I’m upgrading from Folders Popup. Can I import my favorites and option settings?

Everything possible is made to facilitate the transition from Folders Popup to Quick Access Popup.

The ImportFPsettings utility helps you do the transition from Folders Popup.

  • It imports favorites from Folders Popup and convert them to QAP format.
  • It also import options settings and hotkeys and adapt them to QAP.

Only Folders Popup groups settings cannot be imported to QAP settings. The group implementation has been completely reviewed in QAP, integrating them with favorites as if they were as special kind of submenus, making it difficult to import.

If you install QAP using the standard Setup program, make sure the Import Folders Popup settings and favorites option is checked during installation. The utility will be automatically executed after the initial QAP installation (if you preferred the portable installation, you must run ImportFPsettings manually).

Take note that ImportFPsettings replaces all favorites that could exist in QAP and overwrites existing option settings. It is recommended to use it when you just installed QAP.

After you installed QAP, do not forget to uninstall Folders Popup or, at least, remove it from your Startup group: uncheck Run at Startup in Folders Popup Options dialog box (first tab).

Please use the new QAP Support Google Group to ask questions or post comments.