[Wishlist] Add more main menu click modifiers for Alternative menu features

At this time, only two keys can be used to alter the behavior of the main menu “click”: Shift and Control. Alt And Win close the menu before you can click in it. So I have only these three combination available.

Shift + Click: Open in new window.
Control + Click: Copy a Favorite’s Path or URL.
Shift + Control + Click: Edit a Favorite.

I choose these features because they are probably the most used Alternative menu features. What could be done is:

– check if other modifiers can be used or if Right/Left-Shift and Right/Left-Control could be distinguished. If yes, we have much more possibilities.
– make the three combination configurable in Options.

[Wishlist] Support left/right options when opening folders in Groups for QAPconnect third party file managers

Update 2019-01-30:
Renamed wish item from “Support folders in Group for QAPconnect third party file managers” to
“Support left/right options when opening folders in Group for QAPconnect third party file managers”

Group are supported in QAPconnect file managers if the file manager options are correctly configured in the QAPconnect.ini file. What could be added is to support “Left/Right” option if file manager has left/right (or top/bottom) panes.

[Wishlist] Define variables at the group or submenu level

Suggestion from Nick.

Define variable at a group or submenu level (or global) that can be used in favorites properties. For example, in a “XYZ” submenu: set myvar=”xyz”. Then, within the submenu, use the variable %myvar% in the “Location”, “Start in”, “Parameters” or window x, y, width and height fields.

[Wishlist] Support target path in Total Commander Directory Hotlist

Suggestion from Horst:
There is one function missing for the TC dir menu. TC allows to also set the target path for an entry but QAP only sets the source path of such entries.

Could you confirm the exact behavior of this feature? Source in left pane and target in right pane?

No, Source in whatever the current active pane is, Target on the other side.
But I guess most users including me would also accept Source on left and Target on right side.

[Wishlist] Reload QuickAccessPopup.ini when it is changed without having to reload the app

Suggested by Sébastien on Folders Popup website:

I noticed that the FolderPopup.ini is only read one time (at startup time). If I manually edit the file, I have to close and restart FolderPopup to see my changes.

I would be really usefull to add a feature that verify is FolderPopup.ini has changed before showing the application. If the file has changed (check file size and modified date), then reload the configuration.

This will allow the user to edit FolderPopup.ini on the fly using a script (a logon script for example).


My reply: This is a good idea that would be implemented in QAP.


2018-07-31 (JL)

This would need to be an option because some users would prefer to decide when to reload QAP.