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  • Ryan

    Thank you for this outstanding program! Keep up the good work!

    I have a question about setting QAP to work with Open/Save dialogs.

    When you set this option, there is a warning not to use QAP with any dialogs except for opening/saving FILES. Can you explain in a more detailed way why you should not do this and what problems it could cause? I want to be sure I fully understand it.

    Thank you again!

    • Hi Ryan,

      The issue, here, is that QAP cannot make the difference between a file dialog box and other type of dialog boxes (like Options, etc.). We could get more technical on this if you wish.

      If you hit the QAP hotkey in an Options dialog box and choose a folder in the popup menu, QAP will try to change the folder in this dialog box (as it would do in a file dialog box). To do that, it send commands and simulates keystrokes that are correctly executed by a file dialog box (for example, setting the destination folder path in the text box) but, in any other type of dialog box, this could lead to unexpected results. The risk is not enormous but is real. This is why I prefer to make the user aware of this.

      I hope I'm clear?

      And thanks for your good words.


  • Stephen Bennett

    Please remind me again how to avert the nag telling me hotkeys every time logging into Windows. A moment ago I Paypaled you a second very small donation (the first several months ago). Thanks for a splendid software! Fantastic! Cheers, my friend.

    • Hi Stephen,

      Thanks for your second donation. Much appreciated.

      You can turn off this notification in the QAP options. Open the "Settings" window and click "Options". In the first tab, uncheck the "Display Startup Tray Tip" checkbox.


  • See this new video about Quick Access Popup!

  • Leo Bolle

    I wish with QAP automatic start programs by strting Windows.

    • Hans-Jörg Laake

      Hi Leo,

      I think I can help you:
      1. Open the "Setting" window by clicking the corresponding item in your "QAP" menu
      2. In the setting window there is a button in the upper right corner labeled "Options". Click that button.
      3. In this option window you find some checkboxes on the left side, below the language list box.
      4. Check "Start with Windows" and you are done.


  • Troy Dixon

    QAP is one of the few applications that I use every single day - many times each day. It keeps getting better without changing the overall look or feel of the software. There are some feature that I did not use for many months but found them when I was ready. This is SO much better than the applications that "force" you to try their new features. Thanks, Jean! This is great!

  • Gunnar

    Hello Jean Lalonde,
    Thank you for keeping this great tool in shape. I use it through the day and almost cannot understand how I managed without it before 🙂

  • Douglas Wilkinson

    i love quick access popup!

  • -DT

    QAP is truly an awesome app. Could I get by without it? Sure - but I'd be wasting huge amounts of time (and clicks) doing things the hard way. It's one of the rare pieces of software that is worth far more than you are asked to pay. It's definitely worth the donation.


  • ltdeta

    Time savings with folders and files is enormous!
    I particularly approve, that Quick Access Popup is fully compatible with Total Commander
    The support Jean offer is really great.

  • marisa

    Fantastic app. After a few months using it, now I really couldn't do without it. Everytime it takes me instantly to any file that's buried deep in my PC I remember how it was to have to navigate to folders within folders within folders to find that particular file I wanted... Such a cumbersome task. Fortunately, that's a thing of the past. I can't imagine having to go back to that impractical way of doing things.

  • Karl

    The more I use this utility, the more often I appreciate how useful it is. It has a lot of good features but one I would really like to see is to have the windows open to the last screen position they were opened to. Hopefully this will come with future updates or perhaps it does have this function and I have not yet learned to use it.

    • Hi Karl,

      Thanks for your donation!

      Yes, this can be done for favorites of type Folder (look at the "Windows options" tab). I tried it with applications but it was very unreliable. But for folders, it works. If you use teh Add this folder command, the actual position will be remembered by QAP.



  • First off, love your program!
    I often want to attach the same file over and over again to an outgoing email in outlook.
    If I choose a file in popup to show in menu, then choose it when attaching file in outlook 2016, it opens the file rather than attaching it to outlook. Anything I am missing or can this be added?

    • Hi Rick,

      "Documents" favorites are to launch documents with their associated application, not for what you want to do. For your need, I see these options (from simplest to most powerful):

      1) Create a "Folder" favorite with the folder where the attached file is. When the attach file dialog box appear, use QAP to change to this folder (see the "Change folder" option in Options first tab).

      2) Create a "Snippet" favorite and, in the content text box, enter the full path to your file ("c:\folder\file.doc"). In the Outlook's attach file dialog box, click in the "Location" text box and select the QAP snippet.

      3) Probably the most interesting option but a little more complex to implement: create an "Application" favorite to launch Outlook with parameters that will create a new email with the desired file attached. In the command line, you would type something like this: outlook.exe /c ipm.note /m "&subject=abc" /a "c:\attach.txt". In QAP, enter the Outlook location in the add favorite "Basic Settings" tab and enter the parameters "&subject=abc" /a "c:\attach.txt" (including the double-quotes) in the "Advanced Settings" tab, following the instructions for multiple parameters in this FAQ page:


  • Danilo

    How to remove or reduce the time the baloon appears in tray first time the pc is booted as it stays long long time ?
    I use Windows 7 64 and your Quick Access Popup

    • Hi Danilo,

      The duration is determined by Windows. QAP has no control on this. Except that you can stop showing this message in Options (Settings / Options / first tab "Display Startup Tip".

  • Danilo

    Donated !
    Great software !

  • Dmitry

    Dear Jean, thank you for keeping up the good work!
    Bug report for v8.0.3:
    Supposedly, some common specific symbols are not displayed correctly in Folder Names in folders menu (like &, for example).
    See screenshots in attachment.

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    Until this is fixed, in one way or the other, you can send me an email at and I will unsubscribe you manually. Sorry for the inconvenience. (@Gideon: I'm removing you right after this post)

  • Nelson André Hofer de Carvalho

    I have tested several programs similar to Quick Access Popup.
    What made me choose it?
    Excellent quality and features, support note 10, exemplary attention to users, always evolving and improving.
    It encompasses all the needs it proposes.

  • Mario G

    I am using beta and have set up pop-up via the right control+control keyboard key.

    I am not sure if this is beta related but maybe it can be addressed at some point regardless.

    when I press ctrl+ctrl and the pop-up menu shows up the menu does not have focus for keyboard use of the arrow keys - meaning I still need to use the mouse the get focus and then choose via arrow keys and enter or the mouse itself.

    can you give the menu focus for the keyboard when a keyboard hotkey is used to display the pop-up?

    Also I find that sometimes I can't use keyboard hot keys at all (only get a windows error sound) - to fix this I usually have to use the mouse to click on an app window or the desktop itself.

    It's strange - not sure what causes this - seems like nothing has focus and therefore the hotkeys don't work.

    • Hi Mario G,

      I don't think it is related to the beta version because nothing has changed related to QAP popup menu hotkeys in this release.

      I could not reproduce these issues. Using Ctrl+Ctrl or Win+W, the menu pops up with focus and I can scroll the menu with up/down arrows. Maybe you are not alone with this situation. Someone else is facing this issue?


  • Nath

    Hi Jean,

    I have enabled Live folders. Depth is 1 and list documents is off.
    When I click on a drive it shows the folders correctly.
    But when I add a new folder to the same drive, this new folder is not displayed in the menu,
    I have to restart QAP and it would show the new folder(s).

    QAP version 8.0.4 Portable (x64)


    • Hi Nath,

      This is normal. Live folders are created when QAP is launched and refreshed when:

      - you save changes in the Settings window
      - when you click the "Refresh Live folders menus" QAP feature.

      You can add the "Refresh Live folders menus" command to any menu using "Add favorite", "QAP feature", etc.

      Refreshing Live folders menus at every popup of the menu would create an unacceptable delay before the menu is displayed. In a future release, I have the project to refresh Live folders and other dynamic menus in the background.

  • carsten riegert


    i have a question. It makes me wonder, normaly if u re activate the menu, and u remember u wont take a selection, u can click around the menu or pres escape, but sometimes u thist wont work and the only possibility to close the menu is to choose the option close menu. What kind of bug is this?


    C. Riegert

  • Gerard Murphy

    Great utility, finding it very helpful. 10/10

  • This new release v8.1 add new features giving more flexibility with favorites shortcuts, exclusions list for apps dialog boxes, Run as administrator in Alternative menu, disabling favorites in groups, plus other improvements and bug fixes. Also, for users of portable version, a smarter batch file named ManageContextMenu.bat to enable or disable Windows Explorer context menus (thanks to Dogan Celik).

    Version: 8.1 (2017-02-20)
    - display favorites shortcuts in a new column in the Settings
    - when creating a favorites shortcut, support left only or right only keyboard modifiers for Shift, Alt, Ctrl and Win keys
    - support different shortcuts for favorites with the same location (if they have different names), allowing them to have different options (in other words, favorite shortcuts are now linked to "name + location")
    - update menu and dialog box labels to include menu shortcuts (underlined character, using the & special character)
    - in QAP Mouse Hotkey exclusion list, also exclude hotkey in app's dialog boxes when the app's title or class name is prefix an asterisk (*)
    - add the QAP Features "Run as administrator" to the Alternative menu (Shift + Middle mouse button or Shift + Windows + W)
    - new batch file from Dogan Celik to install/uninstall Windows Explorer context menus registry keys, working as-is with portable version (see instructions in batch file)
    - group members can now be disabled (same as favorites being hidden in menu), change disable checkbox label for group members
    - renamed the icon file iconQAP.ico to QuickAccessPopup.ico using the same ico file name for context menu registry keys in app, setup and portable batch
    Bug fixes
    - cover exceptional situation where icon "file,index" for an extension is badly encoded in registry (including ")
    - fix bug when double-clicking on empty line in Hotkeys list
    - fix bug in Hotkeys list, when change hotkey, enable save button only if a hotkey was changed
    - fix bug when Menu hotkey in Options is changed from None to a keyboard shortcut
    - add delay when changing folder in dialog box to help with an intermittent issue in in some apps like Firefox (delay in milliseconds stored in quickaccesspopup.ini [Global] variable WaitDelayInDialogBox with default 100)

    More info about:

  • Zart Colwing

    So useful it should be bundled with Windows

  • Dmitry

    Hi Jean!
    Thanks again for keeping up your fantastic app.
    Supposedly, minor bug with v8.1 regarding settings import that you might consider handling:
    I did a fresh install of 8.1 on a new PC, then merged settings from my old one through .ini file.
    My old favorites contained link to disk C that I've created myself. So they looked as shown on screenshot, except "C:" was actually named "C:\" by me :-). Fresh installation, as I get it, adds link to disk C with the same name itself to the beginning of the favorites, which probably causes a naming conflict. As a result, my own link to C becomes totally invisible in the menu, but it still sits in .ini file. And, as a result, all menu links after that point become offset by one: "Public" points to C, "SC-Reports" points to "Public" and so on :-). Perhaps, some check for name conflicts during import of settings is required.

    • Hi Dmitry,

      Thanks for reporting this issue. I can reproduce it: when an imported favorite has the name of an existing one (in the same submenu), it causes an offset in the popup menu. Checking for existing names during import is the correct solution to this issue. However, it required much work. Now, each favorite is imported as is and as a whole (only its number in the ini file is changed). Checking for duplicates would require to parse each favorite, keeping track of existing menu names in each menu/submenu, check the imported names against those existing in the same menu/submenu, etc. Kind of things easily said but longer to implement. I added this issue to the wishlist:

      Duplicate names can not exist when managing favorites using QAP itself. It checks before saving a new or edited favorite that its name is unique. This issue happens only when importing because the import process is more rudimentary (imported favorites are not part of the QAP object model before QAP is restarted after import).

      Until I get to fixing this, I will add to the FAQ a note that user should check for duplicates in their import file (until this is fixed). And about the FAQ, this makes me realize that there is very little documentation about import/export in the FAQ. I will add a FAQ page on this.

      Thanks again.

  • Franz Feiner

    I would like to have Quick Access Popup on my Computers. The fly in the ointment is that gives different results for QuickAccessPopup-64-bit.exe and QuickAccessPopup-32-bit.exe. The 64-bit version is infested with malware called Trojan.Fsysna.dsj according to a virus scanner named Jiangmin
    The 32-bit version is recognized as malware-free by the same scanner. This is troubling me because I always wonder why someone gives software with great functionality away for free. I don't want to insult you or your software but I have important data on my computers and I don't want to run any avoidable risks.
    Therefore I would be grateful for an answer from you. Thank you for reading this far.

    • Hi Franz,

      > according to a virus scanner named Jiangmin

      You have to consider that there is a margin of error when an antivirus scanner examine a file. There are what are called "false positives". For one scanner called Jiangmin (in this case) reporting a virus, there are more than 50 others that says that it is clean. It is still your choice to believe me or not, but I can tell you that none of the QAP executable or setup files are infested.

      You can also read this:

      > I always wonder why someone gives software with great functionality away for free

      If it was for bad reasons, I would not be here chatting with you 🙂 I do it because it is fun and rewarding in different ways.

      Thanks for posting.


      • Franz Feiner

        Dear Jean,

        thank you very much for your almost instantaneous answer to my question. I again apologize for my question which might be considered to be on the verge of being impolite. Yes, know about false positives and it is reassuring that you took the effort to answer my question at all. Now I feel confident enough to install Quick Access Popup and to test it.
        If it works well, I will recommend it to my wife who gives lectures on computers. She is always on the lookout for software that increases productivity and which she can introduce in her courses.
        The niche that Quick Access Popup now occupies in my environment was up to now inhabited by "FileBox eXtender", which worked well but is not supported anymore.
        So: Thank you for your answer and for Quick Access Popup!

  • This new release v8.1.1 makes little but nice additions and fixes some issues.

    Version: 8.1.1 (2017-03-19)
    - in Import/Export Settings, save destination file to QuickAccessPopup.ini when exporting and restore last used file name in Export dialog dox
    - in Export file name, translate placeholder "%A_Now%" to current local date-time and "%A_NowUTC%" to current Coordinated Universal Time (based on computer time), using "YYYYMMDDHH24MISS" format
    Alternative menu
    - two new Alternative menu QAP features to open the folder containing the selected document, application or folder favorite 1) in the current window or 2) in a new window
    Various improvements
    - in Live folders, exclude folders with the Hidden (H) attribute (keeping those having System attribute without the Hidden attribute)
    - in Edit Favorite dialog box for a favorite of type Group, add a button to open the group in the Settings window
    - enlarge submenus dropdown lists to 500 px in Add/Edit Favorite dialog box
    - split Options dialog box first tab "General" in two tabs ("General" and "Menu") to make some room for future options
    - remove "Use Classic buttons" option in "General" tab ([Global] value "UseClassicButtons" still supported if present in ini file)
    - remove Patreon donation option; add Paypal links to make donations in EUR and CAD funds
    - tooltip "Saving..." and disable "Cancel" button in Settings during saving
    Bug fixes
    - support relative paths and environment variables in Live Folders
    - fix bug prevent editing favorites in read-only external menu from the Edit Favorite Alternative menu
    - (Setup program updated 2017-03-30) fix bug when updating QAP in setup mode causing QAP Explorer context menus to be re-enabled even if user turned them off in settings

    More info about:

  • Helge

    Hi Jean,

    regarding relative paths I experienced problems with favorites in shared menus. When I e.g. use ./Folder/File.file as link QAP searches from the local AppData folder instead of searching from the folder where the shared menu file is located.


    • Hi Helge,

      Relative paths are always relative to the QAP working directory. Please see:

      (PS: I moved your post to the support page)

      • Helge

        Thank you for the clarification, Jean. I'm wondering if there is a significant probability that there could be useful scenarios where relative links in shared menus are acting relative to the QAP working directory. As far as I can think of it I would assume that relative links in shared menus should act relative to the QAP.ini e.g. on a network share.


        • Yes, they are. QuickAccessPopupini *is* in the working directory. I just added this mention in thte FAQ page about it:

          • Helge

            I know that the local QAP.ini is in the local QAP working directory (..\AppData\Roaming\Quick Access Popup) when I e.g. use the installer version. Nevertheless when I have a shared menu ini file e.g. on a network share and it contains relative links as well QAP will still make use of the local QAP working folder (..\AppData\Roaming\Quick Access Popup) as reference when it opens the relative link. For example:

            I have a shared menu ini file at: \\server\directory\qap.ini
            In it there's a favorite with a relative file path: .\folder\file.ext
            The file is located under: \\server\directory\folder\file.ext

            Now when I subscribe to this shared menu and I access the favorite QAP will try to access
            ..\AppData\Roaming\Quick Access Popup\folder\file.ext

            Instead I believe it should build the access path starting from the shared menu ini file so that the favorite in the shared menu will link to

            Does this make sense to you?

  • Horst

    Using this version gives an pop-up that there is a newer beta version,
    which is wrong I guess.

    • No. It is OK. I released some bug fixes and small new features in v8.1.1 but I continue working on beta v8.1.9.x.

      You can 1) use the latest beta v8.1.9.4 (which contains the changes in v8.1.1) or click "no" when prompted to update to v8.1.9.4.

  • Martin Jucker

    I have "Options > Menu > Enable Explorer Context Menus" disabled. After installation of a new version, this checkbox remains disabled, but it isn't. I always have to enable and afterwards disable it.

    • I can reproduce it. This is a bug. Thanks for reporting it, Martin.


    • @Martin: I re-published v8.1.1 with a new setup file fixing this issue. Please re-download v8.1.1 and tell me if your context menus are kept disabled. Thanks.

      Note1: QAP stays at version number v8.1.1 because no feature were added or changed in QAP itself.
      Note2: For beta testers, this fix will be available only in the next beta release.

  • For advanced users who would need it, I added a FAQ page with the descriptions of variables in [Global] section of QuickAccessPopup.ini:

  • Maurice

    I operate QAP (v8.1.1) in a portable mode. Having set up some customized folders, all works fine on startup using the relevant exe file.
    However, when I start QAP up using a "program launcher", QAP creates two new configuration files viz. QAPconnect + QuickAccessPopup, and ssosskin.dll.
    QAP therefore does not seem able to keep its original settings when started from anywhere other than its program folder !
    Is there a setting which can change this behavior, or is this a "bug" ?

  • Maurice

    Hi Jean,

    I understand what you are saying, and have tried it out. Unfortunately, the two launcher apps that I am trying out, refuses to cooperate. viz. (Launcher & Portable Startup Utility) The former has a field entitled "enter application argument", and the latter app has a field entitled "enter file arguments".
    I have entered the QAP working directory details in both the mentioned app's fields, but this didn't work.
    In both situations, I noticed that two new QAP settings files were automatically created in each of the two respective launcher's own working directory !
    It thus seems there is nothing else I can do, but to manually start QAP from it's own app directory.

    • The argument parameter is not the same thing as the "Start In" directory. Arguments are sent to the launched app but has no effect on its working directory.

      You could try to create a Windows shortcut for the QAP exe file and enter QAP directory in the shortcut's "Start In" parameter. Then set your launcher to run the shortcut instead of the QAP exe file. This *could* work.

      If this does not help, I suggest that you ask for help on the launcher support page or forum. I could not imagine that this option would not be available in one way or another.

  • Maurice

    Hi Jean,

    Advice taken and applied. Problem resolved !
    I created a shortcut from the exe file inside the QAP program folder, thus the "start in" parameter was automatically set correctly, viz to the program folder. I then used the app shortcut to run QAP, instead of the exe file as suggested.
    Thank you kindly for your assistance. Much appreciated.
    PS. Must remember this trick in future 🙂

  • Alan Spicer

    I have strange problems with Total Commander and Quick Access Popup.

    When I start it automatically with windows, shortcut key win+w doesn't work. I can't get it to work. But, if I then exit program and start it manually, I don't have problems with TC and QAP, shortcut key works great.

    Outside TC shortcut key works.

    Don't know what is the reason, but this is a bit strange. Now I disabled autostart and start it manually.

    I have win 10 pro 64bit, but not the latest version, I blocked updates as they messed sometime my system.

    I tried to run it as admin (created shortcut, added admin privileges through it, and put it in startup folder, but still, it didn't solved problem).

    Do you have an idea what's going on?

    • Could it be related to runming QAP and/or QAP as administrator? Please see

      • Alan Spicer

        I run TC as admin, but I tried to autostart QAP as admin the way I described (created shortcut, given admin rights to shortcut, put shortcut in startup directory, so QAP is started with this shortcut, not through QAP options).

        It didn't help.

        Also, I tried to start QAP manually as admin, but after that, I tried to start QAP without admin rights. It doesn't matter. Only thing that gets hotkey win+w to work in TC as intended is that I start QAP manually. Admin rights doesn't matter, not for my setup. So, it is something else in play, but not sure what. 🙁

  • Being in vacation, I could not help st this time. Maybe a QAP+TC user could help?

  • Horst

    I have no problem using Hotkey Win+W
    The Hotkey works inside and outside of TC.
    Windows 10 Creators Update x64
    TC 9.0a x64

    By default Win+W is assigned in Windows 10 to Windows Ink Workspace

    • Alan Spicer

      In TC I set it up that it searches (with search window) when I start typing. So I see w when I use hotkey win+w, like I pressed only w, like win key is ignored. That is when QAP is started with windows, either through option to do so, or with shortcut with admin privileges.

      Outside TC it works, as I said.

      My difference from Horst is that I have 32bit TC, also 9.0a.

      It looks a bit silly to my, why it doesn't work when started automatically, and why it works when I start it manually. And just inside TC.

      • Horst

        I also tested in x86 TC and it still works for me.

        • Alan Spicer

          Thank you for your information.

          Maybe it is something with my system, or some program I use. Not sure, but it looks strange, that only difference I see is the way how QAP is started.

          On the bright side, it is not that hard to start it manually after each restart, as I mostly hibernate my notebook.

  • Maurice

    To Jean / available stand-in

    The issue I originally reported on 2017-04-05 at 02:07, relates very much to the latest discussion on this thread.
    On 2017-04-06 at 08:54 I reported that the advice given by Jean was successful, however, that turned out to be rather short lived. Unfortunately 🙁

    Bottom line, the issue reported by Alan Spicer is uncanny in its similarity to what I am experiencing.
    Glad to know I'm not the only one who encountered this particular anomaly.

  • zivizivi

    i just started to use qap and it looks great so far. but i got questions/needs

    how can i disable/bypass the opening of folder favorites in the same window? i want them to open in new separate folder always with 1click of a mouse button.

    are there any basic shortcuts to add to favorites like copy paste undo select all? i really need select all in the popup menu.

    i was using an old similar mouse software for years. now i switched to a different mouse and qap to fill the need of popup menu commands. im using a pc away from screen and without a keyboard most of the time with just a multi button mouse on a bed side. trying to replicate my old setup with qap and a new mice. so far so good all im missing is the "select all" and the simpler separate folder opening in new windows. i really need the select all in popup menu somehow.

    also i wouldn't mind if the popup menu closed if i click the shortcut key a second time. it is super annoying to push the hotkey accidentally the way it is now. i will really hate it soon when my popup menu gets bigger.

    and as a bonus suggestion/idea it would be super awesome if the popup menu changed/gave different customized options based on which program was on top when activated. it would tidy up the favorites for our needs. i will probably add 3500 different favorites to qap soon it will be messy but if it was dynamically changed the popup menu to my needs it would be perfect. for example when i activate it in adobe i probably wont need quick access to calculator paint or remote folders. when im in firefox or in a media player or in musics folder my needs are different.

    i add an example of my old a4tech mouse software pop up menu thingy and a new qap example as replacement

    thank you for your time

    • zivizivi

      just noticed snippets.... ^a did it for select all : ) and added some more macros along the way.

      it is still super annoying to launch qap by mistake tho sometimes it doesnt goes away even tho i click somewhere else just wants a bogus click in popup menu. and i keep clicking the hotkey by habit. pls pls create a simple solution; second click hotkey click close the popup menu. that way we can keep pushing the hotkey button like crazy with joy and no fear.

      and the explorer opening in same pages not my cup of coffe pls give us an option in settings or somewhere.

      thank you


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