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  • andy

    folderbrowserdialogex can't launch favorite folder..
    I wish that can do that...

  • Bryan

    The ability to create a keyboard short-cut...to perform an action - not open a program or folder. So, give the short-cut a name, then assign it a keyboard short-cut.

  • Bryan

    The ability to use PNG icons, as well as the ICO icons. I did ask this before, but it doesn't appear on the 'wish list', so thought I'd ask again

    • Hi Brian.

      What kind of action do you have in mind?

      Did you try to create a favorite of type "Snippet" with the macro option?


      • Bryan

        Hi Jean.
        I have two programs, located in the system tray...to allow me to capture areas of the desktop, as an image. One of them, permits capture 'scrolling window'...with a hot key (alt+PrtScn). I'm familiar with macros, & hot keys..as I've entered a number into my keyboard. I've looked at creating a macro in 'Quick Access Popup', however...it didn't accept the PrtScr key. Unfortunately the PrtScr (in the system tray program) is fixed...and not changeable.

        • Hi Bryan,

          I was able to create Snippet favorite, select Macro mode in Advanced settings and put "{PrintScreen}" in the content. It did launch my screen capture program (Greenshot). "!{PrintScreen}" also sends Alt-PrintScreen. Could you try it?


    • @Bryan: about a request you made some time ago.

      > The ability to use PNG icons, as well as the ICO icons.

      This can't be done. Windows menu icons must be created with .ICO icons file (or with EXE or DLL files containing icons).

      But you can easily create .ICO file from a .PNG with web apps like this one:

      More info here:

  • Luke

    Please add an option to run QuickAccessPopup as administrator
    I could not get QuickAccessPopup to show its popup menu in many applications: everything.exe, scite.exe, etc
    It turns out that they were running as admin, and QuickAccessPopup wasn't, so the menu didn't work

    I fixed it manually by making QuickAccessPopup.exe run as admin, would be best if it did this by default
    you can accomplish this using

    if not A_IsAdmin
    Run *RunAs "%A_AhkPath%" "%A_ScriptFullPath%"

  • Luke

    Wish: Add last selected menu item to top of the main menu

    Whenever a QAP menu item is chosen, it could be added to the top of the main menu.
    This would only happen for the most recently selected menu item, so as not to clutter the main menu.

    It would allow users to quickly select again what they selected most recently. This is especially useful for people like me who add a bunch of nested AHK scripts and use QAP as a script launcher, it sure beats navigating into sub-menus each time when you're spamming some script like 'Scripts -> Text Manipulation > Capitalize Selected Text.ahk'

    What a great app though, I've tried so many productivity and launcher type programs over the years, such as Listary, and none of them stood the test of time (except Everything by VoidTools which is indispensable), despite my skepticism from uninstalling 99.9% of past apps I really think this program will make me more productive, time will tell..

    • Hi Luke,

      Thanks for this interesting idea. It could not be made exactly as you propose because menu cannot be changed "on the fly". With the tool I use, any change requires rebuilding the whole menu. But adding a QAP feature "Reopoen last selected menu" would do the job. The menu label would not display the target folder however. User would have to remember what was the last item he selected. And users would have to add this QAP feature to their main menu if they wish.

      Do you think it would work for you?

      • Luke

        Sure, it's better than not being able to do it at all!

        But QAP's 'Switch' menu updates on the fly, if I open a new notepad window, it's added to the switch menu when I open it, there doesn't seem to be a noticeable delay for this. Couldn't the same functionality be used for this feature?

        • You are correct. Parts of the menu are updated when you invoke the menu. It seems that I was wrong in my answer 🙂

          Let me reconsider it.

  • Darren


    I think it would be nice to allow mouse scroll-wheel support in long dir listings (live folders).
    Right now it seems the only way to navigate up/down a very long listing is with the small up/down arrows located at the top and bottom of the pane.

    • Hi Darren,

      Unfortunately the menu behavior is entirely under Windows control. QAP is sending commands to create the menu but it is Windows that decides how it will be displayed and scrolled it the context exceed the available screen space.


  • ltdeta

    Quick Access Popup - Favorite: Application
    In the Register "Advanced Settings" i am missing a placeholder ( {CUR_FILE} / {CUR_FILENAME} ) for the current folder selected file name ( mouse over )

    {CUR_FILE} = full folder with selected file name
    {CUR_FILENAME} = selected file name

    is this possible?

    Info: the link "Suggestions for new features: Quick Access Popup wishlist" top of the page " is broken 😉

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