Quick Access Popup v8
Speed up your work with this multi-purpose launcher and folder switcher! Freeware for Windows.
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Easy one-step installation

  1. Download, execute this exe file and just follow the setup instructions.
  2. Enjoy!

If you get a virus or malware alert from your anti-virus or protection software about Quick Access Popup being a potential threat, this is not the case (you can trust me… or read this setup file anti-virus report by VirusTotal.com :-). Please, also read this post: How can I use QAP if an anti-virus is blocking its download or its execution?.

You can also install and update Quick Access Popup automatically and silently using Chocolatey.

Portable installation

If you prefer to use Quick Access Popup in “portable” mode, download and unzip this file and follow these instructions: How can I install Quick Access Popup to make it fully portable?. This will, for example, allow you to run Quick Access Popup from an external drive or USB key. And don't forget to turn auto-startup on and enable check for updates to stay up-to-date! See the ZIP file anti-virus report from VirusTotal.com.

What's new

Version: 8.6.3 (2017-11-16)
- make "Add this Folder or Line" work with recent versions of Firefox (tested with v56)
- fix bug when adding a link with "Add this Folder or Link" from the QAP icon menu
- fix display bug in "Edit favorite" dialog box when very long web page title is retrieved as favorite name
- fix bug when assigning an hotkey to an Alternative menu feature for the first time
- update to Brazilian Portuguese language file
Version: 8.6.2 (2017-11-06)
- for new inslallations only, add default hotkeys to QAP features:
  "Add This Folder or Link" -> Shift + Control + A
  "Reopen Current Folder in Dialog Box" -> Shift + Control + C
  "Clipboard" -> change from Shift + Control + C to Shift + Control + V
  (existing users can add it themselves in the Edit Favorite dialog box, Menu Options tab)
- fix bug display hotkey title in error messages when a hotkey is not available in current keyboard layout
- update to Italian, Portuguese, Brazilian Portuguese, German, Spanish, French and Dutch language files
Version: 8.6.1 (2017-10-29)
- fix bug default icon not set properly when adding a favorite (update RECOMMENDED for all users)
- block popup menu during menu refresh launched with QAP feature Refresh Live menus
- add link for monthly donations in Support freeware dialog box
Version: 8.6 (2017-10-26)
Add this Link
- the QAP Feature "Add This Folder" has been renamed "Add this Folder or Link" and now detects URL locations in browsers as well as folder locations in supported file managers
- when adding a link, QAP retrieves the web page title automatically as default favorite name; if the URL returns an error (this can happen even for valid pages), it leaves the favorite name empty
- when adding or editing a favorite link, a button allows to retrieve the page title from the web page
- a tooltip is displayed when retrieving web page title (in case fetching the tile takes some time)
Copy multiple favorites
- support copy multiple favorites (still excluding menus and groups)
- multiple copy stops when an existing favorite in the destination menu has the same name as the copied favorite (as for multiple move in previous versions)
- an error message is displayed when user ask to move or copy multiple favorites to their actual location
Text Separators
- a new favorite type "Text Separator" allows to insert text entries as headers or sub-headers in the QAP menu (selecting these entries in the menu has no effect)
- a new "T" icon in the left column of Settings window can be clicked to add Text Separators
- by default, Text Separators have no icon but one can be selected in the "Menu Options" tab
Favorites icons management 
- QAP now allows favorites to have "no icon"
- in add/edit favorite dialog box "Menu Options" tab, a new link labeled "no icon" selects the "no icon" pseudo-icon (the "forbidden" sign with a diagonal bar)
- the "no icon" icon can also be selected in the JLicons.dll file
- the favorite icons taken in JLicons.dll are now saved in the settings file by their name (e.g. "iconFolder") instead of the "file,index" format used for icons from other files
- current icons from JLindex.dll in the settings file are be converted from "file,index" format to names (e.g. "iconFolder") the first time settings are saved with this version (and future versions)
- in add/edit favorite dialog box "Menu Options" tab, a new link labeled "select in JLicons.dll"
- a new icon file named JLicons.dll v1.3 including the new iconNoIcon pseudo-icon will be automatically updated for Setup users (for portable installation, make sure the previous file is replaced)
Unicode conversion
- QAP now save its settings (QuickAccessPopup.ini) with Unicode encoding, allowing more international and special characters to be saved in favorites location, snippets content or favorites names
- QAP still supports existing settings file saved in ANSI encoding but it offers to do the conversion when QAP is loaded with this version (and future versions)
- if settings file is encoded in ANSI, QAP displays a dialog box offering the user to:
  1) convert its settings file to Unicode encoding (for better int'l and special characters support);
  2) not convert (value "DoNotConvertSettingsToUnicode=1" is added to settings to remember this choice);
  3) or ask again at next startup.
- the dialog box includes a link to a FAQ web page for explanation and help (http://www.quickaccesspopup.com/why-converting-the-settings-file-to-unicode-and-conversion-troubleshooting/)
- the option "Always open folders in current file manager window" in Options, "Files mamagers" tab is added to always change folder in the current Explorer, Total Commander or Directory Opus window, except when using the Alternative menu "Open in new window"; this applies to favorites of types Folder, Special Folder and FTP
- improve visibility of the "Explorer context menu" option in Options "Menu" tab
- new value SendToConsoleWithAlt in Global settings, default 1 (true), to use the ALT+0nnn ASCII codes when changing folder in a command-line window (CMD)
- partial update of all language files (complete updates in next versions), full update of the French language file
Bug fixes
- fix bug when changing folder in command-line window (CMD) with some international keyboard input language (by using the ALT+0nnn ASCII codes)
- fix bug when opening an application favorite with {CUR_LOC} and when location is empty (this was happening when the current window was not an Explorer window)
- fix bug when user cancels the pick icon dialog box, now QAP keeps the selected icon

See version history in the change log.

Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0.

  • Quick Access Popup was designed for all* international versions of Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1 and Windows 10, both client and server versions, with Explorer windows, File Dialog Boxes (Open, Save, etc.*), Console Window (CMD command prompt) and many popular alternative file managers (* currently with the exception of systems with Russian keyboard layouts)
  • Users of Windows XP and Windows Vista are invited to use Folders Popup, previous version of Quick Access Popup, that is still supported for these OS.

* Quick Access Popup can change folders in software that use the standard Windows file dialog boxes (Open, Save As, etc.). Most software do. See how to activate this feature: Can I change folders in file dialog boxes (Open, Save As, etc.)?

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QAP Settings and popup menu


Video - Quick Access Popup Webcast Demo

Video - Quick Access Popup Webcast Demo
(40 min.)

Quick Access Popup Features Overview

Quick Access Popup Features Overview
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Managing Quick Access Popup Menu Icons

Managing Quick Access Popup Menu Icons
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Quick Access Popup Users Comments

Quick Access Popup Users Comments
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