Can I load QAP with an alternative settings file?

Yes, you can load an alternative settings (.ini) file. However, this should be done only for specific or temporary needs. Starting with QAP v11.0.6, you have to enable the option Show or not the advanced Settings file menu items under the “File” menu under Advanced Menu Options to see the File, Switch Settings file menu in the menu bar. In the dialog box, choose the alternative file and confirm that you want to reload QAP with these new settings. When the new settings file is loaded, the Edit QuickAccessPopup.ini entry in the system menu is changed with the name of the alternative file.

If you wish to revert to the default settings file QuickAccessPopup.ini, in the menu bar, select File, Switch to default settings file.

If you prefer to control QAP startup with your own Windows file shortcut (.lnk file), see: Can I set the QAP settings file location from the command line or file shortcut?

If you installed QAP in Portable mode (with the .ZIP file) and enabled the Run at Startup option, the alternative settings file name is saved in the Startup shortcut used to launch QAP at Windows startup. When you reload Windows, QAP is loaded with the alternative settings. However, if you load QAP using the Start menu or command line, the default settings file QuickAccessPopup.ini is loaded.

If you installed QAP in Easy Setup mode (with the .EXE file), QAP is always launched with the default settings file.

Note: Loading an alternative QAP settings file location does not change the QAP Settings Folder (aka Working Directory). Other settings files (like QAP_Frequent.DB) will still be read or updated in the active Settings folder. See how to change the Settings Folder if you want this change to be persistent for your future use of QAP.