How can I gather numerous favorites in a clutter-free popup menu?

If your QAP menu gets too long, divide and conquer! Group your favorites by subjects or locations in submenus. To add a submenu, in the Settings window, click the Add button and, in the Add Favorite dialog box, select the Submenu radio button.

  • In the Basic Settings window, give your submenu a name.
  • In the Menu Options, select an icon for your menu or assign a shortcut that will allow to open this specific section of your menu by hitting a shortcut, without having to browse from the main menu.

Submenus can be nested in submenus at will. To move a favorite from one menu to another, click the Edit button or double-click the favorite name and, in the Menu Settings tab, select the new menu in the Favorite parent menu dropdown list.

Can I move a menu and its submenus to its parent menu or any other menu?

Yes! You can move Groups and Shared menus as well.

  1. In the Settings window, select the Menu, Shared menu or Group to move and click Edit.
  2. In the Edit Favorite dialog box, go to the Menu Options tab.
  3. In the Submenu parent menu dropdown list, select the destination submenu and click OK.
  4. Back to the Settings window, Save your changes.

You can only move one Menu, Groups and Shared menus at a time. If the destination menu already contain an item with the moved menu name, you will be asked to rename the menu before moving it.