Can I control how my computer is closed with QAP?

Quick Access Popup gives you full control on how you close your computer or your screen. With the new QAP Feature Close Computer Control Center, you can Power down, Shutdown, Restart your computer or simply Logoff. You can tell Windows to forced the selected command if required (if you really require it, because this can cause loss of data).

You can also Sleep or Hibernate your computer with two options: Sleep immediately (which may cause data loss) and Disable wake events which prevents some events (like alerts) to wake up you computer when you do not want it.

Finally, you can simply Turn monitor off, Put monitor in low-power mode or Start screen saver.

The Close Computer Control Center feature is available in the QAP Features tree view under the category Windows Features. In addition, other individual QAP Features are available under the Close Computer Commands subcategory: Restart computer, Logoff userSleep computerHibernate computer, Turn monitor off, Put monitor in low-power mode and Start screen saver.