[Wishlist] Advanced validation of file dialog box

Actually, there is very small risk that trying to change a folder in a dialog box that is not a “file” dialog box (like Open, Save As) but another type of dialog box (like Options or Preferences) to alter dialog box content inadvertently. A QAP user (thanks Helge) is doing research on how to identify with more certitude that a dialog box is a file dialog box.

See “Technical explanation” in http://www.quickaccesspopup.com/can-i-change-folders-in-file-dialog-boxes-open-save-as-etc/

[Wishlist] Extended search in Settings

– add the “Extended Search” checkbox after the “Search” text box in the “Settings” window
– by default, the “Extended Search” is not checked, and search filters only based on the favorites name
– if the “Extended Search” is checked, search covers favorite name, type, shortcut, hotstring trigger, location (file or folder path), snippet content, FTP login name and password, and advanced settings “Parameters” and “Start in” folder


Done in v9.0.1.

[Wishlist] Add QAP features Sleep/Hibernate and a Stop Computer Combo

Stop Computer Combo would be:

“Power down” (shutdown and turn power off)
“Force” (checkbox for above actions – may cause data loss)

“Suspend” (DllCall(“PowrProf\SetSuspendState”, “int”, 0, “int”, 0, “int”, 0))
“Hibernate” (DllCall(“PowrProf\SetSuspendState”, “int”, 1, “int”, 0, “int”, 0))
“Disable wake events” (checkbox)
“Suspend and Disable wake events” (DllCall(“PowrProf\SetSuspendState”, “int”, 0, “int”, 0, “int”, 1))”Hibernate and Disable wake events” (DllCall(“PowrProf\SetSuspendState”, “int”, 1, “int”, 0, “int”, 1))

“Turn monitor off”
“Start screen saver”
(see examples in https://autohotkey.com/docs/commands/PostMessage.htm)


Done in v9.0.1.

[Wishlist] Offer install and update with installer/updater Win Sparkle

From John H.

Win Sparkle

Video: Quick Example

Notes – JL (2018-07-31):

AutoHotkey wrapper! WinSparkle with AHK

About WinSparle… From what I can see in this video, I don’t see much difference with what is already coded inside QAP: check for update at launch of on demand, direct link to download the setup or portable file (see screen capture), and the rest is the execution of the setup file (note: this is not available for beta version but these beta versions are for a small private group of users). The only difference I see is that WinSparke saves the step of downloading and running the setup file. Am I missing something?

[Wishlist] Define variables at the group or submenu level

Suggestion from Nick.

Define variable at a group or submenu level (or global) that can be used in favorites properties. For example, in a “XYZ” submenu: set myvar=”xyz”. Then, within the submenu, use the variable %myvar% in the “Location”, “Start in”, “Parameters” or window x, y, width and height fields.

[Wishlist] Add an option to set the QAP temp folder location

Received by email: “Right now a “temp” folder is created in the QAP dir when I run QAP. I’m running QAP on my Google drive folder (to have QAP with settings synced to my other Windows devices, which works great). Would it be possible to redirect that temp folder to the %temp% folder in windows? That way the QAP temp folder would not be synced to Google Drive all the time.”

What’s new in Quick Access Popup v8.4 and v8.5?

In my view, every QAP user should upgrade to v8.5! This page tells you why. The v8.5 release fixes some annoying bugs. It makes available new features that I wonder why I did not code them before and it takes the recent Snippets feature to a more mature development stage!
Read more

[Wishlist] Add Capslock as keyboard modifier for shortcuts (with Alt, Ctrl, etc.)

Note (2018-07-31)

This was suggested some time ago. I do not remember by who. I did some research on it. It is possible to use the CapsLock key as a modifier. But this technique works and is easy to code in a standalone script when the hotkeys are saved inside the script itself. But it would be harder in QAP because it needs to save/retrieve the hotkeys selected by the user in the ini file. Doing it makes the use of the “#If” command much more complex. Same goes for using Scroll or NumLock as modifiers. This is why I’ll put this suggestion on the abandoned list for now.

[Wishlist] Add the Context menu key to trigger the QAP main menu

From Jörg.

“On notebooks one hardly ever finds a middle mouse button. So you have to compensate for that by using a keyboard shortcut to open QAP. I wonder if it would be possible to use the context menu key (the one between Alt Gr and Ctrl)? I can’t remember that I ever used that key and I bet I’m not alone. That key would be perfect as a middle mouse replacement. It’s code is E05D.”

This key is called AppsKey in AHK. Also called “Menu key” or “Context menu key”. This is the key that invokes the right-click context menu.

What’s new in Quick Access Popup v8.1, v8.2 and v8.3?

Version 8.3

This new QAP version (2017-07-20), thanks to a new search tool inside your favorites list, will greatly improve your efficiency while managing your QAP menu. This release also includes a complete rewrite of Shared menus file locking (reservation to avoid conflicting changes by simultaneous users). Users of Shared menu are strongly encouraged to upgrade to this new release (this has no impact on your existing Shared menu files). Users of Windows Explorer Context menus and Windows shortcuts will appreciate a new context menu entry that automatically imports a shortcut including its settings: working directory, icon, etc.
Read more

What’s new in Quick Access Popup v8?

With version 8, released 2017-01-03, Quick Access Popup can refresh your menu as the content of your folder changes. It also include a new dialog box to manage all your menu icons in one place and take the full benefits from brand new menu icons from Icons8. And much more…
Read more

How can I restore my icons that got replaced after I updated from Windows 7 to Windows 10?

Wrong icons imported from Windows 7 under Windows 10

Wrong icons imported from Windows 7 to Windows 10

NOTE: The following info is for users who installed QAP under Windows 7 and upgraded to Windows 10.

Quick Access Popup is using icons from Windows files “shell32.dll” and “imageres.dll” found in the “System32” Windows folder. Microsoft has the bad practice of slightly changing the order of the icons in these files at every major release (and even, sometimes, in service packs).

This has for consequence that, after a Windows update, some QAP favorite icons in QAP suddenly show to the wrong icons in the popup menu. For example, if you just upgraded from Windows 7 to Windows 10, you will see the submenu icon changed to a surprising blue rounded arrow. To fix this issue, you have to following options (from the quickest to the safest):

1) Download and run the little utility QAPupdateIconsWin10. It will scan your settings file and update every icons number that changed from Windows 7 to Windows 10. It is better to do this just after you upgraded to Windows 10. If you added icons using Windows 10 since you upgraded, there is a slight risk that the app would replace icons numbers that would not need it.

Icons fixed with QAPupdateIconsWin10 utility.

Icons fixed with QAPupdateIconsWin10 utility.

2) Use te QAP Settings window to edit manually the changed icons. I agree, this can be tedious.

3) Use a text editor and open the QuickAccessPopup.ini file. The replace the following strings in the settings file:

Replace from “imageres.dll,203” to “imageres.dll,204” (Special Folders icon)
Replace from “imageres.dll,208” to “imageres.dll,209” (Donate icon)
Replace from “imageres.dll,217” to “imageres.dll,201” (Add This Folder icon)
Replace from “shell32.dll,297” to “shell32.dll,299” (Group Save icon)
Replace from “shell32.dll,298” to “shell32.dll,300” (Submenu icon)
Replace from “shell32.dll,301” to “shell32.dll,319” (Options icon)
Replace from “shell32.dll,304” to “shell32.dll,324” (Application icon)
Replace from “shell32.dll,305” to “shell32.dll,325” (Switch icon)

[Wishlist] Stay on top option for Settings window

Request received with a donation:

Hi Jean Thank you so much for developing Quick Access Popup (QAP); it is most appreciated. I find QAP does everything I need. For me it is perfect. However, I just have one request. Please can you add, say a ‘switch’, such that you can toggle QAP to either stay on top or act as it does now? I ask because I love the drag and drop feature QAP has. I like to set-up a lot of folders etc at any one time. If QAP could ‘stay on top’ then doing ‘drag and drop’ would be super. Otherwise, I absolutely love QAP. It answers a problem that I find with Windows. Any software that does that is to be applauded. Wishing you well in its future development Many thanks

[Wishlist] Add a Search text box at the top of Settings window

Suggestion from Rahim.

I would add the search box between the menu selection dropdown list and the top of the favorites list. The search result would appear instead of the favorites list. It would be filtered according to the content of the search text box. There would be no search button. The search result would appear automatically as the search text is entered or modified. An “X” at the end of the search text box would remove the filtering and restore the normal list. The search scope would include only the favorites name and location.

[Wishlist] Exclude dialog boxes based on name or class of parent window

Currently, QAP triggers exclusion list is checked for apps main window (by their name or class name – see Can I block the QAP menu trigger (middle mouse button) if it interfere with one of my other apps?). QAP triggers exclusion list is not applied to app’s dialog boxes (“child” windows).

There is a request for the QAP exclusion list to be check not only the current window name/class but also, if it current window is a dialog box (class name “#32770”), to this window’s parent window.

See this thread.

[Wishlist] Support hotkeys for various favorites with the same location but different parameters

Request from Michael.


An obscure one I guess… when you define a hotkey (say Ctrl+F9) for an application Favorite it gets saved in the settings file against the application’s EXE path. This makes sense, however if you have several favorites defined using the same EXE path – except that each have different command-line params – they automatically all get associated with the same hotkey.

For example I have defined several scheduled tasks in Windows, each with different command line params, e.g.:
C:\Windows\system32\schtasks.exe /run /TN “NoUAC\UAC Revo Uninstaller Pro”

As it stands I don’t think QAP supports this approach (hotkeys against an EXE that has multiple matches but different params).

Granted, this one’s a bit out of the ordinary, and QAP does work fine if you define these as menu popups alone (no shortkey).


Obscure but interesting one… Actually, favorite hotkeys are associated to “location”, regardless of other settings (Advanced setting, Live Folder settings, etc.). This is a limitation of the current design.

The solution would be to associate hotkeys to a combination (concatenation) of the location and parameters (and maybe of other settings like “Start In” or “Live Folder” settings), for example:

Hotkey1=C:\Windows\system32\schtasks.exe /run /TN “NoUAC\UAC Revo Uninstaller Pro”|+^x
Hotkey2=C:\Windows\system32\schtasks.exe /run /TN “SomethingElse”|+^y

This may not be so hard. But backward compatibility may be an issue…

[Wishlist] Directory of existing shared menus

Suggestion from Helge.

Assuming a list of shared menus existing on a shared drive, in a rather large organization. Each shared menu external ini file would be saved in a sub-folder. All users would have read access to all these folders. Each shared menu would be managed by one or more users having write access to this external setting’s sub-folder.

In QAP, show a directory of registered shared menus and allow user to “subscribe to” (add) the shared menus of his choice. Subscribing could be done from a sub-menu within QAP menu, or from a dialog box opened by a button in the Settings window. Check boxes or check menu would allow to select one or more menus.

Offer a way for sysadmin to automatically add a shared menu at next (or first) use of QAP. Let user confirm the addition and position of this shared menu. User could change the name or position of this menu, as with any favorite.

More details in these posts from Helge:

[Wishlist] Support current location placeholders in favorite folders location

From Lukas:

Use {CUR_DIR} for opening a folder relative to the current one.

I was searching the help everywhere but couldn’t find a way to handle this.

I have a lot of project folders and all of them have the same structure. As an example:

– 3D
– Post
– Output

– 3D
– Post
– Output

I would like to have a menu entry saying “Post” and by clicking it it opens the folder relative to my currently opened folder.
Maybe that’s already possible since there is the {CUR_DIR} variable for running applications.
I just can’t get it to work.

[Wishlist] Configure Explorer Context menus

From Steffen:

It would be great to have the possibility to select which actions are shown in the Explorer context menus. For example, when right clicking on a folder in Explorer, I would like to have “Add Folder to Quick Access Popup menu Express” instead of “Add Folder to Quick Access Popup menu” (I know I could use Shift+Rightclick to get the Express entry, but I would prefer this entry at a simple right-click.) Maybe you could also abbreviate the entry: “Add Folder to QAP menu Express”.


2018-07-31: Considered out of scope at this time.

[Wishlist] Support for the Run registry key instead of the Startup shortcut

“QuickAccessPopup”=”C:\\Program Files\\Quick Access Popup\\QuickAccessPopup.exe”

Notes in my personal email:

Update 2018-11-17

QAP will continue to use the Startup shortcut as primary way to autostart QAP because this allow users to set their own working directory using the “Start In” option in the Startup Shortcut. But, for users who prefer to use the Run registry key (that is not supported now because this method returns no working directory), QAP will support (when this item will be done) the new parameter “/Working:…” with the path to the working directory (e.g.: “/Working:C:\Quick Access Popup”).


Done in v9.3.1.1

Update 2019-10-03

QAP v10, when installed using the Easy Setup EXE file, now uses the Run registry key to memorize the startup option. The Startup shortcut is now only used if QAP was installed in portable mode with the ZIP file.

[Wishlist] Support VirtualPanel and other file system plugins in TC Hotlist


After discusison on TC forum:
– check the[FileSystemPlugins] section of WinCdm.ini for a variable name (var_name) that would be used in the [DirMenu] section in the following format:
cmd#=cd ///var_name/etc.
(note: I’m using forward slashes here because WordPress tend to remove backslashes from posts – so in the examples in this page, replace forward slashes with backslashes)
– once found, it the value for this variable in [FileSystemPlugins] contains “VirtualPanel.wfx” this is a VirtualPlaner location

At this time, I do not plan to fully support TC file system plugins but at least, exclude the unsupported entries in the TC Hotlist menu in QAP.

[Wishlist] Command to backup/restore favorites

Received by email, from Timothy:

“A manual backup option that places info in a specific file. And / or an option to specify which directory to backup the file. I spend a lot of time working on menus and directions – would like to be able to easily backup and restore.”

Take note that QAP favorites locations are saved in the QuickAccessPopup.ini file in your QAP working folder. You can open this file from the QAP icon in the Notification zone. There is an automatic backup of this file. But the suggestion is noted to offer a more convenient backup/restore option.

Thanks for the suggestion, Timothy.

[Wishlist] Distinguish left and right keyboard modifiers (Shift, Alt, Control) when creating shortcut hotkeys

From Jim:

I have a feature request. With hotkeys I’d like to be able to specify Left and Right side for Shift, Ctrl, Windows, and Alt (e.g., LCtrl).

As I have QAP configured now, I display my “application” QAP menu using Ctrl+space, my “folder” QAP menu using Alt+space, my “connections” QAP menu using Shift+space, and the main QAP menu using Win+space. I’d like to launch some other frequently used QAP menus using the modifiers on the right side.

[Wishlist] Configurable ini file from command line

Request from rainroom:
“To be able to start QAP with a specific parameter let’s call it ” -useQuickAccessPopup.ini “. This allows to create different menu’s depending on the needs. An easy switch between ini configurations is desired. example C:\portable files\QAP\QAP.EXE -useQuickAccessPopup.ini

It would even be more nice to be able to rename the ini. ex. QAPmenu1 , QAPmenuWork , QAPmenuHome ,…
But that with a portable installation a use can easely switch from one set of configuration menu’s to others.
I use heavey the executor program to open ALL I do on computers :-)) (http://www.executor.dk/)
Would like to have possibility to use QAP like this: shortcut in Executor starts QAP.exe -useQAPWork1.ini
If I want to switch I use another shortcut in Executor which will start QAP.exe -useQAPWork2.ini
Of course QAP must allow to switch in a correct way from a set of ini files…

Hope you can manage to do so. See http://www.dropitproject.com/ opensourceproject (where this is also implemented on users request.”

[Wishlist] Pass current folder as parameter to an application launched with QAP

From mGuest: Launch an application with the path opened or active in the file browser as command line parameter. This is useful when you browse files and want to pass the current path to another application.

1) I open the QAP menu in an Explorer window open in C:\MyFolder
2) I choose an application favorite in the QAP menu
3) QAP launch this app and pass the active folder as a command-line parameter

[Wishlist] Add a dynamic menu built from Directory Opus favorites

From Anjan: I have a lot of favourites in Dopus and find it very daunting to move all of them to QAP.
I would like to have a easy way to import the favourites to QAP. Could you please add this feature or help me with a workaround.

My reply: I could write a script to import DOpus favorites. But my preference would be to add a “QAP Feature” to show a menu dynamically build from DOpus favorites list. (similar to Total Commander Directory Hotlist).

Location of favorites file:
C:\Users\Jean\AppData\Roaming\GPSoftware\Directory Opus\ConfigFiles\favorites.ofv

Done in v9.3.

[Wishlist] Show QAP popup menu pressing Ctrl key twice in a short time

From Horst:

Allow pressing Ctrl key twice in a short time.
I use the following AHK code to start something after the CTRL key is pressed twice:

;400 is the maximum allowed delay (in milliseconds) between presses.
if (A_PriorHotKey = “~Ctrl” AND A_TimeSincePriorHotkey < 400)
 ;Put code to be executed here.
 ;Msgbox,Double press detected.
 Run c:\Tools\Everything\Everything.exe
Sleep 0
KeyWait Ctrl

[Wishlist] Support target path in Total Commander Directory Hotlist

Suggestion from Horst:
There is one function missing for the TC dir menu. TC allows to also set the target path for an entry but QAP only sets the source path of such entries.

Could you confirm the exact behavior of this feature? Source in left pane and target in right pane?

No, Source in whatever the current active pane is, Target on the other side.
But I guess most users including me would also accept Source on left and Target on right side.

[Wishlist] Play sound when opening menus and launching favorites

From Loving Beast

How about creating sound events for not only people who are blind, but also like their computers to talk to them, per selection? I mean, a sound event option for when opening the QA menu, and then an option for when a menu item is opened or selected would be great! Although I really do enjoy it already, I think it would be a nice option for a future update to have. Keep up the good work…

2018-08-13 Done in v9.1

[Wishlist] Supporting Mouse-modified hotkeys (combining two mouse buttons to show the menu)

Comments from joby_toss on Portable Freeware forum

I’m also facing a small issue: I’m a “mouse only” guy and Middle Click hotkey to show the menu interferes with my internet browser (close tab, open link in new tab) and my files browser (open folder in new tab), so QAP is stealing it from those apps.
Would it be possible to combine 2 mouse buttons to show the menu (e.g. Middle Click while Right Button is pressed) ?
Thank you!


2018-07-31 (JL)

I did some research on it. It is possible to combine 2 mouse buttons as a trigger. But this technique works and is easy to code in a standalone script when the hotkeys are saved inside the script itself. But it would be harder in QAP because it needs to save/retrieve the hotkeys selected by the user in the ini file.

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