Can I call the Quick Access Popup menu from an AutoHotkey macro?

Yes, but there is small trick you need to know.

First, for those not familiar with AutoHotkey (AHK): this is the programming language used to develop Quick Access Popup. It is also a macro scripting tool. AHK developers could write scripts in which they could integrate a call to open QAP menu by “sending” the QAP menu hotkey (by default Middle mouse button) as if it was pressed by the user.

To call an AHK hotkey in one script from another script using the Send command, in some situations, you must insert the SendLevel, 1 command before the Send command. For example, the script below will call the QAP menu (assuming the mouse trigger for QAP is the default Middle Mouse Button).

#SingleInstance Off
SendLevel, 1
Send, {MButton}

If you remove the SendLevel, 1 line, the call will not work. For more info about SendLevel, see AHK doc.