Quick Access Popup is getting ready!

qap-MASTER--512(2015-11-08) Welcome to my new project ! Quick Access Popup is the next generation of the popular Windows freeware Folders Popup. It will offer all the features in Folders Popup plus additions made possible by a complete rewrite of the application.

From your custom popup menu, Quick Access Popup will launch your most used folders, documents, applications, websites and FTP sites, plus all sort of special features to ease and accelerate your work. And it will still be freeware!

Quick Access Popup is now at the beta tests stage. Until it is ready for public release, you can:

Thank you for your support!

Note: User comments and reviews in this website’s header are for Folders Popup, current incarnation of QAP. They will apply to QAP, for sure :-).

Icons by: Visual Pharm.