Can I set the QAP settings file location from the command line or a file shortcut?

You can set the settings file location from command-line using the parameter “/Settings:”, for example:

"C:\Program Files\Quick Access Popup\QuickAccessPopup.exe" "/Settings:C:\Users\UserName\Documents\Quick Access Popup\My Settings.ini"

Use separate double-quotes for application file and for parameter if the location includes one or more spaces.

If you create a file shortcut (.lnk file) for QAP, insert the command in the Target field.

The Settings file location can include environment variable (like %userprofile%) and supports relative paths based on the QAP working directory. See Can I use system environment variables in favorite paths? and Can I use relative paths in favorite settings?

Note 1: If you only need to change the QAP settings file temporarily, see: Can I load QAP with an alternative settings file?

Note 2: Changing the QAP settings file location does not change the QAP Settings Folder (aka Working Directory). Other settings files (like QAP_Frequent.DB) will still be read or updated in the active Settings folder. See how to change the Settings Folder if you want this change to be persistent for your future use of QAP.