• As mentioned to Luke, it could not be made exactly as you propose because menu cannot be changed "on the fly". Luke replied that the "Switch" menu can be changed on the fly but if I had to change the main menu, I would have to rebuild not only the main menu but also all ts submenus. This would take too much processing time just before showing the menu, every time the menu is called.

    I see two options:

    1) Adding a QAP feature called "Repeat last action". User could add this QAP feature to QAP main menu or any submenu. In this case, the menu label would always be the same ("Repeat last action") and rebuilding the whole menu would not be necessary. But the menu would not display what was the last item to repeat and user would have to remember what was his last action.

    2) Adding new QAP Feature named "Repeat last actions >" (plural). Here again, user could add this QAP feature to QAP main menu or any submenu. This feature would open a submenu containing the last 5 menu items opened (this number could be configurable) allowing to repeat any of these items. This submenu would be refreshed (rebuilt) each time the menu is called but it would not take enough time to be noticeable.

    I have a slight preference for option #2 but I'm not sure... Any opinion on these two approaches?

  • This new feature called "Repeat Last Actions" is now implemented in beta release v8.9.6.4. In this first beta release, it is implemented as option 2 (above) . Option 1 approach will be added in a coming release.

    You have to add this new QAP feature to your menu (Settings / Add Favorite / Type "QAP Feature" / Repeat Last Actions).

    Please see:

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