Fine tuning v9.2

Some users, not all, reported performance issues when launching Quick Access Popup v9.2 or when showing the menu. Version 9.2 introduced a new components (namely a SQLite local database) and a background task that collect the information required to build the Frequent Folders and Frequent Files. This new method is also used to build the Recent Folders and Recent Files in a way that should be more reliable than the old method.

But new components can require fine tuning for specific system configurations. Of course, beta testers and myself did not noticed the performance issues during our pre-v9.2 tests. This is why I added diagnostic code in QAP v9.2.0.1 and, with the help of some users experiencing this issue, I will collect information to analyse and fix this issue.

In the mean time, for those experiencing the performance issue:

  • First thing to try: in Options, Menu tab, uncheck the Attach all dynamic menus to QAP main menu. If some of these dynamic menus take too much time to rebuild when you open the main menu, disabling this option will make these menus displayed "detached" from the main menu and refreshed only when you open them (not every time you open the main menu).
  • If the first option does not solve the performance issue, try this: in Options, More tab, Frequent Items Database button, uncheck the Enable Frequent Items Database. This will stop collecting the info required to build the Frequent Folders and Frequent Files menus. But these menus will be empty.

These measures should be temporary until I find the cause of the performance issue and fix it. If you would like to participate to the performance tests, please send me an email.

Please use the new QAP Support Google Group to ask questions or post comments.