Fine tuning v9.2 – UPDATED for v9.2.1

Release of Quick Access Popup v9.2.1 greatly improves menu “show time” (the time it takes to refresh dynamic menus when you open the QAP popup menu). Menu refresh code was seriously optimized using new tools offered by the SQLite database. Do not expect huge increases in performance. Moving data collection to a background task speeds up menu refreshing but rebuilding the menu as you request it still takes a minimum amount of time. My goal with this release was to make it as quick as possible and, as important, to deliver stable “show time” regardless of the time Windows sometime takes to reply to queries about recent folders, recent files or disk free space.

More info: What’s new in v9.1 and v9.2?

IMPORTANT note for users upgrading to v9.2.1

Now that menu refresh time has been optimized, it is now recommended to “attach” the submenus under the In the Works menu: Recent folders, Recent files, Frequent folders and Frequent files menus to the QAP main menu. Make sure the Attach all dynamic menus to QAP main menu option is checked (Settings, Options button, Menu tab, first check box in second column). For new installations, this option is now checked by default.


Version 9.2 introduced a new components (namely a SQLite local database) and a background task that collect the information required to build the Frequent Folders and Frequent Files. This new method is also used to build the Recent FoldersRecent Files and Drives in a way that should be more reliable than the old method. Some users, not all, reported performance issues when launching Quick Access Popup v9.2 or when showing the menu. New components can require fine tuning for specific system configurations. Of course, beta testers and myself did not noticed the performance issues during our pre-v9.2 tests. This is why I added diagnostic code in beta releases v9.2.0.1 to v9.2.0.7 and, with the help of some users experiencing this issue, I collected information to analyse and fix this issue. Hopefully, v9.2.1 is now more reliable. If you still have issues, do not hesitate to report them to our QAP Support Google Group.