[Wishlist] Dynamic submenu listing subfolders in the current folder

From: Sébastien http://code.jeanlalonde.ca/folderspopup/#comment-15332

The only missing thing is dynamic subfolders. You should add a feature to allow the user to add a dynamic folder. For example, if you add you C:\ as dynamic folder, the first submenu item under C:\ is “Open this folder” and under this, you list all the subfolders of the C:\ drive. If you select the subfolder “Windows”, the “Open this folder” option will be listed the all the subfolders under C:\Windows, etc.

This feature is present in the software “Folder Menu” (http://foldermenu.sourceforge.net/) but this software is a little buggy. If you implement this on your software, it will become the best software of that kind.

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  • Jean

    This requires QAP to do a few things that will delay the display of the popup menu:
    - detect the current folder in the clicked Explorer or dialog box
    - read the content of this folder and build the sub menu
    - attach this submenu to the main menu (under a name to be determined, something like "Live Folder"?)
    - display the main menu

    Users with slow PCs may find this delay annoying. They could turn the option off.

  • This would indeed be a useful feature. Perhaps make something akin to the Listary's favorites menu http://www.listary.com/favorite-and-recent-folders where clicking the item opens the specified folder, and to the far right there is a small arrow to expand said folder's content.
    This content should probably be lazy loaded or dynamically loaded only on clicking such arrow to avoid delays in indexing very large folders with many files

  • A "+1" from Helge:

    (...) I’ve tried Folder Menu so fa, which I like very much too. I think it uses the same technical basis like Quick Access Popup and the source code is also available. One feature of Folder Menu would be nice to have in Quick Access Popup / Folders Popup as well: Instead of opening the explorer when you choose a folder in the favorites list Folder Menu also offers a setting to show the directory content within Folder Menu by extending the directory tree. The only thing Folder Menu lacks is a button or hotkey which triggers a refresh of the folders content."

    So, as I get it, the menu with folders content is built only when FM is loaded. It is not dynamically refreshed after FM was loaded?

    > a setting to show the directory content within Folder Menu by extending the directory tree.

    Does FM show only the first level of content or does it include all sub folders content?

  • Another +1 from rainroom:

    "Hi Jean, is there a possibility to add an option to select a folder but that when you go over it, that it shows the folders deeper in it. For each folder you define in QAP, the user should be able to define how ‘deep’ to go. See application Folder Menu which has this option. it’s called ‘Depth’. This is to me a real must have in this kind of application as it shows you immediately what deeper folders there are and when you click on one of them, then that one opens. It gives you much more flexibility in going to specific folders, without the need to define them in the normal setup. Pls consider if possible. It sofar is for me a show stopper to swith to QAP due to this. You’re the boss, you decide, but it would be welcome to have. Thanks."

  • This feature begins to take shape in my mind. When I'm finished with Explorer context menu (in beta test at this time), I think I'll work on this one (I'll promote the category of this wish to "In progress").

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  • This feature is included in beta version v7.5.9.1

    It does not work necessarily as proposed (or as in other apps mentioned earlier) but this is a good step in this direction.

  • This is now released for all users in QAP v8 under the name "Live Folders".

    See: http://www.quickaccesspopup.com/can-a-menu-be-updated-as-the-content-of-a-folder-changes/

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