to build your own installer. If you add a QuickAccessPopup.ini file to the user's data folder, QAP should not overwrite it at its first run. All the files used to build the setup program can be found in the portable zip file or in an installation done with the standard setup program. Just make sure the file _do_not_remove_or_rename.txt is copied to the program files directory. Let me know how it goes.

  • Nelson André Hofer de Carvalho

    Add 'XYplorer' in File managers tab.

  • pleaides

    Ola Jean!

    The current tray icon looks out of place while using Windows 10, I like to suggest reversing the color to match the theme, and request a way to customize the tray icon because i like to put a big lighting bolt to show its "the flash".


  • I agree with the installation suggestion.
    It is true that it asks many questions and most - if not all - are unnecessary.
    Why not have only one click install?

  • Helge

    Hi Jean,

    regarding the external folders feature I had one thing in mind already for a while but just these days I had a bit more time to think about it:

    Currently if you want to subscribe to somebody's bookmarks you have to go into settings menu and to the "add" menu and then you need to manually copy and paste the link to the bookmarks file + enter a name for the menu item. What would be great if one could offer the user a directory of all available shared bookmarks files and let the user add it easily by just clicking on the bookmarks the user would like to subscribe to:

    In QAP settings one could extend the external menu option under "add" in QAP settings by a checkbox which would be named to something like "this external menu settings file consists of links to shared bookmarks". Now I could just build a standard QAP bookmark menu with direct links to the external/shared QAP settings files. The only difference because of the information the user gave to QAP by marking the checkbox: When the user clicks on a bookmark in this external menu which leads to a QAP bookmarks file QAP would open the standard "add external menu" dialog pre-filled with the name and the link of the bookmark to the settings file. Now the user can either leave the settings as they are or adjust them like he wants (e.g. change the name of the bookmark).

    I'm looking forward to your thoughts about this idea. I think such a feature as described here would significantly increase the number of users who would have a very pleasant QAP user experience right from the beginning as they would not need a deeper understanding of how to set up shared bookmarks. The user wouldn't need more to know than the middle mouse button and the subscription process could just be triggered from the menu popping up (of course assumed that the user gets a pre-configured QAP version which already has the directory of available shared bookmarks included in the QAP menu)-

    Thanks and best regards,

    • Hi Helge,

      I'm not sure I get it completely. This feature would require a repository for shared files, a folder that would ve accessible to all users who would want to share menus? Or a list of shared files in an ini file? This settings file would be managed by QAP to record locations of shared files hat users decided to share (checking the option "this external menu settings file consists of links to shared bookmarks"). Then other users could add to their menu an external menu shared by another user by selecting it in this list?

      Thanks for exploring these ideas,


  • Helge

    Hi Jean,

    thank you for exploring my idea and my apologies for the ambiguities.

    The way that I believe the feature could be easily added is much simpler I think than how you seem to have perceived it. After having thought about it there is actually an even better and more flexible approach to implement it. So the following description is a bit different from my previous one:

    1. When you add a favorite of type "Document" in QAP there should be an additional switch/checkbox which is named to something like "Subscription link to a QAP bookmarks file"

    2. When the switch has been activated and the user clicks on the "Document" favorite QAP would not execute the link (open the .ini file) but instead execute and show the "Add Shared Menu" dialog of QAP pre-filled with the the name and the path of "Document" favorite clicked.

    Another approach to implement a "Shared menu" subscription link in the QAP menu would be to add an additional favorite type "Shared Menu Subscription" to QAP which could be presented in the list of favorites types (e.g. below the "Shared Menu" favorite item.

    I hope this description is easier to understand 🙂


    • Hi Helge,

      I understand from your message clear explanations of how this could be implemented in QAP. But what I still miss (I must be a little slow tonight!) is the "big picture" of your idea, not how it would be implemented.

      What is the usage for Shared menu subscriptions? Who would share what, with who? Could you give me a simple scenario example? Would it involve multiple users? Or I just don't get what you mean by "shared" or "subscription"? (sorry but remember that English is my second language)



  • Helge

    Hi Jean,

    probably I stayed too technical in my description so far. I will try to fill the concept with more life...

    Imagine you're offering QAP in an environment where you have e.g. 500 QAP users and 50 different teams. Each team now has its own team bookmark collection, but all these collections are saved on the same network share (each team has write access to one of the folders on this network share where they can administrate their bookmark collection).

    When you have so many users there are two challenges how to easily make QAP easily usable:

    1. Deployment of QAP with pre-defined settings (like I addressed in my other post regarding the building of a QAP installer with a pre-filled QAP menu e.g. with some examples of the features which can be useful for the daily tasks of users)

    2. Easy subscription to "Shared Bookmark" (what I'm addressing here). With a feature available like I described in my previous post(s) I could offer the QAP users a directory of existing shared bookmarks within the QAP menu itself to let them decide which shared bookmarks they would like to appear in their local QAP installation. Such a directory could e.g. look like this:

    "Subscribe to shared bookmarks"
    ----> Finance
    ----------> Controlling
    ----------> Accounting
    ----------> Compensation
    -----> IT
    ----------> Custom Solutions
    ----------> Network Administration
    ----------> Support
    -----> PR
    ----------> Public
    ----------> Private Sector

    and so on.....

    Some users may only choose the shared bookmarks from their own team but others (e.g. directors or employees who closely interact with other teams) may be interested to access the bookmarks of multiple teams. Regardless their "plans" they have with QAP usage it would be nice if they could easily subscribe to QAP shared bookmarks without the necessity of several manual operations. With the switch described in my previous post I believe the subscription process would be much easier to accomplish and also new users to QAP would likely be more motivated to make strong use of QAP capabilities when the initial setup can be achieved without detailed knowledge about the functionality of QAP.

    One further step to facilitate the subscription process would be if in addition to the "Subscription link to a QAP bookmarks file" checkbox/switch there would be a second additional checkbox/switch "Don't show Shared Menu settings to user". In case a QAP favorite would be added with both these checkboxes/switches activated QAP could add the Shared Bookmark automatically at the beginning or the end of the QAP bookmarks without showing the settings dialog before. Instead QAP could show a dialog to the user which contains the following:

    "Please confirm your subscription to this Share Bookmarks Menu"
    "Position: Beginning of QAP menu ---- End of of QAP menu"
    (I would probably select "End of QAP menu" by default)
    "Yes ---- Cancel"

    I hope this description can give you a better idea of the "big picture" I had in mind with the description of the feature in my previous posts.


  • Robert


    [modifier] + ESC

    (escape key) as a possible hot key. Now, whenever I pres ESC key the keyboard hotkey menu exits. Or can the hotkey be somehow edited in the INI file?

  • Robert

    Cooooool. Works. Many thanks.

  • BorisB

    Hi Jean,
    you're constantly improving your great program, but why so many inconveniences continue to persist from version to version?
    I'll try to sum up main wishes and problems, which bother me the most.
    1. add Russian language support (when Russian keyboard layout is active I get following messages on start-up of QAP and some aditional symbols are added to "Short name for menu" when editing menu items):
    2. add Folders, Drives and Control Panel applets native icons support (for folders with already changed icon, for drives and Control Panel applets, such as devmgmt.msc, this should be a default action); user has to change icons manually which is very inconvenient
    3. add double clicking in addition to Shift, Ctrl, Alt, Windows modifiers of a QAP hotkey button
    4. add support for program shortcuts with parameters (automatically add parameters from a shortcut to "Parameters" line in Advanced Settings tab of QAP edit menu); user has to change Parameters manually which is very inconvenient
    5. remove "Support Freeeware!..." at the bottom of QAP-menu. This is irritating! (donations reminder is up to you, as the author)
    6. add support for special commands: "Toggle hidden files on/off" command and "ctrl++"(useful for table view in Explorer)
    7. add option to hide icon in tray

  • Jim S

    Hi Jean,

    Adding folders to QAP via the Windows Explorer contextual menu, specifically using 'Add Folder to Quick Access Popup menu', is very handy! I've noticed that under the 'Windows Options' tab that 'Use default window position' is always the default selection. When one deselects this checkbox, it would be nice if the 'Window position' fields were populated with the current window position and size. I searched the QAP options and didn't find anything that changed this behavior (although I initially thought that 'Options>General>Remember window position' might do the trick). Currently I'm using the following AutoHotkey hack to record the folder coordinate (#!w) and enter (#!v) the value in the 'Window Options' tab:

    global g_WindowCoordinates
    WinGetPos, X, Y, Width, Height, A
    g_WindowCoordinates=%X%`, %Y%`, %Width%`, %Height%
    MsgBox,,Window Coordinates Recorded,
    X, Y, Width, Height: %g_WindowCoordinates%

    Use #!v to paste these values in QAP 'Options>Windows Options' after deselecting 'Use default window position'.
    global g_WindowCoordinates
    StringReplace QAP_Options_WindowOptions, g_WindowCoordinates, `,%A_Space%, %A_Tab%, All
    SendInput %A_Tab%%A_Tab%%A_Tab%
    Loop, Parse, QAP_Options_WindowOptions
    SendInput %A_LoopField%
    Sleep 10

    • Jim S

      Oops, I included an unneeded set of braces in #!v. Should be:

      global g_WindowCoordinates
      StringReplace QAP_Options_WindowOptions, g_WindowCoordinates, `,%A_Space%, %A_Tab%, All
      SendInput %A_Tab%%A_Tab%%A_Tab%
      Loop, Parse, QAP_Options_WindowOptions
      SendInput %A_LoopField%
      Sleep 10

    • I thought that window position were recorded (ready to be selected if user unselect "Ude default position") when adding a folder with the contextual menu. But you make me realize that it is not the case. If you add a folder with the "Add this folder" command, window position is actually recorded. I will implement the same dehaviour for the contextual menu. Added to my to-do list.

      Thanks for reporting this.

    • I added this to the beta release: get window ID and record window position when add from context menu. This will be in the next release. If you want to test it, check this page:

      Thanks for raising this issue, Jim.

  • Carsten

    i am using the context menu for a file what not matches the correct favorite typ

    for example using context menu ("Add File to Quick Access Popup menu") with a file called "willi.cmd"
    the config dialog "Add Favorite: Dokument..." is opened but in this case i wan't to use the dialog "Add Favorite: Application...."

    could you extend the context menu with a "global" Favorite-Selector like the "Add Favorite - Quick Access Popup" dialog ?
    so everyone can decide for himself which typ is the best


  • Steffen Bieker


    first of all thanks for this great program!!

    I have two comments / feature requests:

    1. It would be great to have the possibility to select which actions are shown in the Explorer context menus.
    For example, when right clicking on a folder in Explorer, I would like to have "Add Folder to Quick Access Popup menu Express" instead of "Add Folder to Quick Access Popup menu"
    (I know I could use Shift+Rightclick to get the Express entry, but I would prefer this entry at a simple right-click.)
    Maybe you could also abbreviate the entry: "Add Folder to QAP menu Express".

    2. Right now, when selecting "Add this Folder Express" the favorite is added at the top of the list.
    Using "Add This Folder", the default entry is at the bottom of the list. I find this a little incosistent. I would prefer if the favorite is also added at the bottom of the list when using express. Or give us a choice in the settings 🙂

    Kind regards,

  • pleaides

    helo Jean!

    this is a wish for a new function in qap, a keyboard shortcut or a separate program,

    i wish for a windows explorer file manager (file explorer in windows 10) bridge to 3rd party file manager.

    The idea is to monitor windows and whenever a program uses windows explorer like opening a link to a folder, It will copy the folder location, close windows explorer, then open the location in your preferred 3rd party file manager like total commander quickly.

    In this way, all opened folder are seen in the 3rd party file manager, this is useful in applications where they use windows explorer specifically to open folders.


  • pleaides

    Helo Jean!

    Thanks for the reply! File manager has options to replace windows explorer as default, the request is for applications that calls for windows explorer specifically to open folders.

    I think this would be another program also,


    • Hello,

      I was not clear. Directory Opus intercepts calls from any application that wants to open a Window Explorer window and opens its own window instead of Windows Explorer.

  • Horst

    As QAP knows how to open applications with enhanced rights
    it should be possible to open a normal application favorite with enhanced rights
    by using a keyboard modifier like Shift-click on the favorite.
    This would eleminate the need for additional favorites with enhanced rights option set.

  • Mark

    Files in Portable ZIP ( should not have version, underscores, architecture in it so we can drag/drop/replace files easily when extracting without renaming every time there is an update.

    Instead of this: QuickAccessPopup-7_5_4_3-64-bit.exe
    It should be this: QuickAccessPopup.exe

    And: QuickAccessPopup-7_5_4_3-32-bit.exe
    This: QuickAccessPopup32.exe

  • Lukas

    Use {CUR_DIR} for opening a folder relative to the current one.

    I was searching the help everywhere but couldn't find a way to handle this.

    I have a lot of project folders and all of them have the same structure. As an example:

    - 3D
    - Post
    - Output

    - 3D
    - Post
    - Output

    I would like to have a menu entry saying "Post" and by clicking it it opens the folder relative to my currently opened folder.
    Maybe that's already possible since there is the {CUR_DIR} variable for running applications.
    I just can't get it to work.

  • Brendan

    An option for hierarchy for each folder you add. That way we can go deeper into our folders and find what we are looking for without going into explorer to do so. A lot like the tools tab in the task bar.

  • Helge

    Hi Jean,

    I just discovered a little UX inconsistency regarding the commands "move" and "copy" in "Settings". I guess there may be a reason for it as you're probably aware of it:

    With "move" I can move multiple items when I did a multi-selection of items.

    With "copy" a multi-selection of items is being ignored, so you can't copy multiple items but only one out the range of selected items.

    One can easily work-around this and probably it's not needed so often. Nevertheless I thought I should maybe mention it. My use case where the option to copy multiple items would be useful is when I e.g. have local bookmarks and I want to add all/some of them to a shared menu without deleting them from the local bookmarks section.


  • ldub

    Ability to change the color of one or more menu items ?

  • Petr Sedlacek

    ClickSwitch like in DirectFolder

    The ClickSwitch feature will make a file dialog instantly jump to the folder already opened in Total Commander. Just switch to the window you need.

  • Michael Duffy

    A minor low priority one, really. When adding or editing a new Favorite it would be useful to have a hotkey defined for the 'Add' and 'OK' buttons. (Or perhaps there is one but I've missed it).

    • You are correct. There is no shortcut for the "Add" button (or "OK" button when you edit a favorite). Alt-C closes the window. And the Enter key activate the "Browse" button. I will add Alt-A (or Alt-O for Edit). I'll add it to my short-term todo list.

      Until then, you would have to use Tab until the Add/OK button is hilited, then press Enter.

  • Michael Duffy

    An obscure one I guess... when you define a hotkey (say Ctrl+F9) for an application Favorite it gets saved in the settings file against the application's EXE path. This makes sense, however if you have several favorites defined using the same EXE path - except that each have different command-line params - they automatically all get associated with the same hotkey.

    For example I have defined several scheduled tasks in Windows, each with different command line params, e.g.:
    C:\Windows\system32\schtasks.exe /run /TN "NoUAC\UAC Revo Uninstaller Pro"

    As it stands I don't think QAP supports this approach (hotkeys against an EXE that has multiple matches but different params).

    Granted, this one's a bit out of the ordinary, and QAP does work fine if you define these as menu popups alone (no shortkey).

    • Obscure but interesting one... Actually, favorite hotkeys are associated to "location", regardless of other settings (Advanced setting, Live Folder settings, etc.). This is a consequence of the current design.

      The solution would be to associate hotkeys to a combination (concatenation) of the location and parameters (and maybe of other settings), for example:

      Hotkey1=C:\Windows\system32\schtasks.exe /run /TN "NoUAC\UAC Revo Uninstaller Pro"|+^x
      Hotkey2=C:\Windows\system32\schtasks.exe /run /TN "SomethingElse"|+^y

      This may not be so hard. But backward compatibility may be an issue...

      Added to the wishlist:

  • giulia

    dear sir
    i would like to run an application and have the option to hide the windows 10 taskbar
    i know there is an option in windows 10 to autohide the taskbar
    but would great launch a program and automactly hide the taskbar

  • Michel Fessard

    Afficher le menu de QAP en utilisant le bouton du milieu de la souris est, à mon avis, le plus confortable et le plus rapide déclencheur. Le problème est qu'il y a de plus en plus d'applications qui utilise ce bouton comme raccourcis! Google Chrome, Photoshop, Cubase, Fierefox ... Ce qui m'oblige à faire de nombreux exclusions! J'ai donc pris l'habitude de cliquer sur la barre de tache (avec le bouton du milieu) pour afficher QAP.
    Peut-être serait-il utile de bien préciser cette possibilité dans les paramètres ou mieux: Ajouter l'option "Uniquement sur la barre de tache ou le bureau" dans les paramètres?

  • Bonjour Michel,

    Je vois. L'inconvénient avec cette approche est qu'il ne serait plus possible de changer de dossier à l'intérieur d'une fenêtre existante de Windows Explorer, car cela nécessite que cliquer le bouton du milieu dans cette fenêtre. Lorsque vous cliquez dans la barre de tâche, cela ouvre toujours le dossier dans une nouvelle fenêtre de Windows Explorer.

    • Michel Fessard

      Ah oui! C'est vrai! Je n'avais pas penser à ça!

      Bon, ce n'est pas un problème. Il me faut juste prendre un peu de temps pour créer toutes les exceptions...
      Par contre, je me souviens que j'avais découvert par hazard que je pouvais cliquer sur la barre de taches pour afficher QAP et c'est bien pratique!

      En tout cas, encore bravo et merci pour cet outil!

  • Helge

    Hi Jean,

    I just set up a text snippet category in a sub menu of a shared menu. There's the nice QAP feature "add favorite" but for user convenience and less explanation needs I think it be nice to also have the option to have QAP features:

    "Add Text Snippet"

    "Add Document favorite"

    "Add Folder favorite"


    Like this I could in my case add an item "Add Text Snippet" to this sub menu and the explanation need would be minimum to give users the opportunity to add additional text snippets.


  • Helge

    Hi Jean,

    I just discovered a limitation with long sub menu structures regarding the drop down menu where you can e.g. select into which part of the sub menu structure you want to add or copy a favorite (like in the screenshot attached). Would it maybe be possible to have a tooltip appear which shows the full path?


  • Helge

    Hi Jean,

    I understand your limitation with this . The tooltip after selection would definitely already be a significant enhancement I believe. the 500 px would of course also help but please don't bother with this too much in case it could have larger effects on other layout settings.

    Another idea how one could make the paths shorter would be a modification of the paths shown when you click on the QAP feature "add favorite". If I add the "Add favorite" QAP feature to a submenu and I or someone else clicks on it you could maybe only show the sub menu structure beginning from the submenu where the user clicked on "Add favorite". Like this one could reduce the path depth by at least one level.


    • Making the paths shorter would be a good idea if it was only to move the favorite lower under the current menu. But if you want to move to a different branch, you need to see it from root.

      Also, from user friendliness a point of view, don't you think that very long menu names make less convenient popup menus? Why not trying to stick to "short and sweet" menu names 🙂

      • Helge

        Initially I was thinking that if the "add favorite" appears in a certain sub menu the purpose of it would be to only add favorites this sub menu and its sub menus. Now when I rethink it one has of course also to have in mind scenarios where the "add favorite" appears e.g. in the sub menu "QAP Editing Tools". Like this the purpose of the "add favorite" entry in the sub menu would be different. Taking this into consideration I agree that this shouldn't at least be standard behavior. What do you think about a switch for the "add favorite" QAP feature which would allow this modification optionally?

        I totally agree with you about short menu names 🙂 in some Asian languages that's much easier I believe even if you want to add some explanation 😀
        The problem I have experienced in a shared menu environment is that I often want to add either a clarification note to certain favorites and/or I want to add some explanation to increase the probability that users have no issues using the feature (assuming or knowing that some users need this additional explanation as they have no further insight and/or interest in the functionalities of QAP). An example is: "text snippets (for direct insertion into email/document)". Otherwise people wouldn't know why nothing happens when they click on the favorite (as they may expect that a e.g. a text file would show up).
        Of course to some extent users also have to have the willingness to learn some basic aspects of the tool. On the other hand this of course also requires knowledge transfer which can be an issue for multiple reasons in certain usage scenarios.
        I hope this gives a little bit of a better picture why I sometimes "struggle" with the length of the menu names 🙂

  • Helge

    Hi Jean,

    a small suggestion regarding the saving of settings (though I don't know if it would contain technical obstacles):

    I think it could be nice to have a dialog popup showing a message like "saving in progress..." to give users an indicator that actually the saving is being proceeded in the background and also to prevent the user from clicking one of the saving buttons again. Currently, at least for a couple of seconds, one doesn't get feedback once one clicks on one of the two saving buttons (e.g. they are not being greyed out immediately, which may be intentional to not make the user think that the saving process has already finished). There is a small text line showing the progress of building the menu but it's pretty small and not directly attached to the settings window.


    • Hi Helge,

      Thanks for this suggestion. I implemented it a bit differently but you will see it in beta v8.1.9.4 🙂


      • Helge

        Hi Jean,

        thanks a lot for this improvement! I think it also may have solved a potential inconsistency. Before it seemed that if I clicked twice on the saving buttons twice the saving process could be erroneous. I haven't tested it multiple times but I once made the experience that a shared menu was partly destroyed and I assume it was related to the additional click on one of the saving buttons which I clicked before the initial saving process had finished. This second click maybe interrupted the saving process.

        One thing I have noticed with the modification in the new beta: While the two save buttons on the left and in the middle are now greyed out you can still click on the right button (which is now changing to "saving" after you clicked on one of the two buttons on the left or in the middle). When I click on this button the settings window closes regardless if the saving process has finished. I think it would be better if the button would be set to no action. I don't know if it's possible in terms of programming, otherwise I'd suggest to also grey out the button on the right while it changes to "saving".


    • Looking at the result in other languages than English (where labels are often a bit longer), I decided to stop changing the button label. Instead, as you also suggested, I display a tooltip and I disable the Close button during saving. This is starting with v8.1.1 and with next beta release v8.1.9.5.

  • Helge

    Thank you Jean. I will look at it in the next beta release.


  • @Wildcat Midnight: I moved your message to the Support page and replied there:

  • Rahim Mohammadizad

    Hi there .

    If you can add a row with search ability of the list of QAP would be a good feature i think

  • Wayne

    Hi I really like this application. Currently I am using software called Listary to achieve the same purpose. But QAP can replace most of the functions of Listary.

    There is one feature in Listary, however, I can't find in QAP. I wonder whether you can implement something to have this feature.

    Under Listary, when I open a file dialog, if the folder in the file dialog is NOT the current folder opened by Total commander (or windows explorer), you can press "control+G" to let file dialog to jump to current folder.

    Right now, under QAP, if the dialog does not show current folder, I have to switch to total commander then switch back to the file dialog and then QAP changes the folder in the dialog box to the current folder. I try to add a favorite folder and put {CUR_LOC} in it but it does not work.
    Is there a way to add a favorite folder to show current folder under Total commander? So that I can add a shortcut and press that.
    This is the only reason I haven't ditch Listary software yet.

    • Hi Wayne,

      Sorry I took a few days to come back to you. Happy to see that QAP can compete with Listary, a well established product 🙂

      > Under Listary, when I open a file dialog, if the folder in the file dialog is NOT the current folder opened by Total commander (or windows explorer), you can press "control+G" to let file dialog to jump to current folder.

      There was a similar request from Direct Folders users that would make the file dialog folder "follow" changes in the current folder in TC. I did not work on this, not being sure I would have the means to do it with the tool I use (see:

      But the functionality you describe is simpler. I would have to think about it a bit more in order to implement it in the QAP logic. But this seems workable. Added to the wish list:

      > Right now, under QAP, if the dialog does not show current folder, I have to switch to total commander then switch back to the file dialog and then QAP changes the folder in the dialog box to the current folder.

      I'm not sure I get it? Do you mean by using the QAP feature "Reopen a Folder"?

      • Wayne

        Hi Jean,
        Thanks very much for getting back to me.

        For the feature request, I was thinking that QAP can create a folder that points to the folder currently opened in TC. And then you can add a shortcut key for this folder.

        The second one I mentioned is that when I open a file dialog, it might show my document folder or whatever folder. Then I switch the window to total commander using ALT-TAB, then I switch the window to dialog again, this time dialog box will show the folder that is shown in TC. I thought this is a standard feature of QAP but it turns out that that is a feature of Listary. Well it doesn't really matter if QAP can implement my request to jump to the current folder.
        Thanks again,

        • Hi Wayne,

          > For the feature request, I was thinking that QAP can create a folder that points to the folder currently opened in TC. And then you can add a shortcut key for this folder.

          QAP would not create a "folder" (in your file system). It would create a favorite of category called "QAP Feature" that could be names "Open Current Folder" that you could add to your menu and associated to a hotkey of your choice (it could be added by default under the menu "My QAP Features" for new users) . That favorite could be used over any window (Explorer, TC, etc.) but it would be most useful in file dialog boxes, as suggested in your second point.

          >Then I switch the window to total commander using ALT-TAB, then I switch the window to dialog again, this time dialog box will show the folder that is shown in TC. I thought this is a standard feature of QAP but it turns out that that is a feature of Listary.

          I see. This is another way to get a file dialog box to the current folder in the file manager. I understand what you describe. The problem is that I do not see how to implement it... Anybody who could give me a hint on how it was implemented in Listary or other software, it would help.

          Thanks Wayne.

  • Bryan

    The ability to create a keyboard perform an action - not open a program or folder. So, give the short-cut a name, then assign it a keyboard short-cut.

  • Bryan

    The ability to use PNG icons, as well as the ICO icons. I did ask this before, but it doesn't appear on the 'wish list', so thought I'd ask again

    • Hi Brian.

      What kind of action do you have in mind?

      Did you try to create a favorite of type "Snippet" with the macro option?

      • Bryan

        Hi Jean.
        I have two programs, located in the system allow me to capture areas of the desktop, as an image. One of them, permits capture 'scrolling window'...with a hot key (alt+PrtScn). I'm familiar with macros, & hot I've entered a number into my keyboard. I've looked at creating a macro in 'Quick Access Popup', didn't accept the PrtScr key. Unfortunately the PrtScr (in the system tray program) is fixed...and not changeable.

        • Hi Bryan,

          I was able to create Snippet favorite, select Macro mode in Advanced settings and put "{PrintScreen}" in the content. It did launch my screen capture program (Greenshot). "!{PrintScreen}" also sends Alt-PrintScreen. Could you try it?


    • @Bryan: about a request you made some time ago.

      > The ability to use PNG icons, as well as the ICO icons.

      This can't be done. Windows menu icons must be created with .ICO icons file (or with EXE or DLL files containing icons).

      But you can easily create .ICO file from a .PNG with web apps like this one:

      More info here:

  • pleiades

    Hi Jean,

    I like to request Popup the menu to align on the center of the screen, this is similar to the keyboard launcher like executor, this way, the user will focus their attention on one part of the screen, this is suited if the user is using keyboard shortcuts instead of the mouse to call quickaccesspopup.

    Thank you!

  • pleiades

    Thank yuo Jean!

  • pleiades

    Hi Jean,

    I thought of another request, the request is to have an option to hide favorites, this is useful when you want to hide favorites but plan to use it again, so instead of deleting the favorite and recreating it, just hide it.

  • Helge

    Hi Jean,

    since you wrote valuable code lines for the search feature in 'settings' I was wondering if this code could be re-used for the shared favorites catalogue as well. Especially with a good naming organization in the catalogue (like categories in the menu names) a search filter would be very useful. But also it would be a straightforward way to select a specific shared favorites menu fast and easily if the list of shared favorites menus is longer.


  • Luke

    Please add an option to run QuickAccessPopup as administrator
    I could not get QuickAccessPopup to show its popup menu in many applications: everything.exe, scite.exe, etc
    It turns out that they were running as admin, and QuickAccessPopup wasn't, so the menu didn't work

    I fixed it manually by making QuickAccessPopup.exe run as admin, would be best if it did this by default
    you can accomplish this using

    if not A_IsAdmin
    Run *RunAs "%A_AhkPath%" "%A_ScriptFullPath%"

  • Luke

    Wish: Add last selected menu item to top of the main menu

    Whenever a QAP menu item is chosen, it could be added to the top of the main menu.
    This would only happen for the most recently selected menu item, so as not to clutter the main menu.

    It would allow users to quickly select again what they selected most recently. This is especially useful for people like me who add a bunch of nested AHK scripts and use QAP as a script launcher, it sure beats navigating into sub-menus each time when you're spamming some script like 'Scripts -> Text Manipulation > Capitalize Selected Text.ahk'

    What a great app though, I've tried so many productivity and launcher type programs over the years, such as Listary, and none of them stood the test of time (except Everything by VoidTools which is indispensable), despite my skepticism from uninstalling 99.9% of past apps I really think this program will make me more productive, time will tell..

    • Hi Luke,

      Thanks for this interesting idea. It could not be made exactly as you propose because menu cannot be changed "on the fly". With the tool I use, any change requires rebuilding the whole menu. But adding a QAP feature "Reopoen last selected menu" would do the job. The menu label would not display the target folder however. User would have to remember what was the last item he selected. And users would have to add this QAP feature to their main menu if they wish.

      Do you think it would work for you?

      • Luke

        Sure, it's better than not being able to do it at all!

        But QAP's 'Switch' menu updates on the fly, if I open a new notepad window, it's added to the switch menu when I open it, there doesn't seem to be a noticeable delay for this. Couldn't the same functionality be used for this feature?

        • You are correct. Parts of the menu are updated when you invoke the menu. It seems that I was wrong in my answer 🙂

          Let me reconsider it.

  • Nath

    Hi Jean

    Is it possible to launch the QAP window from a shortcut? I checked various options but QAP always minimizes to the systray and then you have to launch with the hotkey. I don't want QAP running in the systray.

    • Hi Nath,

      QAP is designed as a Tray app. I would not remove the tray icon. You can open the Settings window in different ways (that you probably know):

      - select Settings in the QAP menu
      - select Settings in the Tray menu (what you do not prefer)
      - hit Shift + Ctrl + S (or any other hotkey that you could configure for it)

      I could add a command line option that would allow to launch QAP from a shortcut and open the Settings window. But this would require that you create the shortcut with a command like "C:\Program Files\Quick Access Popup\QuickAccessPopup.exe /s" (/s for "display settings when launched). But, if QAP is already running, this would require some tricky coding to open the running app Settings window instead of re-launch the app and rebuild the menu. Not sure if I like this...

      I could also add a context menu "Open Quick Access Popup Settings" when you right-click the desktop. Easier to implement.

      Thanks for your input,


  • Bryan Denham

    I've asked this before, just thought I'd ask again. Just downloaded the new version (8.5x64), just gets better. However, despite different methods, I'm still unable to complete my quest. I just want to include a keyboard 'short-cut' combination. I have a number of programs, in the system tray, which provide different functions with short-cut keystrokes. Would it not be possible to include this function in the 'add favourite' menu? All that would be needed is the title, and the short-cut (which could be hidden). After all, in the program, short-cuts can be committed to all applications etc. added to the program. I don't want to add anything, just allocate a keyboard short-cut key to a 'name or title'. I tried the macro in 'snippet', but because I left the 'text field' empty..the program wouldn't save the settings.

  • Darren


    I think it would be nice to allow mouse scroll-wheel support in long dir listings (live folders).
    Right now it seems the only way to navigate up/down a very long listing is with the small up/down arrows located at the top and bottom of the pane.

    • Hi Darren,

      Unfortunately the menu behavior is entirely under Windows control. QAP is sending commands to create the menu but it is Windows that decides how it will be displayed and scrolled it the context exceed the available screen space.


      • Darren Lambourne

        I see. Would it instead be possible to use another or larger pane?

        • Probably. But with much effort 🙂

        • @Darren: I forgot to suggest in my last reply to use the "Number of items per column" in the "Live Folder Options" tab. This would reduce scrolling in long menus.

  • ltdeta

    Quick Access Popup - Favorite: Application
    In the Register "Advanced Settings" i am missing a placeholder ( {CUR_FILE} / {CUR_FILENAME} ) for the current folder selected file name ( mouse over )

    {CUR_FILE} = full folder with selected file name
    {CUR_FILENAME} = selected file name

    is this possible?

    Info: the link "Suggestions for new features: Quick Access Popup wishlist" top of the page " is broken 😉

  • nick

    Hi Jean,
    Thank you for a very handy tool!

    Is there anyway I can define 'properties/macros/tokens' at a group level (or globally) that I can then use as text later?
    For example,
    - at the group level: "set workdir=xyz"
    - then, within the group
    - I define an app entry and in its "Start in" I can use something like "%workdir%".
    - or I define an app entry and I enter "%workdir%" in its parameters field.

    This is sort of like text snippets but it can be used (token-expanded) in any of the input fields of an entry.


  • nick

    Thanks for responding so quickly Jean!

    I meant QAP Group.
    This started when I was trying to create a QAP group that contained entries that needed to open apps with a specific 'start in' directory, as well as open a folder in that directory.

    That's when I thought that being able to defined properties at the 'parent level' (i.e. the group) would help.
    Also, keep in mind that the StartIn field current does not accept any macros/tokens.

    If you are going to implement this 🙂 then it could also be used to define window sizes/position (X, Y, width, height) and then use those variables in the relevant window fields.

    That way one could, for example, create a bunch of windows with the same height, width etc.
    The possibilities are endless (so long as most (all?) input fields become aware of these new 'macros'.


    • I see. This could also be useful in submenus. Much of the QAP groups and submenus share the same code.It would make sense to implement it in both.

      Do not expect it too shortly however. The wishlist is already pretty busy 🙂

      Thanks again,


  • floogy


    Thank you for developing this helpful piece of software!

    I'm a former FileBox eXtender 2.01.00 (x64) user. unfortunately this application is abandoned since 2010 or 2011. But they released also the source code, but it seems nobody picked it up. Due to its age FileBox eXtender no longer works flawlessy in windows 10. It interferes with Adobe products such as Photoshop CC 2018, libreoffice 5.6.1 and Clover 3.4.0.

    Anyway, there is a very nice feature I would be happy to have also available in QAP.

    You may try to install and use it, to see how that works.

    This feature is called "Click switch file box folder feature"

    Click Switch file box folder feature:

    o Disabled - the function is disabled

    o Enable for clicks on Explorer folders only - If you have a file dialog box open in an application (such as MS Excel), then click on a folder in Windows Explorer, the folder selected will automatically be transferred to the MS Excel file dialog box.

    o Enable for clicks on any windows... - This option is not normally recommended but you may find it useful for your particular working style. If you have a file dialog box open in an application (such as MS Excel), then click on another application window, the current folder of that application will be transferred to the MS Excel file dialog box.

    Download the source code as Visual Studio 2008 C++ solution
    About 631 kB RAR archive. If you download the source and make any useful modifications or bug fixes, please share them with us.

    It would be very very nice if you can tell me if such a function is just implemented or planned for the future, and if not yet available, when you would implement it. I would highly appreciate that feature, bevause it's very fast and intuitive. For example the Mac OsX Finder add-on Default FolderX comes with the same function!

    2. Open from or Save to windows you have open in the Finder. Simply click on the window you want and the Open or Save dialog will display that folder. If you can't click on the window you want, a popup menu lets you choose from any window you have open in the Finder.

    Maybe interesting too:

    Thank you in advance.


  • floogy


    Please add at least a keyboard shortcut for "Reopen current folder in Dialog Box", like for the other options in that submenu.

    Or, as I suggested today in the wishlist: If pointing and left-clicking in a location in "Windows File explorer", while having a save or open file dialog box in an application open, transfer this pazj automatically into the dialog box and switch into that location, like in FileBox eXtender (which unfortunately no longer works without interfere with major applications).

    Thank you!

    Kind regards


    • Hi floogy

      Thanks for your input and good words.

      > It would be very very nice if you can tell me if such a function is just implemented or planned for the future, and if not yet available, when you would implement it.

      Because of the app structure and the development tool I use, this feature could not be implemented in QAP it as it was in FileBox Extender (you can read the reasons in this page about another old app DirectFolders

      But you already found the feature developed in QAP that aim at the same goal, making it easy to take a file dialog box to the current folder open in Explorer.

      > Please add at least a keyboard shortcut for "Reopen current folder in Dialog Box", like for the other options in that submenu.

      There is a default hotkey assigned to this feature (Shift + Control + C) but you make me realize that I forgot to enable it when creating the initial ini file the first time QAP is launched. I'll fix it in the next release. But for existing installation it must be done by the user. You can do it with your current version: select the favorite in Settings, click "Edit" and open the "Menu Options" tab. You can change the hotkey there.


      • floogy

        Hello Jean,

        thank you for your answer. It came at the same while I posted my last comment.

        I'll try to get that Short Cut working. Thanks a lot, so it would be only one click behind FileBox eXtender and I could omit and get over the flakey interference between FileBox eXtender under Windows 10 with some of my most important applications.

        Thank you. I'll report how it goes.


      • floogy

        Hi Jean,

        I added at the end (after Hotkey5)
        Hotkey6=|{Reopen Current Folder in Dialog Box}|+^X

        But that doesn't work, because it ccannot find the Menu item
        'Reopen Current Folder in Dialog Box'

        See this screenshot:

        Maybe I'm missing something?

        • floogy


          finally I found it. I didn''t had to edit the ini file by an editor, instead I had to edit the submenu section accordingly, save and reload.

          Now it works! So, thank you very much!

          Sometimes under options the Theme shows ERROR. I think due to this (corrupted ini file?) it may happens, that the application no longer works(?).

    • floogy

      My last comment was moved from The workaround number 1. would maybe also work to get closer to the idea of simply left-mouse-click into a location in explorer to transfer and open that path in a save/open dialog box automagically.

      Please read the above 'pazj' as 'path'. It's a typo.

      • Hi Floggy,

        Yes I moved your comment here. I'm trying to keep related the things together. 🙂

        You are right. You should not have to edit the ini file. Normally, everything is managed from the Settings and Options windows.

        About the Theme error, maybe something was changed in the ini file when you edited it. Please read this to make sure the theme info in the ini file is OK (this is an exception where editing the ini file is required):

        Finally, now that this thread about file dialog boxes is complete, I'll soon move it the the archived comments.

        If you still have an issue with the Theme, please use the Support page:


  • Fernando

    Hi Jean! I am missing some scripts after switching to QAP.

    here is one:

    - I would like to be able to Select a folder or file (NOT on QAP Menu) Get the filepath. I know you have one QAP Feature to get the clipboard result but I am not able to copy the filepath. Ctrl + LClick does not copy to clipboard either.

    • There is a way to do it by combining two QAP features. But it requires many clicks (assuming the original QAP configuration):

      1) Select one or more file in Windows Explorer (Ctrl + C or Right-click / Copy)
      2) Open the QAP Alternative menu (Shift + Middle Mouse or Shift + Windows + W)
      3) Select "Copy Favorite Path or URL".
      4) In the menu, select the "My QAP Essentials / Clipboard".
      5) Click the filename selected at step 1. Its path will be copied to the Clipboard.

      I agree this is not straightforward. The above features were just not designed to copy the file paths to Clipboard. The goal of feature in #3 is to copy a favorite location to the clipboard. And the goal of feature in #4 is to launch the files or URL found in the Clipboard.

      Making it more straightforward would require to add a Windows Explorer context menu (Right Click) "Copy file path to Clipboard". Maybe there are already Windows Explorer Context menu managers offering this?

      Thanks for your input, Fernando.

      • Fernando

        True, I searched and there is one built in way to do this.

        Shift + Right Click and there is an option for copy as path.

        thanks anyways 🙂

  • Kelly H

    I would like to be able to, when I use my group that starts my work program and the web based url clock-in to send the password and tabbing etc that is needed to get my logged in off the bat. Thanks so much for such a great program, I use it every day.

    • Hi Kelly,

      I would like to do it also 🙂 . Unfortunately, I think it is impossible to make something that would work in all situations. This would require specific programming for each web page. You could do it with a macro program. Or maybe there are specialized tools that would do it that you could launch from QAP?

      Thanks for your good words,


  • Kelly H

    Hi Jean,

    Thanks so much for your reply. I do have a hot key in autohotkey that I made. If I could even send the keys for that hot key would be great. I figured it might be a long shot but worth a try. Thanks again for this awesome program, taking your time and updating so often.


    • What you could do is to add an Application favorite at the end of your group and select a macro script that would execute the steps required to login. This script would not include hotkeys (like "!q::"). It would only contain the commands to execute.

      For example, in AutoHotkey, this script saved as "group-final.ahk" would pause 2 seconds to let the last item of the group to load, then execute its Send commands.

      ; goup-final.ahk start
      Sleep, 2000
      MsgBox, Insert your "Send" command here.
      ; goup-final.ahk end

  • Fernando

    Hi Jean!

    I have another request!

    I have a 3 computers I use your program.

    Before using QAP, I used global variable like %A_ComputerName% or %A_Username% for my filepaths, but now I am stuck using QAP static filepaths, I can not use A_Computername for filepaths and I have to manually direct it everytime I make a change from my computer, I have to change it on all other computers after importing settings.

    Also, is there a way to automatically look for a backup every boot at a filepath, then load all settings without asking me? just load everything. I have to press yes to all anyways.

  • Bryan

    I have created a number of macros, to capture various areas of the screen, I would like to disable the 10 second delay.

  • John H

    Have you ever considered using the app updater Win Sparkle?

    It's a windows version of a very popular Mac updater for those who wish to provide install / updates outside the Mac App Store method.

    Check out:


  • Horst

    The Recent files menu should display context menu for its entries.
    Currently one can only click an entry and get the default action
    whixh is not always what I want.

    • Hi Horst,

      By "display context menu", do you mean right clicking on the menu entry to display this context menu? Right-click on QAP menu entries is not possible. What would you want to select in the context menu, for example?

      • Horst

        Hi Jean,
        I want a normal file system context menu for anything displayed under Recent files.
        The files displayed under recent files may contain a zip file for example.
        The default action after clicking on it under Recent files will open WinRAR on my system.
        I would like to open them in Total commander instead
        which is possible because I made an entry for TC in files context menu.
        And there are much more useful file context menu entries depending on file type.

        • I see. Unfortunately, context menus are not available in QAP menu entries.

          What you could do is: create a favorite to open the Recent Items folder (available in QAP Special Folders) and, in this folder, use the context menu in you file manager.

          • Horst

            Ok, thanks but this to inconvenient for this purpose.
            Unfortunately also my other preferred tool Listary has this restriction.

  • Peni

    I think useful an option for search (as existing in Settings) but in main menu.
    I mean something similar to what windows do when you type in the start menu

    Sorry for my english

    • Hi Peni,

      This is a good idea but the tools I'm using does not allow to filter the QAP menu "on the fly".

      Your English is very good 🙂


  • Peni

    I expected it, but I had to ask 😉

  • Atreus

    Hi, it would be nice if you could add auto-refresh for live folders. It's very annoying to manually refresh them, especially if you often add new files.

    Thanks 🙂

    • Hi Atreus,

      I agree it would be nice. But after having put a fair amount of hours on this (dynamic menus background refresh) I have not been able to make it work reliably. I put it aside some time ago. But thanks for suggesting it. It makes me think again about this 🙂


      • Atreus

        I see. Would it be possible to add "refresh live folders" as a command to "QAPmessenger.exe"? That would partially solve my problem? 🙂

        • Is your idea to put the command in a scheduler? It could work. But it made me realize that it would work as well from within QAP. I'll add this to the next beta release.

          This will not be exactly a "background" refresh (as I tried to do) because the QAP menu will not be available during refresh. But depending on the refresh frequency and the time it takes to refresh (depending on the number and depth of live folders), it could be usable.

          I'll let you know when it will be available. You could install the current beta release ( now and enable "Check for updates" to be notified by QAP when there is a new beta release.

          Thanks for the input.

          • Atreus

            Yeah, I was thinking about using scheduler 😀

            Thanks for implementing this!

  • pleiades

    Hi Jean, I dont know if this is suggested, i would like to suggest a way to blacklist certain applications, example application that uses the same keybooard shortcuts of qap, the user will set applications that they don't want qap to take over whenever they press the same shortcut.

  • Stephen A. Cruser

    Hello, Jean.
    Loving the QAP. Wondering whether it would be possible to add in the Essentials (or any category) a "Shutdown", "Restart", and "Sleep/Hibernate" option. I don't think it would be difficult. I just don't know how to "write" the command/program/app (or whatever, it might be called) to add (when customizing QAP) the "buttons" to the menu. Thanks.

  • Hi Stephen,

    "Shutdown Computer" and "Restart Computer" are already available in the QAP features list. To add a QAP Feature:

    1- In "Settings," click the "Add" button and select "QAP Feature".
    2- In the drop down list "QAP Feature", select "Shutdown Computer" or "Restart Computer".
    3- Click "Add" and "Save & Close".

    On a related note, I added this to the wishlist for the Sleep/Hibernate command:

    Thanks for the input.

  • Horst

    Hellp Jean,
    I would like an entry for the QAP function "Refresh Live folder menus"
    in the left click menu of the QAP tray icon.
    It would save me the space for the entry in my normal favorites.
    I think its a god place for such a general configuration related option.

  • Horst

    Hello Jean,
    I would like to get some some clipboard related function as found in the Quick Cliq tool.
    I has 9 additional clipboards and offers the following functions:
    Ctrl 1-9 to copy the marked text into the numbered clipboard
    Ctrl-Shift 1-9 to append the marked text into the numbered clipboard
    Alt 1-9 to paste the content of the numbered clipboard

    Having this very useful functions in QAP would allow me to stop using Quick Cliq completely.

  • Horst

    Hello Jean,
    I would like a command line switch for QAP which shows the QAP pop-up menu.
    This would allow to show this menu triggered from another program like Strokeit
    using mouse gestures.

  • Lucky Joe

    Hi Jean,
    I have created a submenu with a variety of tools. For a better overview I use only 2 or 3 letters as abbreviation. It would be nice if QAP could display an explanation with a mouse over effect, which I can define in the settings.

    • Lucky Joe

      ... sorry for ending without a greeting; so I want to add:

      Thanks and greetings from Germany
      Lucky Joe

    • Hi Joe,

      Thanks for your suggestion. Unfortunately, the way QAP is developed, using the tool AutoHotkey, the popup menu is built by sending commands to Windows and it is Windows who creates, displays and manages interaction with the menu. So, QAP is limited to the capabilities of standard Windows menus and the feature you suggest is not available. I would have to completely build custom menus which is a big-big effort out of my current scope of work.

      Do not hesitate if you have other ideas for improvement. Most of the time, I can do it 🙂


  • Lucky Joe

    Hie Jean,

    thx for your answer - everything is fine - thanks for that great and helpful tool, which is one of my favorites.

    Lucky Joe

  • Charles Smith

    By using QAP both directly and remotely, over my home network, I realized that adding the ability to map an existing hotkey (from windows or other software) to a favorite would make a nice feature.

  • Marcin

    Does "Quick Access Popup" have no "Groups of Folders > Save Current Folders as Groups" option (which is available in "FoldersPopup" and I love it)?

    • Hi Marcin,

      No this feature was not included in QAP. Groups management has been completely redesigned in QAP, integrating them with favorites management. In QAP, you can create and manage groups as you would do for submenus, allowing to move a favorite from a submenu to a group and vice-versa.

      But I agree that the "Save Current Folders as Groups" was useful. I'm taking note of this and will move your post to the Wishlist page (

      Thanks for your input.

      • Marcin

        Thank you very much for your answer. In that case I will stay with "Folders Popup" for now. This feature is useful for me (in daily basis tasks) and in my opinion is easier to use (one click) than "Favorites Management".

        Btw. Great job!

      • Marcin

        Thank you very much for your answer. In that case I will stay with "Folders Popup" for now, this feature is useful for me (in daily basis tasks) and in my opinion is easier to use than "Favorites Management".

        Btw. Great job!

  • Darren

    Is it possible to edit properties but not update all the Live folders when I save and quit?
    I have a ton of Live folders and it's a slow process each time I want to add a folder or make a change inside QAP because there seems to be no way to save these small changes without updating all Live folder.


  • Marcin

    Can you add exclusions by process name (.exe)? It will help me a lot because some of programs have variable class names.

    This feature should be easy to implement, something like that (based on original code of QAP):

        WinGet, g_strTargetExe, ProcessName, % "ahk_id " . g_strTargetWinId
        if (strMouseOrKeyboard = g_arrPopupHotkeys1) ; if hotkey is mouse
            Loop, Parse, g_strExclusionMouseListApp, |
                if StrLen(A_Loopfield) and (InStr(g_strTargetClass, A_LoopField) 
                    or InStr(g_strTargetWinTitle, A_LoopField) or InStr(g_strTargetExe, A_LoopField)
                    return false
  • John Jakoski

    Add Universal application programs to menu.

    • Hi John,

      You mean "Universal Windows Platform (UWP) app"? I've read a bit about it but I'm not enough familiar with it now.

      Can't it be launched using an URL (using QAP Link favorite type)?


    • I read a bit more about it. To answer myself, no it can't be launch as a link.

      I found how I could launch UWP apps when I know the GUID for an app (see: For example, I could launch Calendar. But I did not find (using my dev platform AHK) how to get is the list of IDs of running (or installed) Universal applications allowing user to add them to its menu.

      More research required...

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