Can I sort the favorites in my menu?

Yes. There are two approaches to sort sort favorites in a menu: you can sort them on demand or have them sorted automatically.

Sort on demand

In the Customize window, open the menu that you want to sort and click the Sort button on the left side of the window. This opens a popup menu when you can select the sort criteria. Selecting the same criteria again will sort in the reverse order.

If no favorite is selected, all favorites are selected and sorted. To sort only part of your menu, select multiple favorites using Shift + Click or Control + Click. After you sorted your menu, you can still use the Up/Down arrows on the left to change the order manually.

Automatic sorting

Menu can also be sorted automatically by a sort criteria that will be maintained whenever you add favorites to tour menu. To select the sorting criteria, edit the menu by selecting it in the favorites list and clicking on the Edit button on the right side or, if you are already in the menu, by selecting the Edit this menu item in the Sort popup menu.

Enable the Sort menu automatically checkbox and click the Change button to choose the sort criteria and the sort order.

If you select a sort criteria for a column that is not currently displayed in the Customize window, you should enable the Display dates and stats columns in Favorites list and Search results option in Options, Customize Window and enable the QAP database in Options, Database.

You can also open the Sort popup menu in a menu sorted automatically to select another sort criteria.