First localized version of QAP ready for beta release

(2015-12-17) It’s been a long time since the last beta release. I’ve been working on the French version of Quick Access Popup.  And it came with some additional work to make language management easier in the future. French users can download this beta release (v6.2.4) here: Beta test Home page.

I’ll let this first localized version live for some time and, if everything goes well, I’ll ask translators to update the Folders Popup translation files to Quick Access Popup. After this important work (many thanks in advance to translators!), QAP should be ready for official release!

For all users interested in the beta release, there are some interesting new features in v6.2.4. Among them, the automatic detection on Windows folder icons when you create a favorite folder. Also, as an interesting bonus, you can now use the Add favorite / Change favorite icon dialog box to also change the Windows folder icons very easily.