Can I search and replace values in multiple favorites?

Using Quick Access Popup v11.4+, you can update the location and various other properties in many favorites all at once. This can be extremely helpful if you need to update your QAP menu after moving folders or documents from one drive to another, for example.

To launch a Search and replace operation, select the Tools, Search and replace menu. In the Search and replace dialog box, specify the value to search for and its replacement string. Use the various checkboxes to select in what types of favorites and in what properties to search and replace the value.

Click the Start button to launch the Search and replace operation, starting in the menu or submenu currently displayed in the Customize dialog box and including all its submenus. When a first favorite is found, in the Confirmation dialog box, click:

  • Find next to leave this favorite unchanged and search for the next favorite;
  • Replace this favorite to replace the found value (or values) in this favorite;
  • Replace all favorites to replace the found values in this favorite and all remaining favorites all at once;
  • Stop to interrupt the Search and replace operation before it normal completion.

In the following example, in the favorite named RoadMap found in the Main > QAP submenu, the location will be updated with the Replace with value if the user clicks Replace this favorite button or the Replace all favorites button.

In this second example, in the favorite named MyTunesCovers found in the Main > Musique submenu, the location and the icon resource path will be updated with the Replace with value if the user clicks one of the Replace buttons.

When Quick Access Popup completes the search and replace operation (or if you click Stop in the confirmation dialog box), it shows again the Search and replace dialog box where you can change the values and launch another operation, or click Close to quit this dialog box.

Do not forget to click the Save button in the Customize window to save your changes. If you prefer, you can click Cancel to keep your favorites as they were before the search and replace operation(s).