Can I play a sound when I launch a favorite?

Open the Advanced Settings tab in the Add/Edit Favorite dialog box and set the file name or the codes of the sound to play. The sound is played immediately after the command to open the menu item or the group is executed.

Playing a sound file

In the Advanced Settings tab, beside the text box Sound played when launching this favorite, click Browse to select the file to play. Depending on your system configuration various sound formats are supported: .wav, .mp3, .mid, etc.

You can continue to use QAP while the sound file is played. But be careful not to select a too long sound because it is played completely unless you launch another favorite with a sound file or you exit QAP.

Click the Play button to listen to the selected sound.

Windows System Sounds

You can also enter these codes to play Windows system sound.

Code System sound
Simple beep.
If the sound card is not available, the sound is generated using the PC’s speaker.
Hand (stop/error)
Asterisk (info)

For example:

Custom Sound Sequence

You can also build your own sequence of sounds specifying each sound duration (in milliseconds) and frequency (note). The format is:


The frequency must be a number between 37 and 32767. Use the frequency 0 to insert a silence.

For example, try this:


But be careful not to build a too long sequence because it will be played until the end and you will not be able to reopen the QAP menu before the end of the sequence. A sequence can only be interrupted by exiting QAP.