Speed up your work with this multi-purpose launcher and folder switcher! Freeware for Windows.

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You are invited to join the pre-v7.3 beta test team.

Help me test new features. I’m now working on Explorer context menus.

The more we are to test, better QAP will be.

More info on the Beta Test page.

Easy one-step installation

  1. Download, execute this exe file and just follow the setup instructions.
  2. Enjoy! If you get a virus or malware alert from your anti-virus or protection software about Quick Access Popup being a potential threat, this is not the case (you can trust me… or read this setup file anti-virus report by VirusTotal.com :-). Please, also read this post: Should I use QAP if an anti-virus is blocking its download or its execution?.
Portable installation

If you prefer to use Quick Access Popup in “portable” mode, download and unzip this file and follow these instructions: How can I install Quick Access Popup to make it fully portable?. This will, for example, allow you to run Quick Access Popup from an external drive or USB key. And don’t forget to turn auto-startup on and enable check for updates to stay up-to-date! See the ZIP file anti-virus report from VirusTotal.com.

What’s new

Version: (2016-05-25)
- change Add This Folder icon for an icon identical in previous and current version of Windows 10 icons file (imageres.dll)
Version: 7.2.2 (2016-05-24)
- implement macro snippet commands Sleep, SetKeyDelay and KeyWait
- add configurable prompt before pasting a text snippet or launching a macro snippet
- fix bug Alternative menu Edit a favorite and Copy favorite location not working with snippets
- fix bug when launching Snippet using Alternative menu "Open in new window"
Shared menus (aka External menus)
- in Add Favorite dialog and other boxes, change "External menu" to "Shared menu"
- new language Portuguese (PT), thanks to Luis Neves
- new language Simplified Chinese language (ZH-CN), thanks to Jess Yang
- do not display "None" in startup notification if mouse or keyboard hotkey is not used
- in What's new dialog box, add a vertical scroll bar when the text zone is very long
- if a startup shortcut for FoldersPopup exists after QAP installation, remove it
- fix bug double-click on separator was displaying wrong message "cannot be copied"

See version history in the change log.

  • Quick Access Popup was designed for all international versions of Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1 and Windows 10, both client and server versions, with Explorer windows, File Dialog Boxes (Open, Save, etc.*), Console Window (CMD command prompt) and many popular alternative file managers.
  • Users of Windows XP and Windows Vista are invited to use Folders Popup, previous version of Quick Access Popup, that is still supported for these OS.

* Quick Access Popup can change folders in software that use the standard Windows file dialog boxes (Open, Save As, etc.). Most software do. See how to activate this feature: Can I change folders in file dialog boxes (Open, Save As, etc.)?

Next? QAP 101: What should I know about Quick Access Popup before I start (and can’t stop) using it?
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Quick Access Popup Features Overview

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