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  • andy

    folderbrowserdialogex can't launch favorite folder..
    I wish that can do that...

  • Darren


    I think it would be nice to allow mouse scroll-wheel support in long dir listings (live folders).
    Right now it seems the only way to navigate up/down a very long listing is with the small up/down arrows located at the top and bottom of the pane.

    • Hi Darren,

      Unfortunately the menu behavior is entirely under Windows control. QAP is sending commands to create the menu but it is Windows that decides how it will be displayed and scrolled it the context exceed the available screen space.


  • ltdeta

    Quick Access Popup - Favorite: Application
    In the Register "Advanced Settings" i am missing a placeholder ( {CUR_FILE} / {CUR_FILENAME} ) for the current folder selected file name ( mouse over )

    {CUR_FILE} = full folder with selected file name
    {CUR_FILENAME} = selected file name

    is this possible?

    Info: the link "Suggestions for new features: Quick Access Popup wishlist" top of the page " is broken 😉

  • nick

    Hi Jean,
    Thank you for a very handy tool!

    Is there anyway I can define 'properties/macros/tokens' at a group level (or globally) that I can then use as text later?
    For example,
    - at the group level: "set workdir=xyz"
    - then, within the group
    - I define an app entry and in its "Start in" I can use something like "%workdir%".
    - or I define an app entry and I enter "%workdir%" in its parameters field.

    This is sort of like text snippets but it can be used (token-expanded) in any of the input fields of an entry.


  • nick

    Thanks for responding so quickly Jean!

    I meant QAP Group.
    This started when I was trying to create a QAP group that contained entries that needed to open apps with a specific 'start in' directory, as well as open a folder in that directory.

    That's when I thought that being able to defined properties at the 'parent level' (i.e. the group) would help.
    Also, keep in mind that the StartIn field current does not accept any macros/tokens.

    If you are going to implement this 🙂 then it could also be used to define window sizes/position (X, Y, width, height) and then use those variables in the relevant window fields.

    That way one could, for example, create a bunch of windows with the same height, width etc.
    The possibilities are endless (so long as most (all?) input fields become aware of these new 'macros'.


    • I see. This could also be useful in submenus. Much of the QAP groups and submenus share the same code.It would make sense to implement it in both.

      Do not expect it too shortly however. The wishlist is already pretty busy 🙂

      Thanks again,


  • Fernando

    Hi Jean! I am missing some scripts after switching to QAP.

    here is one:

    - I would like to be able to Select a folder or file (NOT on QAP Menu) Get the filepath. I know you have one QAP Feature to get the clipboard result but I am not able to copy the filepath. Ctrl + LClick does not copy to clipboard either.

    • There is a way to do it by combining two QAP features. But it requires many clicks (assuming the original QAP configuration):

      1) Select one or more file in Windows Explorer (Ctrl + C or Right-click / Copy)
      2) Open the QAP Alternative menu (Shift + Middle Mouse or Shift + Windows + W)
      3) Select "Copy Favorite Path or URL".
      4) In the menu, select the "My QAP Essentials / Clipboard".
      5) Click the filename selected at step 1. Its path will be copied to the Clipboard.

      I agree this is not straightforward. The above features were just not designed to copy the file paths to Clipboard. The goal of feature in #3 is to copy a favorite location to the clipboard. And the goal of feature in #4 is to launch the files or URL found in the Clipboard.

      Making it more straightforward would require to add a Windows Explorer context menu (Right Click) "Copy file path to Clipboard". Maybe there are already Windows Explorer Context menu managers offering this?

      Thanks for your input, Fernando.

      • Fernando

        True, I searched and there is one built in way to do this.

        Shift + Right Click and there is an option for copy as path.

        thanks anyways 🙂

  • Kelly H

    I would like to be able to, when I use my group that starts my work program and the web based url clock-in to send the password and tabbing etc that is needed to get my logged in off the bat. Thanks so much for such a great program, I use it every day.

    • Hi Kelly,

      I would like to do it also 🙂 . Unfortunately, I think it is impossible to make something that would work in all situations. This would require specific programming for each web page. You could do it with a macro program. Or maybe there are specialized tools that would do it that you could launch from QAP?

      Thanks for your good words,


  • Kelly H

    Hi Jean,

    Thanks so much for your reply. I do have a hot key in autohotkey that I made. If I could even send the keys for that hot key would be great. I figured it might be a long shot but worth a try. Thanks again for this awesome program, taking your time and updating so often.


    • What you could do is to add an Application favorite at the end of your group and select a macro script that would execute the steps required to login. This script would not include hotkeys (like "!q::"). It would only contain the commands to execute.

      For example, in AutoHotkey, this script saved as "group-final.ahk" would pause 2 seconds to let the last item of the group to load, then execute its Send commands.

      ; goup-final.ahk start
      Sleep, 2000
      MsgBox, Insert your "Send" command here.
      ; goup-final.ahk end

  • Fernando

    Hi Jean!

    I have another request!

    I have a 3 computers I use your program.

    Before using QAP, I used global variable like %A_ComputerName% or %A_Username% for my filepaths, but now I am stuck using QAP static filepaths, I can not use A_Computername for filepaths and I have to manually direct it everytime I make a change from my computer, I have to change it on all other computers after importing settings.

    Also, is there a way to automatically look for a backup every boot at a filepath, then load all settings without asking me? just load everything. I have to press yes to all anyways.

  • Bryan

    I have created a number of macros, to capture various areas of the screen, I would like to disable the 10 second delay.

  • John H

    Have you ever considered using the app updater Win Sparkle?

    It's a windows version of a very popular Mac updater for those who wish to provide install / updates outside the Mac App Store method.

    Check out:



  • Horst

    The Recent files menu should display context menu for its entries.
    Currently one can only click an entry and get the default action
    whixh is not always what I want.

    • Hi Horst,

      By "display context menu", do you mean right clicking on the menu entry to display this context menu? Right-click on QAP menu entries is not possible. What would you want to select in the context menu, for example?

      • Horst

        Hi Jean,
        I want a normal file system context menu for anything displayed under Recent files.
        The files displayed under recent files may contain a zip file for example.
        The default action after clicking on it under Recent files will open WinRAR on my system.
        I would like to open them in Total commander instead
        which is possible because I made an entry for TC in files context menu.
        And there are much more useful file context menu entries depending on file type.

        • I see. Unfortunately, context menus are not available in QAP menu entries.

          What you could do is: create a favorite to open the Recent Items folder (available in QAP Special Folders) and, in this folder, use the context menu in you file manager.

          • Horst

            Ok, thanks but this to inconvenient for this purpose.
            Unfortunately also my other preferred tool Listary has this restriction.

  • Peni

    I think useful an option for search (as existing in Settings) but in main menu.
    I mean something similar to what windows do when you type in the start menu

    Sorry for my english

    • Hi Peni,

      This is a good idea but the tools I'm using does not allow to filter the QAP menu "on the fly".

      Your English is very good 🙂


  • Peni

    I expected it, but I had to ask 😉

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