How do I setup or manage my QAP license?

This page is for user of QAP v11 (or more recent) only.

After you finalize the transaction to get your QAP license (for QAP v11 or more recent) on the QAP Shop website, you receive two emails:

  • Your Quick Access Popup License (Type of license) contains your receipt, download link and license code;
  • Login details to manage your Quick Access Popup license contains your password to manage your license.

Saving your license

In the first email, click one of the Easy Setup or Portable ZIP link to download the installation file, install it (see instructions in the email) and launch QAP. If a valid license is not found on your system, QAP displays the following dialog box:

Select Save your license code, click Continue and, in the next dialog box, enter the license code found in the first email and your name (entering your name is optional).

QAP will confirm that the license has been saved and will restart.

Removing your license

You may wish to remove your license from a computer if you need to move your QAP license to another computer. Removing the license will free this installation and make it available for another computer. Open the Help, Manage License menu, select the Remove your license option and click Continue.

If you can’t remove a license this way (if the computer where the license is saved is not accessible), you can remove the license using the Manage your license option to remove it from the QAP website (see below).

Managing your license on QAP Shop website

Managing your license on the QAP Shop website gives you a global view of the installations for your license and allows to remove the installation counter for a system where QAP is not used. To manage your license, open the Help, Manage your license menu, select the Manage your license option and click Continue. Alternatively, you could enter the link

In the QAP Shop website, enter your email address and the password in the Manage your license box on the right side of the window. This info can be find in the email Login details to manage your Quick Access Popup license sent when you got your license. If you lost this email, you can set a new password by clicking the Lost Password? link.

Once logged in, you will see your transactions in the Purchase History list. Click the View Licenses link.

In the detailed license information, the Activations column indicates the current number of installations for this license and the maximum of installation that can be activated. Click the Manage Installations link to see the installation counters for this license.

To remove an installation, first locate the system ID of the computer where QAP is not used. You can find this ID in the QAP Help, About dialog box and in the Manage license dialog box(see below). Click the Deactivate Installation link to remove the installation.

When you return to the Manage license dialog box, QAP shows the number of remaining installations for this license and, at the bottom of the window, the system ID used to register the installation for this computer.

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