Change log – Alpha version

Alpha versions release notes are presented in reverse chronological order. Production (master) versions release notes are in the regular change log.

Version ALPHA: (2019-06-19) 
- fix bug giving error message about Total Commander ini file when saving options

Version ALPHA: (2019-06-11)
Pre v9.9.2 (and v10) release
- in anticipation of the launch of Quick Access Popup Alpha release v9.9.2 (expected in the next weeks), changes in release v9.9.0.9 will make things smoother if user installing QAP with the "Setup executable file" needs to revert to previous release after having run v9.9.2 release (this will not be required for users installing QAP with the "portable zip file")
- FYI, only the startup process needed changes in regard with v9.9.2 new startup process
- v9.9.2 settings file will be backward compatible with v9.9.0.9 settings files

Version ALPHA: (2019-04-03)
- changes from master v9.4.1.6 to be released soon)
  - add in "Menu Icon" section of options a new chekbox "Retrieve icons when refreshing Frequent folders and Frequent files menus (avoid if some files are often offline)" to bypass icon retrieval when refreshing Frequent items menu; enable this option if you never have offline network files in your Recent Items Windows folder
  - fix bug: update the short name for menu when browsing the list of running application in "Add Favorite" for "Application" type
- fix bug: display "Collection and refresh interval" option in Database section of Options
- fix broken links in Options
- adjust tray tip if there is only one hotkey (mouse or keyboard) to open popup menu
- rework how settings (ini) file is backuped for main, alternative (using Switch Settings file) and Shared menu ini files: if a value BackupFolder= (under [Global]) is found in the current ini file, make backup in this folder, else make backup in the current ini file folder
- the BackupFolder= value could now be used in Shared menu ini files (under [Global])
- fix bug: favorite type not showing in "Add/Edit Favorite" dialog box header

Version ALPHA: (2019-03-20)
- improvements to the Options dialog box: adding buttons to switch groups of options (similar to tabs, but vertically)
- improve paths validation  for temp folder, backup folder and tray icon file when saving options
- make modal error messages dialog boxes from secondary dialog boxes (like Options or Edit Favorite)
- fix bug not showing hotstring in settings window after editing a favorite
- various internal changes (mostly variable renaming) to classes code

Version ALPHA: (2019-02-28)
- first alpha release with visible feature changes
- convert Options data structure using OOP approach (class)
- replace the tabs Options dialog box with sepearate dialog boxes for 14 groups of options: "General", "Settings Window", "Menu Icons", "Menu Appearance", "Popup Menu", "Popup Hotkeys", "Alternative Menu Features Hotkeys", "File Managers", "Snippets", "User Variables", "Database" and "Advanced Options" sub menu with "Menus Advanced Options", "Launch Advanced Options" and "Various Advanced Options"
- in Options group dialog box, implement "Save" and "Cancel" buttons with cancel validation if user close the window with unsaved changes
- add to the Options groups some values that were only in the quickaccesspopup.ini file before
- make the "Options" QAP Feature open a menu with options groups
- add option "Align reminders to the right" (default true) in Menu Appearance group to right align shortcut and hotstrings reminders in menus (instead of left align between parenthesis
Settings window and Menu bar
- add a menu bar to the Settings window with submenus: "File", "Insert", "Favorite", "Tools", "Options" (the only submenu completely developed for now) and "Help"
- remove the "Options" button and label in Settings window
- when QAPconnect is selected in FileManagers group, add a "Refresh list" button to reload the applications list from the QAPconnect.ini file
- fix two Windows 7 Special Folders initialization commands causing a runtime error
- merge changes from regular release v9.4.1.4 and v9.4.1.5

Version ALPHA: (2019-02-15)
- fix bug in non-English language management
- fix bug with "Use tabs instead of opening new window" option in Directory Opus and Total Commander
- fix bug when moving a Shared menu using the Move button (will be fixed in next regular release too)
- in "Check for update", fix "Visit website" link (will to be fixed in next regular release too)
- in "Check for update", fix change "Change log" link for beta and alpha releases

Version ALPHA: (2019-02-14)
- merge changes from prod release v9.4.1.3

Version ALPHA: (2019-02-12)
- rewrite portions of code using object oriented programming (OOP) approach (classes):
  - Settings
  - Language
  - Favorites (types list)
- adjustments or improvements to existing classes

Version ALPHA: (2019-01-28)
- rewrite portions of code using object oriented programming (OOP) approach (classes):
  - SpecialFolders
  - QAPfeatures
- adjustments or improvements to existing classes

Version ALPHA: (2019-01-21)
- first Alpha release including regular release features up to v9.4.1.2
- rewrite portions of code using object oriented programming (OOP) approach (classes):
  - QAP menu popup hotkeys
  - QAP icons (JLicons.dll)
  - File Managers management (Windows Explorer, Directory Opus, Total Commander and others with QAPconnect)
  - Mouse button names
  - Command line parameters