[Wishlist] Add Current Folders capability for Total Commander users

From RobW:

Please consider adding something like Current Folders ("Reuse an Open Folder") that lists the two folders currently open in the two panes of Total Commander. (...0 Better yet, add a configuration option to change the behavior of Current Folders to list the open folders of either Explorer or your favorite file manager.


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  • This is something I would have done if an internal command was available in TC to get the list of currently open folders in TC tabs. See this post for more info: http://www.ghisler.ch/board/viewtopic.php?t=41198. You can add your comment to this thread if you want to push on this request 🙂

    There would be another approach but it would require that QAP sends a command to TC to save its ini file. Then, the list could be read from the TC ini file. Users argued that an app should not force saving the ini file of another app. This could be made optional. But it would be so simpler it TC author could add a rather small feature to its next version.

  • FYI, the Current Folders feature in Folders Popup has been renamed Reuse an Open Folder in QAP. Also, a new QAP feature Switch to an Open Folder or Application has been added in v6.3.2 but, at this time, folders open in TC are not supported for the reason explained above.

Please use the new QAP Support Forum to ask questions or post comments.