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iconqap-betaWelcome and THANK YOU for testing the next version of Quick Access Popup (QAP).

The main goals of this beta test is to:

  • test new features (see the latest version info below to find out what's new)
  • test if new features have any impacts on existing features (regression tests)
  • to report bugs not related to new features please use the Support and feedback page and to send suggestions for new features, use the Quick Access Popup wishlist

When using QAP in beta version, I recommend to make frequent backups of your QuickAccessPopup.ini file (daily backups are created automatically during beta tests). I test each new release quite well but we never know. You may use the app in a way that I've not tested yet and find undiscovered bugs. This is why beta testing is so important and beta testers are so valuable.

About beta releases

Beta releases have a green background icon instead of the regular white background icon.

Guidelines for beta-testers

Again, keep backups of the QuickAccessPopup.ini file!

You will find the links to download the latest beta version in one of the last comments below. The links will be updated with a description of changes for each new beta version.

You can report bugs, suggestions or comments here (instead of by email) so that all testers can share their findings.

A few references:

Thanks in advance.


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BETA test Archives

You can see previous releases and old, closed or resolved issues and comments in the Quick Access Popup BETA test Archives.


  • Welcome to this new beta test phase starting with v8.5.9.1 BETA and leading to v8.6 when we are ready.

    Highlight of new features:

    PLEASE, let me know how Unicode conversion goes... If you do not see the conversion dialog box, this is most probably because you run v8.5.1 that was online for one day around September 7th and was silently doing the conversion.

    Version BETA: (2017-09-19)
    Text Separators
    - new favorite type "Text Separator" allowing to insert text entries as headers in the QAP menu (selecting these entries does just nothing)
    - new "T" icon in the left column of Settings window to add Text Separators
    - by default, Text Separators have no icon but you can select one in the "Menu Options" tab
    Favorites icons management 
    - allow favorites to have "no icon"
    - new link labeled "no icon" in add/edit favorite dialog box, "Menu Options", selecting the "no icon" pseudo-icon (the "forbidden" sign with a diagonal bar) for this favorite
    - the "no icon" icon can also be selected in the JLicons.dll file
    - the icons from JLicons.dll are now saved in the settings file by their name (e.g. "iconFolder") instead of the "file,index" format used for icons from other files
    - current icons from JLindex.dll in the settings file will be converted from "file,index" format to names (e.g. "iconFolder") next time you save your settings
    - new link labeled "select in JLicons.dll" in add/edit favorite dialog box, "Menu Options", shown only if current icon is not already picked from this file
    - new JLicons.dll v1.3 including iconNoIcon will automatically replace the current JLicons.dll file for Setup users (user preferinf portable installation, make sure you unzip and update this file)
    Add this Link
    - rename QAP Feature "Add This Folder" to "Add this Folder or Link" and detect URL location as well as folder location
    - when using "Add this Folder or Link" to add a link, retrieve the web page title automatically as default favorite name; it the URL returns an error (this can happen even for valid pages), leave the favorite name empty
    - when adding or editing a favorite link, add a button to get the page title from the we page and put it as default for the favorite name
    Unicode conversion
    - if QAP settings file (QuickAccessPopup.ini) is encoded using ANSI standard, display a dialog box offering the user to:
      1) convert its settings file to Unicode (for better int'l and special characters support);
      2) not convert (value DoNotConvertSettingsToUnicode=1 is added to settings to remember this choice);
      3) or ask user next startup.
    - dialog box includes a link to a FAQ web page for explanation and help (http://www.quickaccesspopup.com/why-converting-the-settings-file-to-unicode-and-conversion-troubleshooting/)
    - fix bug when opening an application favorite with {CUR_LOC} and when location is empty (when the current window is not an Explorer window)
    - fix bug when user cancel the pick icon dialog box, now it always keep the selected icon
    - Duth language file updated
  • CM

    Link to Portable version don't work

  • This makes the Add This Link feature more complete.

    Version BETA: (2017-09-24)
    - Add this Folder or Link now works for links when called from the menu in the Notification zone (Tray icon)
    - add diagnostic code
  • Interesting additions in this release. Two much requested feature: 1) allowing to always open folders in the same window, regardless if you middle-click in the file manager window or not, and 2) multiple copy of favorites.

    Version BETA: (2017-09-30)
    - add option "Always open folders in current file manager window" in Options, "Files mamagers" tab, file managers tab, to allow always change folder in the current file manager (Explorer, Total Commander or Directory Opus) for favorites of types Folder, Special and FTP (except when using the Alternative menu "Open in new window")
    - support copy multiple favorites (excluding menus and groups)
    - multiple copy stops when a favorite has the same name in the destination menu (as for multiple move in previsous versions)
    - error message when user ask to move or copy multiople favorites to their actual location
    - add tooltip when retrieving web page title (in case fetching the tile takes time)
    - improve visibility for Explorer context menu option in Menu tab

    Easy one-step installation
    Download, execute this exe file and just follow the setup instructions.

    Portable installation
    If you prefer to use Quick Access Popup in “portable” mode, download and unzip this file:

    JUST IN CASE... Because I may be less responsive in the next days, I'll leave the previous beta release files available here:

    Have fun!

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