From where comes the content of the Recent folders menu?

The Recent folders menu lists the recent places memorized by Windows. An option in the General tab of the Options window determines the number of recent folders displayed in the menu (default is 10).

Quick Access Popup Recent folders are taken from the Windows virtual folder Recent items (C:/Users/[username]/AppData/Roaming/Microsoft/Windows/Recent or, using the appdata variable, %appdata%/Microsoft/Windows/Recent).

This Windows system folder lists the files and folders recently accessed by the user. Windows is using this list to populate the Recent Places virtual folder found in Explorer left pane. Recent Places is a subset of the Recent Items, showing only folders. Recent items are also used to populate the applications Jump Lists.

How can I delete the list of folders found in the Recent Folders menu?

The Recent folders menu is a subset of the recent places memorized by Windows. You can reset the whole list of recent items:

  1. Open this folder:
    or use this shortcut:
  2. Make sure the navigation pane is visible. If required, use the Organize menu.
  3. Right-click the Recent places in the navigation pane and select Clear Recent Items List. Recent items are now gone and Recent Folders menu in Quick Access Popup is now empty.

[Wishlist] Run a background task to refresh Recent Folders menu (and Running Applications menu eventually)

Actually, the Recent Folders menu is shown in a separate menu because of the time it would take to refresh the Recent Folders menu each time the popup menu is displayed. Showing Recent Folders submenu as part of the main menu would slow down the display of the popup menu and make it less snappy.

The solution I'm think of is to write a background task that would refresh the Recent Folders submenu every x minutes. We would have to determine the best refresh frequency not to impact the PC performance (thinking here of the slowest PCs) .

This would also require much testing to make sure the background process and the popup menu process work well together (no collision or locking issues, etc.) But I'd like to work on this in a future version. The background task could also refresh the list of running applications (re: this other suggestion).

[Wishlist] Track recent items in QAP, in addition to system Recent items

In Folders Popup, the Recent Folders menu present the x most recent folders found in the Windows virtual folder “Recent items” (C:/Users/[username]/AppData/Roaming/Microsoft/Windows/Recent). See this discussion for more info.

In QAP, this menu could also memorize the most recent folders accessed using QAP, regardless of Window's list. Also, I saw in Folder Menu (if I remember well) that this list also included Current Folders (folders actualy open in Windows Explorer). See this item.