[Wishlist] Advanced validation of file dialog box

Actually, there is very small risk that trying to change a folder in a dialog box that is not a "file" dialog box (like Open, Save As) but another type of dialog box (like Options or Preferences) to alter dialog box content inadvertently. A QAP user (thanks Helge) is doing research on how to identify with more certitude that a dialog box is a file dialog box.

See "Technical explanation" in http://www.quickaccesspopup.com/can-i-change-folders-in-file-dialog-boxes-open-save-as-etc/

Requests from Direct Folders users

The items tagged Direct Folders were submitted by Direct Folders users. This paying app was last updated in 2012 and, according to the comments on its last blog post, it seems that it became unreliable or unstable in its last releases.

I never used DF but, as I understand it, it used a DLL file (Windows system file) that allows to "inject" features under the hood of Explorer windows or dialog boxes. I don't want to use this approach in order to preserve portability, one of the appreciated qualities of Quick Access Popup.

An alternative to implement these features would be to mimic keyboard events to execute the desired actions as if a user was hitting those keys (what would do a macro program). Some features of QAP are using this technique. But it must not depend on language dependent Windows hotkeys. Using function keys like F4 is OK in any Windows language but pressing Alt-F then another letter (etc.) will only work safely in one Windows locale. Because I want QAP to work in any Windows language, I'm also avoiding this approach.

Bottom line, I don't see actually how I would implement these features with the development tools I'm using (AHK). If another AHK developer have a suggestion, it would be appreciated. Until then, these features are put "on hold". Sorry for old Direct Folders users and thanks again for your input.

PS: You may be interested into the product Actual File Folders (20 $) that seems to do what DF was doing. I never tried it however.
PPS: What I wrote about DirectFolders seems to be also true for Filebox eXtender, not updated since 2011.