[Wishlist] Option to display the popup menu in the center of the screen

Suggestion from pleiades.

Until this is developed, you can manually set the menu to display at the center of the screen by calculting th X/Y coordinates in "Options", "Menu" tab.

One comment

  • I have one issue with this request. I can calculate the middle of the screen and ask Windows to show the menu there. But this would determine the top-left of the menu. Depending how long and large it is, the menu would be displayed in the lower-right part of the the screen, not fully centered as users might expect it to be.

    To really center the menu, I would need to know how long and large is the menu. To know this, I would have to calculate the number of items, the height size of each menu item (depending on icon and font size), the maximum width of each items. Realistically, this is a very big job for a minimal benefits compared to the following solution that is already available:

    In the "Options", tab "Menu", select the "At fix position" option and determine the optimal top-left coordinates for your QAP menu, depending on its size. For keyboard users, this will allow users to always focus their attention on the same part of the screen, in the center of the screen.

    This solution is one-time, little work for users, and zero effort for me :-). For this reason, I will soon change the status of this item from "In progress" to "Abandoned".

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