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iconqap-betaWelcome and THANK YOU for testing the next version of Quick Access Popup (QAP).

The main goals of this beta test is to:

  • test new features (see the latest version info below to find out what's new)
  • test if new features have any impacts on existing features (regression tests)
  • to report bugs not related to new features please use the Support and feedback page and to send suggestions for new features, use the Quick Access Popup wishlist

When using QAP in beta version, I recommend to make frequent backups of your QuickAccessPopup.ini file (daily backups are created automatically during beta tests). I test each new release quite well but we never know. You may use the app in a way that I've not tested yet and find undiscovered bugs. This is why beta testing is so important and beta testers are so valuable.

About beta releases

Beta releases have a green background icon instead of the regular white background icon.

Guidelines for beta-testers

Again, keep backups of the QuickAccessPopup.ini file!

You will find the links to download the latest beta version in one of the last comments below. The links will be updated with a description of changes for each new beta version.

You can report bugs, suggestions or comments here (instead of by email) so that all testers can share their findings.

A few references:

Thanks in advance.


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BETA test Archives

You can see previous releases and old, closed or resolved issues and comments in the Quick Access Popup BETA test Archives.


  • This fixes a last bug in this beta phase before releasing v8.3.

    QUESTION: I received very little comment, bug reports or just "I've tested the changes and everything is fine". I know it is summer. But it's been like this for a long time (with a few exceptions, I must say - an thank those users). Do you have any suggestions on how to get more feedback from beta testers? Would making this page accessible only to a closed group would make testers more inclined to contribute?

    Version BETA: (2017-07-20)
    - fix bug losing current position in favorites list when adding a favorite in Settings window

    See updated links below.

    • John H

      Lots of free stuff to look at and review as a lot of them have many features beyond source code repo and revision management / collaboration.

      branching, milestones, issue tracking, tickets, discussion forums, etc.

      also many offer unlimited free public beta (but you don't need to use it for code repository) that "code" could simply be zip / exe files.

      what you use is up to you - I suggest you think creatively and outside the box - lots of options.

      obviously github but only public repos are free but popular and one I use for code development collaboration on open source projects I am fond of.

      so look here its a directory of sorts for lots of free for developers resources/tools


      other sites of note:

      beta management

      user (tester) feedback and reporting

      free github alternative and with private repo and unlimited users

      pretty flexible and fixed price repo project hosting

      noticed lots of the European devs like https://trello.com/

      anyway hope this helps

      • John H

        I would definitely recommend looking at trello they have been really aggressive with adding features and the free option is pretty useful if you don't need to have closed / private areas but you can grant permissions in a limited fashion still.

    • Thank you for these suggestions, John.

      I already use a repo to manage my sources, branches, etc. (on GitHub https://github.com/JnLlnd/QuickAccessPopup). GitHub (and the alikes) can help communication between developers on a project. But it not very good for communication with users.

      The other tool you suggest, UserReport, look much more interesting in this regard. I'll give it a try. I know Trello. I don't need it to manage my own development work. It could replace the Wishlist section of my website, however. But I think I will first put my effort on UserReport.

      @All: Are there any other aspects than tools that could help improve interaction with beta tester users? Any ideas?

      Thanks all!


  • I'm releasing this beta version because I made some optimisation work that may have impact on some features. Please, in your test, pay attention to these features and let me know IF IT WORKS, or if you find bugs:

    - Add this folder
    - drag & drop files to Settings window
    - Reopen a Folder
    - Reopen Current Folder (new QAP feature that you must add to your menu to use/test it)
    - use of {CUR_LOC} and other {CUR_...} placeholders in favorite location and advanced parameters

    Version BETA: 8.4.9 (2017-08-05)
    - new QAP feature "Reopen Current Folder" allowing to reopen the current location in the last active file manager (Windows Explorer or, if enabled, Directory Opus/Total Commander), most useful in file dialog boxes Open, Save As, etc.
    - rewrite of internal functions used to detect more reliably the current location in hew active file manager (Windows Explorer, dialog boxes or, if enabled, Directory Opus/Total Commander); potential impacts on Add this folder, drag & drop files to Settings window, Reopen a Folder, Reopen Current Folder, {CUR_LOC} and other {CUR_...} placeholders in favorite location and advanced parameters
  • One important new feature (support for the hotkey "Menu key" to open the popup menu) and some small changes improving user friendliness. Thanks to Joe Glines (http://the-automator.com/) for some of these ideas.

    Please, continue to pay attention to these features impacted in the previous release:
    - drag & drop files to Settings window
    - Reopen a Folder
    - Reopen Current Folder (new QAP feature that you must add to your menu to use/test it)
    - use of {CUR_LOC} and other {CUR_...} placeholders in favorite location and advanced parameters

    Version BETA: (2017-08-07)
    - add an option to use "Menu key" (aka Context menu key or AppsKey) to open the QAP pop menu
    - move "Ctrl + Ctrl" and "Menu key" options to tab Alternative menu tab in Options dialog box
    - check if the "Start in" folder location exists and do not open the favorite if location is not found
    - when favorite's location, "Launch with" application location or "Start in" folder location not found, edit the favorite if user answers yes when prompted
    - add a link beside "Check for update" checkbox in the Options dialog box to check for update now
    - set QAP feature default hotkeys for "Reopen Current Folder" to Shift + Ctrl + C
    - change QAP feature "Clipboard" default hotkeys from Shift + Ctrl + C to Shift + Ctrl + V
    - add diagnostic code to track the "71 hotkeys limit" bug
    • And thanks to Jörg also for the Menu key (AppsKey) suggestion!

    • I overlooked a few things about the implementation of QAP menu hotkeys... The Menu key option does not work as expected. Please disregard it in v8.4.9.1 for now... I'll have to put more time on it.


  • A word about the new QAP feature "Reopen Current Folder" introduced in beta v8.4.9. This new QAP feature is really useful. Thanks to Wayne who suggested it. I wish I had think of it myself a long time ago...

    To use (and test) it, existing users like you mut add it to their folder and assign a shortcut to it. The steps:

    1) Edit the "Clipboard" favorite (In "My QAP Essential" menu) and re-assign its shortcut from "Shift + Ctrl + C" to "Shift + Ctrl + V" (in "Menu Options" tab). This will free this shortcut for step 4.
    2) Add a Favorite, select type "QAP Feature".
    3) In the "QAP Feature" dropdown list, select "Reopen Current Folder".
    4) In the "Menu Options" tab, assign the "Shift + Ctrl + C" shortcut ("C" for current) to this favorite.

    Of course, you can choose any other shortcuts. But, starting with the next release (v8.4.9.2) these will be the default shortcuts for new installations. Also, for these new installations, the "Reopen Current Folder" will be added by default in the "My QAP Essentials" menu.

    Now, to use it, open Windows Explorer (Directory Opus or Total Commander) in a given folder. Then launch any application with file dialog boxes (Open file, Save As). In this application, open the Open file dialog boxes and hit Shift + Ctrl + C. This will take this file dialog box directly to the current folder in your active (or last active) file manager window. Really cool 🙂

  • A quick bug fix about turning the Menu key option off. Thanks to Joe for raising this.

    Please, continue to pay attention to these features impacted in the previous release:
    - drag & drop files to Settings window
    - Reopen a Folder
    - Reopen Current Folder (new QAP feature that you must add to your menu to use/test it)
    - use of {CUR_LOC} and other {CUR_...} placeholders in favorite location and advanced parameters

    Version BETA: (2017-08-09)
    - Menu key hotkey now removed properly checkbox is turned off
    - Menu key now navigate in active Explorer or open in a new window as would do the regular keyboard hotkey

    Easy one-step installation
    Download, execute this exe file and just follow the setup instructions.

    Portable installation
    If you prefer to use Quick Access Popup in “portable” mode, download and unzip this file:

    Have fun!

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