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  • Sergei

    Hello, thanks for this tool!
    I have a problem, when i launch QAP with English keyboard layout it works fine, but when i launch with Russian keyboard layout it give a series of errors: Note: The hotkey ^A will not be active because it does not exist int the current keyboard layout. Etc.
    With that errors no one hotkey is work.
    How can i fix that? (May be i can teach QAP for Russian keyboard layout someway?)

  • Hello, I hope this message finds you well.

    I'm using QAP 8.2.3 in Windows 10. I updated the software some days ago and I have the following issue since then:

    - In any folder, when I'm selecting several file using Ctrl+left click combination, a pop up appears with the message "71 hotkeys have been received in the last XXXXms. Do you want to continue? (see #MaxHotkeysPerInterval in the help file)"

    - If I chоose "Yes", QAP continues working but the pop up will appear again at any time if I select files using Ctrl+left click combination.

    - If I choose "No" QAP closes itself and I have to restart it. After it starts, the pop up will appear if I select the files using the Ctrl+left clik combination.

    I appreciate your help with this issue.

    I have attached a capture of the pop up message.


    • Hi Ernersto,

      Thanks for reporting this issue, and for the screen capture. This has been reported once a few months ago. But I'm still unable to reproduce it on my system.

      This may be related to QAP context menus for Windows Explorer. Could you disable context menus (Options, first tab) and let me know if this stops this message?

      If other users get this message, please let me know.



  • Hello Jean, thanks for your reply.

    As you suggested, I disabled the context menu but the message continues appearing.

    Let me know about any other configuration to try it.


  • Hello Jean,

    I sent you all the ini files I found.

    Let me know if the email doesn't reach you.


    • Hi Ernesto,

      I reviewed your ini files and can't find any obvious reason why this "MaxHotkeysPerInterval" issue would occur on your system on not mine or other users'.

      The only major difference regarding hotkeys in your ini file is that you selected "None" as hotkey for the QAP menu ("NavigateOrLaunchHotkeyMouse=None"). By default, this is "MButton" for middle mouse button. But I can't see why this would result in a loop sending hotkeys up to the 70 limit. Anyway, I will use the same selection on my system for some time and see...

      Again, if anybody else encounter this issue, let me know and, please, send me the [Global] section of the QuickAccessPopup.ini file.

      Case *not* closed...


      • Hello Jean,

        I selected back the default hotkey for the menu you mentioned and tried other hotkeys, but the message continues appearing. I don't know, I think it may be a conflict with some other software I have installed in my machine. Anyway I keep using it.

        Thank you very much for you support.

        Best regards,

        • Thanks to you Ernesto for the follow-up. I'll keep this open hoping someone else can bring new info about this issue.

  • The v8.5 release fixes some annoying bugs. It makes available new features that I wonder why I did not code them before and it takes the recent Snippets feature to a more mature development stage!

    This page tells you why, in my view, every QAP user should upgrade to v8.5!

    See changes in 2017-09-08 post below.

  • Len

    Hi Jean.

    I've just upgraded from version 8.4.1 to 8.5. When trying to run an application I receive the error "Start in parameter not found". I receive this error for all applications that I have configured. Reverting back to version 8.4.1 resolves the problem. It would appear that {CUR_LOC} placeholder is no longer recognised.

  • Leon de Vries

    Hi Jean,
    I absolutely love the possibilty to use the menu-key for opening QAP ! (I barely use the mouse now ) in combination with "display numeric menu shortcuts". And the "Reopen a folder" option is brilliant.

    Even at my work (windows on server) I use QAP, it works flawlessly, I even could change the default netwerk-printer (normally this is impossible because the netwerk is secured) I gain a lot of time because of QAP, and I don't use the gained time not to do more but to work more relaxed. (don't work hard , work smart 🙂 )

    It would be great to have a folder icon for Dropbox available in your icon-set , I'm sure a lot of users use Dropbox. I understand you will keep the icon-set as small as possible. Maybe it's an idea to offer a small icon-set and a large one.

    I send a screenshot, how I use QAP , okay it's dutch but you get an idea.

    Best to you

    Thanks very much .

    • Hi Leon,

      Thanks you for your good words 🙂

      You could use the Dropbox icon from one of the Dropbox executable files. For example, my Dropboc live menu icon is:

      C:\Program Files (x86)\Dropbox\Client\Dropbox.exe,21

      You enter this in the "Edit icon resource" under "Menu Options" tab in "Edit favorite" dialog box. Or you browse to your Dropbox folder under Program Files and select any other icon from this .exe file.

      Did you attach the screen capture? It is not there.


      PS: I will move your comment to the Support and Feedback page ( Others could be interested in this question 🙂

  • The v8.5.1 release fixes one bug introduced in v8,5 (thanks for reporting it quickly!) and adds an interesting improvement for those using extended international characters in their folder or file names.

    See changes in 2017-09-08 post below.

  • Jörg Giencke


    version 8.5.1 starts up with numerous error messages. They all got in common that they are complaining about an invalid keyboard layout - and - they contain an invalid path to my (portable) installation directory. The latter contains a non-ANSI character (...\Jörg Giencke\...) which is 'translated' to some garbage.

    I reverted to yesterdays backup and everything is fine again.

    • Hi Jörg,

      I tried to reproduce this issu by running v8.5.1 in a folder including an "ö" but everything went fine in my environment. Is there another special character in the path to the QAP folder that could be the reason for the issue you encountered?

      Also, could you send me (at a copy of the ini file as converted by v8.5.1 and one with not converted?

      Thanks for your help.


    • Jörg,

      Doing more tests on the issue you described, the only way I was able to reproduce it is when I saved the ini file to UTF-8 encoding (instead of the ANSI normally used for ini files). Is is possible that your settings file was converted to UTF-8 at some point?

      If you can send me your files, please ZIP them so that they keep their original encoding.



  • The v8.5.2 reverts a change in v8.5.1 that causes issues for users having international characters in their favorites locations. Thank you Jörg for reporting it quickly!

    If your QuickAccessPopup.ini was corrupted using v8.5.1, go to your working directory, rename QuickAccessPopup.ini-ANSI-BK to QuickAccessPopup.ini.

    Version: 8.5.2/8.5.3 (2017-09-08)
    - v8.5.3 fixes a comment typo in v8.5.2 preventing the app to load
    - reverting change from v8.5.1 causing issues for users having special characters in their favorites paths : at QAP startup, STOPS converting QuickAccessPopup.ini to Unicode encoding if it is encoded in ANSI (until more tests are done)
    - if your QuickAccessPopup.ini was corrupted using v8.5.1, go to your working directory (, rename QuickAccessPopup.ini-ANSI-BK to QuickAccessPopup.ini
    - for new installations, this change is maintained: create new settings file QuickAccessPopup.ini with Unicode encoding
    Version: 8.5.1 (2017-09-07)
    - create new settings file QuickAccessPopup.ini with Unicode encoding; this change allows the use of extended characters in favorite's name, location or content
    - at QAP startup, check if QuickAccessPopup.ini encoding is ANSI and, if yes, convert it to Unicode encoding and inform user
    - fix bug expand placeholder {CUR_LOC} in application favorite's working directory before checking if directory exists
    - fix bug display "Reset default hotkey" in Select hotkey dialog box when there is no default
    Version: 8.5 (2017-09-04)
    Menu key
    - you can now use the Menu key (also called Context menu key or Application key) to pop up the QAP menu or launch any favorite
    - to select the Menu key, in the "Select Hotkey" dialog box, click on the "menu key (application)" link below the hotkey selector
    - this hotkey can be combined with any modifiers (Shift, Alt, Ctrl or Win)
    - major improvements to make Snippets easier to create and edit
    - a button in snippet add/edit favorite dialog box to enlarge the snippet content text box
    - font size selector for snippet text box
    - check box to display a snippet with fixed font (useful for code snippets)
    - display preferences saved with each snippet
    - default preferences for snippets can be selected in Options, General tab
    - when launching a snippet with the "Prompt before" option, QAP also accepts Space to kick-off a snippet (in addition to Enter)
    - change help link to new FAQ page about snippets (see improved FAQ content about Snippets)
    Reopen Current Folder in dialog box
    - a feature I should have included much earlier... Warning: to take advantage of it, existing users must add themselves this new feature to their menu
    - new QAP feature "Reopen Current Folder in dialog box" allowing to reopen in a dialog box the current location in Windows Explorer
    - the current location is the folder currently displayed in the active (or in the last active) Windows Explorer window
    - current location is also detected in Directory Opus or Total Commander if one of these file magagers is enabled
    - set QAP feature default hotkeys for "Reopen Current Folder" to Shift + Ctrl + C  (of course, you can change it at any time)
    - change QAP feature "Clipboard" default hotkeys from Shift + Ctrl + C to Shift + Ctrl + V
    - this change is only for new installations - exising users must do this change themselves, if they wish
    - the "Ctrl + Ctrl" option has been moved to the "Alternative menu" tab in Options dialog box, and its presentation has been improved
    - add a link beside the "Check for update" checkbox in the Options dialog box to check for update immediately
    - check if the "Start in" folder location exists before launching a favorite and do not launch it if the location is not found
    - offer to edit the favorite when one of these folder locations is not found: folder, document or application location, "Launch with" application location or "Start in" folder location
    - new! Dutch language is now available, thanks to Ric Roggeveen
    - German translation update for changes since v8
    - updates for Spanish, Italian and French language files, thanks to translators
    Bug fixes
    - fix an error in QAP 32-bit executable file preventing the Windows Explorer context menus to work with QAP installed in portable mode
    - allow favorite location to be a UNC root path (like \\\ or \\MyDomain\) assuming the location is online because Windows does not allow to check if an UNC root location is available (on my system, Windows 10 defaults to the "Documents" folder if the UNC drive is not mounted)
    - fix bug when adding a QAP feature and when its default hotkey is already in use for another favorite
    - fix bug when processing backtick (accent grave) in snippets (used for code snippets) and add help about backticks in add/edit dialog box
    - fix bug Alternative menu hotkey reappearing after delete when returning to Options dialog box until QAP is restarted
    - fix bug && displayed in Drag & Drop help window title instead of &
    - add diagnostic code to track the "71 hotkeys limit" bug - if someone encounter this error message, please contact me

    The download links are on home page.

    • Nicola Farina

      Have tried to rename all .ini files to _OLD extension (I have no xxxx-ANSI-xxx file to rename back) but I can't start the program (see attached image).

  • Nicola Farina

    Missed image.

  • Nicola Farina

    I suggest to move the "Select an image for your comment" block before the "Post Comment" button.

    • Thank you for reporting this issue Nicola.

      About the "Select an image" button, this is a WordPress prlugin. I will see what I can do.

  • Andrew Wickett

    I have the same problem

  • Joe C

    Same issue here

  • This if fixed. Sorry for the typo. Releasing an emergency a 4h AM is risky 😉

    Two IMPORTANT notes:

    - If, after running v8.5.1, your menu is OK, if you have no error message and do not see strange characters in your menu, you should keep your QuickAccessPopup.ini file modified. It is better (but not necessary) to have this file encoded in Unicode to support any extended characters in the future.

    I think that the upgrade should be fine for most users. But because it creates issues for some users, I removed the automatic conversion for now. I'll do more test on it.

    - If your QuickAccessPopup.ini was corrupted using v8.5.1, you need to revert to your previous version of QuickAccessPopup.ini. IMPORTANT: you must first EXIT QAP before renaming files. The detailed steps are:

    1) Open the QAP system menu (right-click on the QAP icon in the Notification zone) and select "Exit Quick Access Popup"
    2) Go to your go to your working directory
    3) Rename your current QuickAccessPopup.ini file to QuickAccessPopup.ini_OLD
    4) Rename QuickAccessPopup.ini-ANSI-BK to QuickAccessPopup.ini
    5) Restart QuickAccessPopup

    Sorry for the trouble...

  • Andrew Wickett

    I don't see a way to add a group of folders.
    There is no "Add to Group" button as I have seen on some of the pictures on this site.
    I would like to be able to open a pair of favourites on both sides of my directory opusdual window.
    Also would it be possible to have a group of 4 favourites open in 2 seperate windows?

  • Andrew Wickett

    Hi Jean,
    Thanks. That worked but only opens the 2 folders as tabs in a single pane directory opus window.
    Is it possible to have it open the folders in seperate left and right panes?

  • Andrew Wickett

    Hi Jean,
    I have found the left and right stting now thanks. Just need to sort the window position.

    Great program after sortiing afew conflicting programs.


  • Some time ago, Peter Chao asked for a way to invoque the QAP menu from an AutoHotkey (AHK) script, allowing to do some prep work or context work before showing the menu. He said:

    "Can I define any key, like F7, in Autohotkey :
    send #w
    to bring up the QAP? I tried but nothing happened.
    If this can be done, we only need to press one key rather than two to bring up QAP.
    That would be nice."

    Another user had a similar request recently (I can't retrieve it). There is a solution allowing to do it. Please take a look at:

  • frew

    regarding using QAP in Open and Save dialog boxes,
    I use SciTE script editor a lot
    and I find that the nice feature of QAP to quickly jump to any folder from a list of folders,
    when at a Save or Open dialog box, does not work with SciTE. Just wanted to let you know, and to see if there may be a solution.
    It also does not work when I save pages with Firefox.

    This feature works fine when I tested it with Notepad.

    I do not much use the new Reopen Current Folder in Dialog Box because I'm usually not using windows explorer when I'm in a text editor, etc...but even when I did try that, it did not work with SciTE,
    but that feature also does work fine with Notepad test.

    My goal here to be able to jump to designated folders with one click as soon as a Save/Open dialog box opens...and QAP is a fantastic solution in many cases.

    For the dialog boxes where QAP does not work, any ideas for me to try?



    • Hi Frew,

      First, make sur the "Change folders in dialog boxes" is enabled in Options (first tab)

      Second, and most probable reason, make sure SciTE and Firefox are not running in Admin mode. If QAP runs in regular mode, its menu triggers and hotkeys will be blocked by apps running as admin. In this case, you could launch QAP in admin mode. Or consider not running these apps in admin mode unless it is absolutely necessary.

      Third, make sure SciTE or Firefox are not in the exclusion list (Optons, Exclusions).

      Thanks for your good words 🙂


  • frew

    Hi Jean,

    You're welcome, and thanks for the reply.

    "... apps running as admin. In this case, you could launch QAP in admin mode..."

    Yes that was the problem, now solved. Running QAP as administrator gets it running great
    with all my apps now, even the ones I have running in admin mode.

    I have made many (many) attempts over some years on and off, with various techniques other than using QAP, to be able to quickly jump to any folder of my choice instantly from within any Open, Save, Save A Copy, etc dialog boxes, always with some glitch or other.

    QAP provides a quick and reliable way to jump to folders from within Open/Save dialog boxes.

    QAP provides a relief, I tell you, really, a great relief from the dreaded hunt deep down and all around directory paths every time an Open/Save dialog box comes up.

    When feeling inspired and wanting to move fast and efficiently, QAP really helps the workflow.

    Thanks again, very much.


  • Nicola Farina

    Hi Jean,

    I'm considering to mantain a Chocolatey ( package for QAP. Are you agree about that?

    Chocolatey is è great repository for silent software setup. Obviously, the package will point to your official download URL.

    Please let me know.

  • Andrew Wickett

    QAP will no longer work.
    i get this. (See attached)
    Can you help please?


  • Andrew Wickett

    That worked thanks

  • By the way, some anti-viruses do not like the activities of your program))

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