[Wishlist] Use desktop.ini icon or custom Live folder favorite icon (if they exist) as iconFolderLiveOpened

From Laurent:

“But icon for the first line is always the standard icon “iconFolderLiveOpened”.
Maybe this could remain the default option, but It would be great to be able to define two other options :
1) the standard icon “iconFolderLiveOpened” except if a specific icon is defined in corresponding desktop.ini
2) the same icon than the one defined in QAP for the liveFolder”

I would not make it an option. More an order of choice to use he first available:
– the desktop.ini icon from the folder (this could be different icons in sub levels),
– the Live Folder favorite icon (always the same in sublevels)
– the default iconFolderLiveOpened

[Wishlist] Support Directory Opus Layouts

See DOpus forum post.

Leo said:
This should work:
“C:\Program Files\GPSoftware\Directory Opus\DOpusRT.exe” /acmd Prefs LAYOUT=”My Layout”
PS: Don’t forget layouts can be organised into sub-folders. Easy to handle, but also easy to overlook.

Format for layouts in sub-folders:

I would put this liust as a submenu of the “Directory Opus Favorites” menu (new QAP Feature in v9.3). It could also be a separate QAP Feature but my first guess is that DOpus users would love to have both of them together. You can comment on thit by email or in the QAP-Support Google group.

Done in v9.3.1

[Wishlist] Option to include hidden folder or files in Live folders

From Laurent:
currently, live folders do NOT show hidden sub-folders.
Maybe this is the best option in most of the cases.
Nevertheless, it would be great to be have an option, when defining a specific live folder, to include in its subfolder list, hidden subfolders.

Another option, maybe even better, could be to apply in QAP same rules than in Win Explorer,
based on user’s preferences, (defined in HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Advanced\Hidden)

– If hidden files and folders are currently displayed in Win Explorer, display them in LiveFolder’s subfolder list
– but if they remain hidden in Win Explorr, do not display them as well in QAP
– and the same about System files (HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Advanced\ShowSuperHidden)

Or a mix of my original proposal and this new one….

[Wishlist] Run and Run as administrator with variable parameter

The parameter is asked to user in a dialog box when user launches the favorite.

Until this is done, users can use the new {Clipboard} placeholder for this. Put “{Clipboard}” (with the quotes) in the Parameter field and copy the content for the parameter to the Windows Clipboard before launching the favorite.

[Wishlist] Option to start numeric menu shortcuts at 1 instead of 0

Suggestion received by email.

“Most users are right-handed. So they normally have the right hand on the mouse and the left is at the keyboard. This works perfectly when items are numbered from 1 onwards. It doesn’t work the same when the first entry begins with 0 instead of 1. The left hand (if you want to use the keyboard for quicker access) needs to travel all the way to the right side to hit the 0 instead of just using the left little finger to reach up to the 1. This is even more important when using a split ergonomic keyboard.”

Done in v9.3.

[Wishlist] Support for a variable containing cloud drives root folders

(ask on the support group for others)

For example: “{DROPBOX}\MyFolder\”


Could be auto detected for

Dropbox: https://www.dropbox.com/help/desktop-web/locate-dropbox-folder

Google Drive: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/13454508/how-do-i-find-the-onedrive-skydrive-and-googledrive-folders-without-the-api

OneDrive: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\OneDrive

Done in v9.2.

[Wishlist] Display all dialog boxes on the monitor where the Settings window is positioned

In current version (v9.0.x), “Settings” and “Add/Edit Favorite” windows position and size are remembered and saved in the ini file. The first time they are displayed at the center of main monitor (if system has multiple monitors). But other dialog boxes (“Add Favorite Type”, “Options” and secondary dialog boxes) are always positioned at the center of the main monitor.

The request is to open these windows at the center of the monitor where is located the main “Settings” window. This will also apply to the first time the “Add/Edit Favorite” window is open (after that its position will be remembered as now).

FYI, the position of the “Settings” and “Add/Edit Favorite” and “Move favorite” (and “Move favorites”) is remembered to allow the display of long submenu paths in the “Settings” list or in the other dialog boxes “Menu” drop down lists. In my view, it is not necessary to remember the position and size of the other dialog boxes.

You can discuss this request in this thread.

Note to myself: see my function ActiveMonitorInfo().

Done in v9.4

[Wishlist] Create a placeholder for clipboard content in favorites properties

Replace the placeholder “{Clipboard}” with the current content of the clipboard in favorite “Parameters” property for all type of favorite supporting parameter (or “arguments”): application, documents, links, FTP, etc.)

Examples of use:
Application favorite for Chrome, Firefox or Internet Explorer -> Parameter: “? {Clipboard}” (include the quotes in the parameter) will search for the text in the clipboard
Windows App favorite for Edge -> Parameter: {Clipboard} (no quotes) will search for the text in the clipboard

Application favorite for Chrome, Firefox or Internet Explorer -> Parameter: “? \”{Clipboard}\”” (include the quotes in the parameter) will search for the exact expression in the clipboard
Windows App vavorite for Edge -> Parameter: “{Clipboard}” (including quoted) will search for the exact expression in the clipboard

Done in v9.2.

[Wishlist] Option to display the Alternative menu notification or not

This notification is displayed for any entry in the Alternative menu. Normally, it is cleared by Windows automatically after a 10-30 seconds. QAP has no control on this duration.
The goal is to explain new users what to do after they selected a command in the Alternative menu. What I could do is add an option to make this notification optional. It would be true by default and experienced users could turn it off.

Done in v9.1.1.

[Wishlist] Option to hide file extensions in Live folders

Suggestion from jhalter.

Additional suggestion from Laurent:

I would personnally suggest is to follow, in QAP, rules as they are applied in Windows Explorer.
Thanks to these rules
– some extension are never displayed (based on NeverShowExt key in registry), which is in particular the case for .lnk
– and other extensions can be hidden or displayed, based on user choice, thanks to Explorer option “Masquer les extensions dont le type est connu” (sorry, I don’t know the exact wording in english)

[Wishlist] Extended search in Settings

– add the “Extended Search” checkbox after the “Search” text box in the “Settings” window
– by default, the “Extended Search” is not checked, and search filters only based on the favorites name
– if the “Extended Search” is checked, search covers favorite name, type, shortcut, hotstring trigger, location (file or folder path), snippet content, FTP login name and password, and advanced settings “Parameters” and “Start in” folder


Done in v9.0.1.

[Wishlist] Add QAP features Sleep/Hibernate and a Stop Computer Combo

Stop Computer Combo would be:

“Power down” (shutdown and turn power off)
“Force” (checkbox for above actions – may cause data loss)

“Suspend” (DllCall(“PowrProf\SetSuspendState”, “int”, 0, “int”, 0, “int”, 0))
“Hibernate” (DllCall(“PowrProf\SetSuspendState”, “int”, 1, “int”, 0, “int”, 0))
“Disable wake events” (checkbox)
“Suspend and Disable wake events” (DllCall(“PowrProf\SetSuspendState”, “int”, 0, “int”, 0, “int”, 1))”Hibernate and Disable wake events” (DllCall(“PowrProf\SetSuspendState”, “int”, 1, “int”, 0, “int”, 1))

“Turn monitor off”
“Start screen saver”
(see examples in https://autohotkey.com/docs/commands/PostMessage.htm)


Done in v9.0.1.

[Wishlist] Add an option to set the QAP temp folder location

Received by email: “Right now a “temp” folder is created in the QAP dir when I run QAP. I’m running QAP on my Google drive folder (to have QAP with settings synced to my other Windows devices, which works great). Would it be possible to redirect that temp folder to the %temp% folder in windows? That way the QAP temp folder would not be synced to Google Drive all the time.”

[Wishlist] Add the Context menu key to trigger the QAP main menu

From Jörg.

“On notebooks one hardly ever finds a middle mouse button. So you have to compensate for that by using a keyboard shortcut to open QAP. I wonder if it would be possible to use the context menu key (the one between Alt Gr and Ctrl)? I can’t remember that I ever used that key and I bet I’m not alone. That key would be perfect as a middle mouse replacement. It’s code is E05D.”

This key is called AppsKey in AHK. Also called “Menu key” or “Context menu key”. This is the key that invokes the right-click context menu.

[Wishlist] Stay on top option for Settings window

Request received with a donation:

Hi Jean Thank you so much for developing Quick Access Popup (QAP); it is most appreciated. I find QAP does everything I need. For me it is perfect. However, I just have one request. Please can you add, say a ‘switch’, such that you can toggle QAP to either stay on top or act as it does now? I ask because I love the drag and drop feature QAP has. I like to set-up a lot of folders etc at any one time. If QAP could ‘stay on top’ then doing ‘drag and drop’ would be super. Otherwise, I absolutely love QAP. It answers a problem that I find with Windows. Any software that does that is to be applauded. Wishing you well in its future development Many thanks

[Wishlist] Add a Search text box at the top of Settings window

Suggestion from Rahim.

I would add the search box between the menu selection dropdown list and the top of the favorites list. The search result would appear instead of the favorites list. It would be filtered according to the content of the search text box. There would be no search button. The search result would appear automatically as the search text is entered or modified. An “X” at the end of the search text box would remove the filtering and restore the normal list. The search scope would include only the favorites name and location.

[Wishlist] Exclude dialog boxes based on name or class of parent window

Currently, QAP triggers exclusion list is checked for apps main window (by their name or class name – see Can I block the QAP menu trigger (middle mouse button) if it interfere with one of my other apps?). QAP triggers exclusion list is not applied to app’s dialog boxes (“child” windows).

There is a request for the QAP exclusion list to be check not only the current window name/class but also, if it current window is a dialog box (class name “#32770”), to this window’s parent window.

See this thread.

[Wishlist] Support hotkeys for various favorites with the same location but different parameters

Request from Michael.


An obscure one I guess… when you define a hotkey (say Ctrl+F9) for an application Favorite it gets saved in the settings file against the application’s EXE path. This makes sense, however if you have several favorites defined using the same EXE path – except that each have different command-line params – they automatically all get associated with the same hotkey.

For example I have defined several scheduled tasks in Windows, each with different command line params, e.g.:
C:\Windows\system32\schtasks.exe /run /TN “NoUAC\UAC Revo Uninstaller Pro”

As it stands I don’t think QAP supports this approach (hotkeys against an EXE that has multiple matches but different params).

Granted, this one’s a bit out of the ordinary, and QAP does work fine if you define these as menu popups alone (no shortkey).


Obscure but interesting one… Actually, favorite hotkeys are associated to “location”, regardless of other settings (Advanced setting, Live Folder settings, etc.). This is a limitation of the current design.

The solution would be to associate hotkeys to a combination (concatenation) of the location and parameters (and maybe of other settings like “Start In” or “Live Folder” settings), for example:

Hotkey1=C:\Windows\system32\schtasks.exe /run /TN “NoUAC\UAC Revo Uninstaller Pro”|+^x
Hotkey2=C:\Windows\system32\schtasks.exe /run /TN “SomethingElse”|+^y

This may not be so hard. But backward compatibility may be an issue…

[Wishlist] Directory of existing shared menus

Suggestion from Helge.

Assuming a list of shared menus existing on a shared drive, in a rather large organization. Each shared menu external ini file would be saved in a sub-folder. All users would have read access to all these folders. Each shared menu would be managed by one or more users having write access to this external setting’s sub-folder.

In QAP, show a directory of registered shared menus and allow user to “subscribe to” (add) the shared menus of his choice. Subscribing could be done from a sub-menu within QAP menu, or from a dialog box opened by a button in the Settings window. Check boxes or check menu would allow to select one or more menus.

Offer a way for sysadmin to automatically add a shared menu at next (or first) use of QAP. Let user confirm the addition and position of this shared menu. User could change the name or position of this menu, as with any favorite.

More details in these posts from Helge:

[Wishlist] Support current location placeholders in favorite folders location

From Lukas:

Use {CUR_DIR} for opening a folder relative to the current one.

I was searching the help everywhere but couldn’t find a way to handle this.

I have a lot of project folders and all of them have the same structure. As an example:

– 3D
– Post
– Output

– 3D
– Post
– Output

I would like to have a menu entry saying “Post” and by clicking it it opens the folder relative to my currently opened folder.
Maybe that’s already possible since there is the {CUR_DIR} variable for running applications.
I just can’t get it to work.

[Wishlist] Support for the Run registry key instead of the Startup shortcut

“QuickAccessPopup”=”C:\\Program Files\\Quick Access Popup\\QuickAccessPopup.exe”

Notes in my personal email:

Update 2018-11-17

QAP will continue to use the Startup shortcut as primary way to autostart QAP because this allow users to set their own working directory using the “Start In” option in the Startup Shortcut. But, for users who prefer to use the Run registry key (that is not supported now because this method returns no working directory), QAP will support (when this item will be done) the new parameter “/Working:…” with the path to the working directory (e.g.: “/Working:C:\Quick Access Popup”).


Done in v9.3.1.1

Update 2019-10-03

QAP v10, when installed using the Easy Setup EXE file, now uses the Run registry key to memorize the startup option. The Startup shortcut is now only used if QAP was installed in portable mode with the ZIP file.

[Wishlist] Support VirtualPanel and other file system plugins in TC Hotlist


After discusison on TC forum:
– check the[FileSystemPlugins] section of WinCdm.ini for a variable name (var_name) that would be used in the [DirMenu] section in the following format:
cmd#=cd ///var_name/etc.
(note: I’m using forward slashes here because WordPress tend to remove backslashes from posts – so in the examples in this page, replace forward slashes with backslashes)
– once found, it the value for this variable in [FileSystemPlugins] contains “VirtualPanel.wfx” this is a VirtualPlaner location

At this time, I do not plan to fully support TC file system plugins but at least, exclude the unsupported entries in the TC Hotlist menu in QAP.

[Wishlist] Command to backup/restore favorites

Received by email, from Timothy:

“A manual backup option that places info in a specific file. And / or an option to specify which directory to backup the file. I spend a lot of time working on menus and directions – would like to be able to easily backup and restore.”

Take note that QAP favorites locations are saved in the QuickAccessPopup.ini file in your QAP working folder. You can open this file from the QAP icon in the Notification zone. There is an automatic backup of this file. But the suggestion is noted to offer a more convenient backup/restore option.

Thanks for the suggestion, Timothy.

[Wishlist] Distinguish left and right keyboard modifiers (Shift, Alt, Control) when creating shortcut hotkeys

From Jim:

I have a feature request. With hotkeys I’d like to be able to specify Left and Right side for Shift, Ctrl, Windows, and Alt (e.g., LCtrl).

As I have QAP configured now, I display my “application” QAP menu using Ctrl+space, my “folder” QAP menu using Alt+space, my “connections” QAP menu using Shift+space, and the main QAP menu using Win+space. I’d like to launch some other frequently used QAP menus using the modifiers on the right side.

[Wishlist] Configurable ini file from command line

Request from rainroom:
“To be able to start QAP with a specific parameter let’s call it ” -useQuickAccessPopup.ini “. This allows to create different menu’s depending on the needs. An easy switch between ini configurations is desired. example C:\portable files\QAP\QAP.EXE -useQuickAccessPopup.ini

It would even be more nice to be able to rename the ini. ex. QAPmenu1 , QAPmenuWork , QAPmenuHome ,…
But that with a portable installation a use can easely switch from one set of configuration menu’s to others.
I use heavey the executor program to open ALL I do on computers :-)) (http://www.executor.dk/)
Would like to have possibility to use QAP like this: shortcut in Executor starts QAP.exe -useQAPWork1.ini
If I want to switch I use another shortcut in Executor which will start QAP.exe -useQAPWork2.ini
Of course QAP must allow to switch in a correct way from a set of ini files…

Hope you can manage to do so. See http://www.dropitproject.com/ opensourceproject (where this is also implemented on users request.”

[Wishlist] Pass current folder as parameter to an application launched with QAP

From mGuest: Launch an application with the path opened or active in the file browser as command line parameter. This is useful when you browse files and want to pass the current path to another application.

1) I open the QAP menu in an Explorer window open in C:\MyFolder
2) I choose an application favorite in the QAP menu
3) QAP launch this app and pass the active folder as a command-line parameter

[Wishlist] Add a dynamic menu built from Directory Opus favorites

From Anjan: I have a lot of favourites in Dopus and find it very daunting to move all of them to QAP.
I would like to have a easy way to import the favourites to QAP. Could you please add this feature or help me with a workaround.

My reply: I could write a script to import DOpus favorites. But my preference would be to add a “QAP Feature” to show a menu dynamically build from DOpus favorites list. (similar to Total Commander Directory Hotlist).

Location of favorites file:
C:\Users\Jean\AppData\Roaming\GPSoftware\Directory Opus\ConfigFiles\favorites.ofv

Done in v9.3.

[Wishlist] Show QAP popup menu pressing Ctrl key twice in a short time

From Horst:

Allow pressing Ctrl key twice in a short time.
I use the following AHK code to start something after the CTRL key is pressed twice:

;400 is the maximum allowed delay (in milliseconds) between presses.
if (A_PriorHotKey = “~Ctrl” AND A_TimeSincePriorHotkey < 400)
 ;Put code to be executed here.
 ;Msgbox,Double press detected.
 Run c:\Tools\Everything\Everything.exe
Sleep 0
KeyWait Ctrl

[Wishlist] Play sound when opening menus and launching favorites

From Loving Beast

How about creating sound events for not only people who are blind, but also like their computers to talk to them, per selection? I mean, a sound event option for when opening the QA menu, and then an option for when a menu item is opened or selected would be great! Although I really do enjoy it already, I think it would be a nice option for a future update to have. Keep up the good work…

2018-08-13 Done in v9.1

[Wishlist] Add favorite type for recursively browsable directories

From Shane Bowman on FP page:

At the moment one can only add folder links. It would be great if there was support for adding browsable directories. Another program called LaunchbarCommander allows this and it’s very efficient. I’m aware that one can add submenus, but there isn’t recursive support, which means a lot of manual labour. My folders are arranged in such a way that adding only one or two directory links will give me quick access to almost all my files.

One thing I don’t like about LC is that you can’t click folder links directly in the recursive menus, only files, which means making a right-click and left click instead of only one left-click.

[Wishlist] Switch to an existing Explorer window

From Helge: an additional QAP special feature which shows the currently opened windows explorer folders like the “current folders” feature already available (renamed “Reuse an Open Folder”), but with the difference that choosing a currently opened folder in QAP doesn’t open the same folder in a new explorer window / instance. Instead I would find great if the already opened explorer window with the folder chosen in QAP would just come to the front.

[Wishlist] List of favorites from an external/shared settings files

From Helge:

“This wish is going into a more advanced usage direction: It would be nice to have the opportunity to reference external menu configuration files from the QAP settings files. Like this it would be possible to include e.g. a specific submenu folder / file structure which is being dynamically generated externally based e.g. on an XML file database, a database server or any other source from which an external tool would generate a configuration text file meeting the syntax of QAP menu configuration settings. By referencing a file isolated from the main QAP menu settings file there wouldn’t be the risk of conflicts with the QAP GUI settings dialog.”

[Wishlist] Run a background task to refresh Recent Folders menu (and Running Applications menu eventually)

Actually, the Recent Folders menu is shown in a separate menu because of the time it would take to refresh the Recent Folders menu each time the popup menu is displayed. Showing Recent Folders submenu as part of the main menu would slow down the display of the popup menu and make it less snappy.

The solution I’m think of is to write a background task that would refresh the Recent Folders submenu every x minutes. We would have to determine the best refresh frequency not to impact the PC performance (thinking here of the slowest PCs) .

This would also require much testing to make sure the background process and the popup menu process work well together (no collision or locking issues, etc.) But I’d like to work on this in a future version. The background task could also refresh the list of running applications (re: this other suggestion).

[Wishlist] Multi-Monitor support option to open the favorite on the monitor where the mouse was clicked

From Mark:

Feature Request: Multi-Monitor support
Description: To open the QAP entry on the Monitor where the mouse click was initiated.
Presently when I middle click in Monitor #2 and try to open a folder, it opens in Monitor #1 (default monitor).

Done in v9.4

This is done when opening a favorite Folder in a new window with Windows Explorer and Total Commander. This could not be done reliably with applications or documents because most applications block window positioning commands coming from an external program.

[Wishlist] Option to always open the folders in the running instance

Originally suggested for Total Commander by Horst, but applicable to Explorer and other file managers.

Horst: “I would like a Total Commander option to always use the running instance (/o) even without using the Tab option. Currently I accumulate many tabs which I have to close manualy. I think this will be liked by many TC users to.”

Jean: “When you open the QAP menu in a current TC window, it change the folder to navigate inside the current window. If you open a folder using the popup menu from another window, it will open a new tab or a new TC instance. What you want is an option to always change folder the current TC window?”

Horst: “Yes, exactly. I often use the left click from the tray menu and not a pop-up from inside of a TC window.”

[Wishlist] Dynamic submenu listing subfolders in the current folder

From: Sébastien http://code.jeanlalonde.ca/folderspopup/#comment-15332

The only missing thing is dynamic subfolders. You should add a feature to allow the user to add a dynamic folder. For example, if you add you C:\ as dynamic folder, the first submenu item under C:\ is “Open this folder” and under this, you list all the subfolders of the C:\ drive. If you select the subfolder “Windows”, the “Open this folder” option will be listed the all the subfolders under C:\Windows, etc.

This feature is present in the software “Folder Menu” (http://foldermenu.sourceforge.net/) but this software is a little buggy. If you implement this on your software, it will become the best software of that kind.

[Wishlist] When launching an application, switch to an existing instance of the app is it is already running

Suggestion from YabberYeti:

This could be a global option or defined for each favorite.

JL: “Yes, it is possible to detect if an application is running before launching it and re-activate it. But, just make sure I get you right, what benefit do you see to re-select a running app it in the popup menu instead of using one of the built-in ways to return to an existing instance of an app (click in the app’s window, click on the app’s taskbar icon, alt-tab, etc.) ? Thank you for your input, YabberYeti.”

YY: “We’re talking stuff like dictionaries, todo lists, auto-text and clipboard utilities, password managers, reminder software, tools that control monitor brigthness and other display settings ….. I keep running all of them 🙂 seriously, I really am, and they all run portable.

What all these programs have in common, they reside in the sys tray, the small section in the lower right of the screen. To access such a running program, you have to
1) show the taskbar
2) then aim at the tiny icon to pup up the window
3) click on the program icon

Or you can set up a hotkey – if possible, some apps feature it – and memorize all these shortcuts.
Or – and that’s what I’ve been doing – you can use a dedicated tool like Launchbar Commander – all those launch pads are are smart enough to detect running applications.

But why bother with another mouse/ key trigger, if QAP seems suited to handle this as well?”

[Wishlist] Custom field %CurrentTargetLocation% that can be inserted in apps favorite’s Parameter field that will be replaced with the current target window location when the app is launched

Suggestion from RandomGuy001

1) Offer a %CurrentLocation% (or something like that) variable to apps for use in the “Parameters” section. The idea behind this is to take the current Explorer path and offer it to any app to use. For instance, I have a command window replacement (ConEmu) and I’d like to middle click and use something like “Open a command window here” which would take the current Explorer path and pass it to the ConEmu program.

[Wishlist] Merge Current Folders list with Recent folders

As seen in Folder Menu (if I remember well). It makes sense to have recent and current folders to be presented in the same list since it answers the same need to find something accessed recently.

Update 2019-01-07: This request has been answered differently with the “In the works” menu setup bu default since v9.2. I will consider this request as done. Please, use the Google group if you wish to comment this.

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