In what languages is Quick Access Popup available?

Looking for someone to take over Spanish translation. Contact me if you are interested.

Quick Access Popup is available in various languages, thanks to voluntary translators for their precious work. Select your working language in the Options window, General tab.

Language Thanks to translators! Review in your language
French Jean Lalonde Quick Access Popup : accédez rapidement aux dossiers utilisés fréquemment (Freewares & Tutos)
German Edgar “Fast Edi” Hoffmann Quick Access Popup ist ein toller Nachfolger von Folders Popup. Die Möglichkeit, jetzt auch Programme zu starten oder Webseiten aufzurufen, macht daraus einmal mehr ein Allroundtool für jeden (Giga Software)
Italian Riccardo Leone Quick Access Popup: crea le scorciatoie per le cartelle e programmi (
Spanish Looking for someone to take over Spanish translation Quick Access Popup
Brazilian Portuguese Igor Ruckert Quick Access Popup (Baixaki)
Portuguese Luis Neves Quick Access Popup (Baixaki)
Dutch Ric Roggeveen Quick Access Popup – Snel toegang tot al je favorieten
Korean Maeng Bong Kyun  
Simplified Chinese ilaoyao  
Russian Post about QAP on

Quick Access Popup was originally written in English. Proofreading always appreciated.


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